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Energy Take 5 Front Upgrade

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Hi, I have Energy Take 5 Classic, Onkyo SR508, and a KLH 10". I would like to know what would be a upgrade for the left, right, and center speakers. I have looked at the C-100 center paired with C-300's for left and right, although I cannot seem to find any where to purchase the C-300's, much less any deals on them. I would like to know of some comparable fronts and center in that price range that would improve the sound quality versus the take classics.

In summary, I would like some alternate choices for the front setup or possibly some advice on where to purchase the Energy C-300's.

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The C-series speakers are you looking for have been discontinued for quite some time now, replaced by the RC-series (also discontinued!). Not quite sure what kind of pricing you were expecting on the C-300/C-100 but you might consider the RC-30s for 200 dollars each from Vanns or AudioAdviser, and the matching RC-LCR now only available on eBay for 300-350 dollars US.

Alternatively you might consider the CF-30 and matching center C-C10.
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Well that could be an option, although the price I was reading about was about $250 for a pair of C-300's along with a $150 price of the C-100 center speaker. Do you know of anything in that price range?

I suppose if necessary the front setup wouldn't necessarily have to be from the energy brand.
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The CF-30s are currently on sale for $119 ea on Newegg.com. Might have to shop around to find a decent price on the C-C10 or C-C5.

Perhaps the folks in the Energy thread could help you find what you're looking for.
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Thanks, that is exactly the information I have been looking for. In terms of sound quality how should the CF-30's with CF-10 or CF-5 compare to the Take 5 micro setup? Would it be night and day difference?

It definitely seems like the correct route for me to take.
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yes it would be a big upgrade over the little Take 5 speakers. Satellites have a limitation of only playing down to about 120hz. The towers would definitely provide a fuller sound with much deeper bass.

But instead of the CF-30, you might want to look at the CF-50 which is only $30 more.
Type in CF50 as the promo code, case sensitive.
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Also, to correct mesaone's post the C-series was not replaced by the RC series. They were both in production at the same time and the RC series is a big step up over the C series in sound and build quality. I've had C-100s and RC-10s and its not even close how much better the RC-10 is over the C-100.

The old C series was replaced by a newer C series with CF (floostanding) CC (center) and CB (bookshelf) speakers.
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would it be appropriate, acoustically, to swap the left and right channel of a Take 5 system with tower speakers such as the CS-30 or CS-50?

Or would it be necessary to swap out the center channel with something else?

Can I leave the rear speakers as Take 5s?
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sure you can replace the Take with larger speakers but you should also replace the center because tower speakers would overwhelm the little Take center.

Takes as surrounds would still be fine.
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