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URC and Wall dimmer control of LED PWM Dimmers

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I'm building a HT room above my garage and will be using a lot of LED strips for indirect lighting. I want to use both a wall switch/dimmer and my URC to dim these LEDs to off/on. To dim the LED strips remotely, I'll plan on using four 6+ Amp 12V DC PWM LED dimmers to distribute the load. Each PWM dimmer will need some kind of remote control input signal like DMX-512. See attached diagram.

I'm not sure which protocol I should be looking at, but most of the PWM LED dimmers seem to accept DMX-512 XLR input signaling. The reason for this new thread is that I haven't found any info on a method or device that can control 4 PWM LED dimmers at once from a single wall dimmer switch or URC.

Could someone recommend a brand of 12V PWM LED dimmers that will do this job? Also, is there a single protocol I could use between the wall dimmer switch and the four PWM LED dimmers or do I need some kinda adapter or protocol translator between them?
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The best solution (without creating custom components) I was able to find for programmatically dimming LEDs was to use a dimmable power supply in conjunction with an Insteon In-LineLinc Dimmer. I was then able to create several lighting scenes at which the LEDs were dimmed to a specific level. I suspect you could use Insteon's IR adapter to directly control the dimmer levels for each channel or control pre-determined lighting scenes. The downside is that you would need a separate power supply and dimmer for each LED channel.

Here is the power supply I used: http://www.environmentallights.com/c...rivers-dimming
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Looked at that but it did look like it was going to support my setup. I've decided to use RGB LED strips so I can chose the best color / or shade of white for the room. I've also purchased two PX24500 5A/chan DMX to RGB LED controllers/drivers. So now it's getting kinda complicated. Most wall switches only support a single dimming channel and I need to control two sets of 3 channels. During my searching I did find this solution for a wired & wireless single LED channel from Illumra


It can be controlled with a low voltage dimmer from Leviton like the IP710-DLX


But back to my project.. I've included an diagram of what I need now. A dimmer controlled by a URC and some kinda converter/adapter to DMX-512 protocol. I did notice that URC works with some Lutron Dimmers and the Grafik Eye QS and Lutron offers a QSE-CI-DMX Control Interface with color mapping. Pretty cool, but also pretty expensive. I got an estimate of around 950 for the the Grafik Eye QS and QSE-CI-DMX. Ouch. But I may be able to control sceens and have auto dim rate before the movie begins. There's a coolness factor to that.
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I'm thinking about doing pretty much the same thing-your thread has helped me out allot.

I had already chosen the Lultron Grafik Eye QS and than the client wanted to go RGB LED at the 11th hour-you have made my year (so far!)
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Glad I could help.

I too eventually went with the Lutron Grafik Eye QS to a QSE-CI-DMX adapter. I also purchase 2 audio frequency to RGB light controllers (for stereo R/L). The RGB strips now be driven by either the Grafik Eye gradient or with a flip of a switch (controlling a set of relays) be driven by the stereo L & R audio channels for "disco" for my teenagers parties.

I've attached a picture of the light panel. From the Left are the QS lines going to and from the QSE-CI-DMX controller which then controls the 2 black DMX RGB drivers. In the top right are the 14 GA cable bundles going to the 12v high powered LED strips. In the top middle is a Fiber Optic illuminator for the star light panels. The silver boxes next to the black boxes are the Audio to RGB drivers. The blue boxes are 4PDT 12v Relays to switch between the DMX and Audio RGB controllers. At the bottom right is the 12V x 25A power supply that is controlled by one of the Grafik Eye channels. So 1 Grafik Eye channel for the Star light ceiling illuminator, 1 channel for the 12v Power supply to the LED strip controllers, and 1 channel for the DMX adapter for the color gradient.

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