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Leaves of Grass - beware!

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Leaves of Grass - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1151359/

"An Ivy League professor is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown, where his twin brother, a small-time pot grower, has concocted a scheme to take down a local drug lord."

Director: Tim Blake Nelson Writer: Tim Blake Nelson (guilty on both counts)

Cast: Edward Norton, Keri Russell, Richard Dreyfus, Susan Sarandon, and the girl who plays the crazy chick on 2.5 Men

Only watch this movie on Thanksgiving, because this film, despite the good cast, is a complete turkey. The script is just awful.

If you want to watch a even worse film, watch The Brown Bunny. So this film may be the second worse film ever made. It cost 9 million to make and only opened in 3 theaters and grossed just $70,000. Not worth the plastic the DVD was printed on. Maybe I should research the gross and production costs of films before I put them on my Netflix list.

If you want to see a good drug movie, see Winter's Bone.

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I got this in the mail as a BB rental.

Wasn't expecting too much, other than a good performance by Edward Norton. He always seems to deliver the goods in any film he is in.

The movie seemed to have a problem deciding whether it was a drama or a comedy - never a good sign.

One admirable virtue of the film was the pq on Blu-ray. Picture was detailed, sharp and colorful. Even if you got bored with the storyline (my wife did after 15 minutes) the visual image can keep you watching for the rest of the flick.

Found out this was filmed with the Red camera system, so no film grain. Truly like looking out a window.
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I tried to watch this recently; I lasted a 1/2 hour.
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I just saw it and quite enjoyed it, actually. I'd read nothing about anyone else's opinions, so I just judged it for what it was. It was an enjoyable couple hours, IMO. Not the best movie ever made, but certainly it wasn't as bad to me as the above comments would imply. Ed Norton as always was very good, and I think that Keri Russel is a stone cold cutie pie. Blake was good as well, and interesting to see him play a fairly tough guy role given the other things I've typically seen him in. It had a good mixture of humor and pathos I thought.

I dunno, all art is subjective. It's a 6.5 on IMDB, so fairly divided opinions, not a washout.
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I think you have to be an Edward Norton fan to get much out of this film. Agree about Keri Russell though.

For me this is a 'watch it once and forget it' movie.

- G
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