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Denon with PS3 Firmware 3.50/3.56 Audio Issues.

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The PS3 and my Denon AVR-1910 via HDMI was working perfectly fine in Multi-In mode until the 3.50 firmware came out. The 3.56 Firmware didn't seem to fix this.

When the PS3 Starts up, I hear the orchestra warm-up sound, but the context clicks no-longer make a noise when moving throughout the XMB.

Most games have no audio except the sub-bass which is heard only through the woofer. The rest of the speakers do not function. Then there are other games where the audio functions perfectly.

If I switch my AMP mode to 5-Channel Stereo, I hear the audio just fine, but I lose the surround capability.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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Mine's working properly, what i did is i went to audio settings in ps3 then i unckecked everything except those dolbyhd, dolby dig, dts hd, dts. When i play black ops i got dolby d in avr. Hth
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Thanks Bryan, I'll give that a try. I wonder what the underlying issue is though.
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So I tried what was listed aboe, and no luck.

When the PS3 is outputting 3/2/.1 and 3/4/.1 PCM or Dolby Digital all I get is sub-bass and none of the other speakers are emitting any sound. This happens only to games and the xmb. Movies both DVDs and Blurays play perfectly!

Assuming it may be an HDMI audio transport issue, I used an optical cable (tos-link) for testing. Again the same issue arose. Only sub-bass is coming through the woofer.

Now on the Denon (1910) I switched the HDMI mode from "amp" to "tv" bypassing the amp and turned the volume up on the television, doing so, the audio came out perfectly on the tv. Of course this is being converted to stereo. I also did 5-Ch Stereo simulation on the Denon and again the sound would work.

I have tested other hardware with the Denon to make sure the Denon is not at fault. No problems.

Again, this all started with Playstation 3 Firmware 3.50. Until then these issues didn't exist.

Denon AVR-1910 Running Main Ver 00.87, Sub Ver 00.21, DSP 50.13 European Model
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I'm having identical problems. Strangely, I'm also using a Denon receiver but model AVR 2809. Can't see why it would be a Denon issue though I'm still suspecting the PS3 update as has always been fine until then.

Have you managed to find a way ahead yet?
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Mine is working fine. I have a Denon AVR 1912.
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I can't speak for your issue above, but it won't be the first or last time that Sony alters something inadvertently and it affects playback of the PS3. See my thread on my 1909 issue here ... which Sony finally did correct with a FW update as we have had zero loss of audio for some time now (I'm not sure when the correction took place). But it was never part of an official update to audio features when I lost audio function and it was never made to my attention when it was fixed. What I have come to conclude since owning a PS3 since launch is FW's will invariable break communications with one device or another while tweaking with the code. I've been through 1 router, 1 BT headset, and nearly one AVR...but I just rode that one out.

I too would highly doubt that this is a Denon issue. But until Sony correct the issue that created the fault in communication with the AVR, it now is a Denon issue. And since Denon didn't change a FW, your AVR is running as good as the day you bought it, I'd be willing to bet Denon isn't up to looking into the issue that SONY created. So you need to lean on Sony. They will deny any issue. They will tell you try less than HD audio formats. They will tell you call Denon. All you can ask is that they forward the issue to the audio tech/FW department. Then you wait. If it truly is a FW issue...it will likely get resolved at some point. But you won't have a clue when. You're only other solution is to buy a new AVR. And from what I've seen with the Denon AVR's, the budget models are the ones that the PS3 has the most issues with audio/FW updates. I've yet to see the high end models posted about with regards to the PS3.

Best of luck and I hope you find a fix. But don't hold your breath.
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I have a Denon 989 (same as 2809) and I have had no problems here.
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I have a 4311CI - no problems whatsoever.
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