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Just bought a Panasonic 50vt20. Should I return it?

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Hi everyone,

It's my first time posting here (noob), and I wanted to get some advice. I just bought a Panasonic 50vt20 at best buy on Jan 30, 2011. It came with a blu ray 3d home theater bundle. I now have been reading up on the floating/rising black levels and it worries me. I did try to search through other posts but I haven't read anything about what 0.011 levels will look like. So, if the black levels do go up to the 0.011 level, is it going to be really bad/noticeable when I am watching? I don't care about numbers but what I see on screen is important. I picked the plasma because I liked the deeper colors but if the 0.011 is going to make it look like an led tv, I might as well get an led tv, right?

So, should I return the set and get something else like the samsung 8000 led series? I would go for the plasma samsung 8000 but don't like the buzzing. I don't really care about the latest and greatest and that's why I bought last years model which is replacing my old samsung 37" lcd tv. And I really don't want to pay the high price the 2011's are going to go for. So, keep it or get something else?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
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Just enjoy it, its a nice set.
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Do you watch in a very dark room?
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I would keep it. Don't worry about the rising and floating blacks.
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To the OP:

Rather than trying to re-assure you, let me just point you to a review from CNET:


Please note the update on October 7th after the TV they tested had about 1500 hours on it.

This is probably not the best place for a new TV owner to come, as you will end up over-analyzing everything you read and ultimately be afraid to buy anything. Just enjoy your new set and try to watch mostly full screen programming for the first 100 hours or so until it breaks in.
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Hey thanks everyone. Yeah, I don't know much about tv's and mll and stuff but this forum is definitely a great place to start. I appreciate the replies and I will keep it. I am happy with the price I paid and it definitely is steps up from my Samsung ln32a300j. My room is also very dark and that is why I chose to get a plasma as well.
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