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Well, at least you have the luxury of not having to drive home. I've had my shared of that, I think. But, I wouldn't mind going down one more time. The last time I went was during the Air Force's 50 anniversary show where the B1-B was there and the SR-71 was out at Standiford Field...er....Louisville International Airport (I still hate that new name...just try and get a flight out of the country without having to be in a UPS box :) )

There was a post on alt.tv.tech.hdtv from someone with a 70% signal strength but no picture. Don't know what the deal is but you might consider a call in to the Engineering dept. on Monday.
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So far the air show has been fantastic. Fireworks are on the way. I am getting my first signal drops from WHAS.:mad: Anybody else having this trounble? I've emailed them with my complaint and my complents for a fine broadcast when I can receive it. The SD cameras are used very sparingly and I hope the fireworks omits them entirely. Oh well, back to the show.
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I've not had any dropouts (consistently at 89-91% ooo...now it's 96-98%) but the audio gets much louder when they switch to SD and they don't adjust for it and then, when switching back to HD, it seems like it takes a second before the full resolution is there (almost like hitting the button on my progressive scan DVD to go to non-prog mode and then to prog mode...there's that much difference).

I'd LOVE to see a full technical review of everything they did for this broadcast and have them place it on their website.

If you do a search for HDTV at www.whas11.com, you'll find...NOTHING! :|


Yep, the edge enhancement is definitely coming from the WHAS broadcast (although, there's one shot on the Belvedere where they interview people and it's very crisp...don't notice the EE there). I switched to the DISH Demo Loop channel and on the basketball/hockey/baseball segment there is no edge enhancement visible but it's quite obvious on the WHAS broadcast.

No audio right now on WHAS. Oh..they just didn't show the segment that was on the analog and they showed the HD cameramen zooming in/out, panning, etc. Made me dizzy :)
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I am currently recording the show using my HiPix card and the new 3.0 beta 2 software. My POS Marantz projector's bulb blew out last weekend (80 hours on it) so I tried hooking my HiPix to my Panny HiDef TV but just my luck the Audio Authority RGB->Component transcoder is giving me black&white hidef! So..I am watching the show on NTSC right now :(
I was supposed to have a new bulb Friday but UPS hosed me there! UPS also destroyed a dalite projector screen I sent to someone last week - I am having a lot of bad HT luck right at the moment.
Waiting for the next piece of equipment to smoke:(
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Well, I'll come over tomorrow with a PC and a crossover cable and we'll run HDTOMPEG :)
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Jerry D,

Looks great here.Had the antennas at 30ft w/signal strength at 55-60 on the DTC-100,so I raised them up 20ft,and now getting a solid 88.Could go another 15ft,but 88 is plenty good enough.

Hope a storm doesn't blow in!

70mi @ 16Deg from TX
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You're rockin', Max! That's a pretty sweet signal strength. Do you know what your HASL and HAAT are?

Radar shows clear...looks like the front is dropping down.

Wish I could get my antenna stack about 75' above ground level (I'm at about 35' now - 9' above roofline) but that would mean a tower and that would mean all of the neighbors lined up at my front door!


30 seconds and counting!!!
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That was great!

Too bad the smoke was blowing back toward downtown (and obscuring the view some) but was a very good fireworks show!

The rockets off the bridge were way cool and the huge bloom fireworks filled the entire screen.

Well done, WHAS, well done!
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Jerry D,

Awesome display of fireworks,even through all the smoke! Kudos to WHAS.

75ft? No problem.Just get one of these....


I have the T-160 model w/14ft mast.The neighbors think it's pretty neet,especially the kids.They're always asking me "Are you goin' high with it tonight?" No stinkin' HOA here!!!

QTH 940ft ASL
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Hmm....afraid to ask how much that is.

I can hear the mrs. now, "You want to spend HOW much to watch TV?"




During the post-Thunder wrap-up, Jean West read a release that WHAS-DT will show the ABC prime-time lineup in HD (for those shows available in HD).

YES! Finally!
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Jerry D,

Yes,I'm sure it would have a very low WAF factor.OTOH,they're very light weight.You could put one up all by yourself! Around 3K up.

BTW,DT-55 just went "poof".Gone.
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That's definitely out of the question. That's what I paid for the TV itself. I'd rather have another one upstairs :)

And, yeah, I figured they'd shutdown the full power transmitter but also figured they'd remote the low power one back up. Guess not.
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I got a couple of hours of Thunder on my hard disk! It looked pretty good on the monitor - I can't wait to see it on the big screen:) I was going to record the whole day but I got an alarm that my cpu was overheating. I had to shut it down for a bit but it seems to have worked great on the stuff I recorded. Now I have to look at my HTPC and see what is wrong with it:( When it rains it pours! I am going to burn some dvd's of the show tomorrow in case my hard disk decides to pack it in. I hope everyone else enjoyed the show!
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The picture was awesome most of the time. The PQ was great but the sound seemed kinda low. Finally my investment is paying off woooohooooooooo!! What was up with the Leanne Rimes footage? They really blew that! Much love to Whas11 and Ovation because HDTV is gonna the "must have" now. I think we will see all the other station's scrambling the get on the air now. Smart move on Ovation's part to get involved. Hopefully soon I'll be saying "INSIGHT WHO"....:p

later, Steve
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Was anyone using a SAT-HD100 to view this? If so, did it work?

People at Ovation told me there are apparently some issues with Sony and WHAS that need to be worked out.... They lent someone I know a Mitsubishi for the event.
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My brother said that Ovation told him that the HD was just 480p. Is this true? It certainly looked outstanding if it was.

Also, the SD shots of Lee Anne Rimes really gave away the lip-syncing....ooops!
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I could tell, for sure, that at least two of the shots (the one on the Belvedere and the one of the newscasters) were NOT 480p but HD. If that's 480p, then, geez, what the heck were they using?!
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2 wishes:

1: I wish that I could have made it up to louisville to see the show!!
2: I wish I could pick up WHAS from Lexington.... oh, and I wish I had hdtv hardware so that I could watch it if I could pick it up.

...and 3: could someone post (email me?) some captured images from the hd broadcast? pm me.. :)
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Dear WooWoo:

This forum is encouraged by quality broadcast groups and local stations that want to keep the viewers they serve informed of events. We had nothing to hide. What better way to introduce new technology than to get the people that have HDTV TV's in place involved in making the product better for all of us to enjoy.

HDTV from a remote site like Thunder is not easy to do because technology and equipment to provide this kind of broadcast is not that easy to come up with. You are correct. WRAL-TV was contacted many months ago because they are one of the leaders in providing HDTV and have experienced just about every problem there is. Their experience will help local broadcasters enter into this kind of programming so that all of us can enjoy.

Look forward to the future of DTV in this market.

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I know that even though you were not there for the show, you were the one that laid the groundwork for it.

It's good to see DTV Prosper in the river city.

Whenever I give out information it"s usually from Bill....
When I do
I ask his permission to post it.

Good luck in the future
Kevin Wooten
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A big round of applause for Gil! :)
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So nobody was using a SAT-HD100 to watch Thunder? :confused:
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Your correct when you say WRAL Has experienced every problem there
is. They wanted to make sure we experienced them too, Everything from
faulty NTSC encoders and up converters to AES time keys. Then it went down hill from there.
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I thought the show was a "Struggle" to produce.
It had that Look.

Welcome to the discussion
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Wow! I finally got my Marantz running and first thing I wanted to see was Thunder - in HiDef. It looked great!!!!! Outside of the few crappy SD cameras the HiDef shots were awesome. Kudos to WHAS on shooting a very demanding program like Thunder in HiDef for your first roll-out!
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