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replacing ballast on sony vpl-hs60

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hi, the ballast or something else is causing my projector to burn out bulbs quickly. in less than two weeks, I've lost two separate bulbs. at first i thought it was the bulb, but now i realize that after losing two bulbs so quickly, something is causing it.

any idea on how to go about replacing the ballast, how much it would cost or if it's just going to be cheaper to let this projector go and move on to something else?

I don't really have the money to buy a good projector right now, so I'm unsure of what to do.
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My supplier does not list the ballast for this model, so I'm thinking that given that and the age of the projector, it's time to move on.
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After about 50 minutes on the phone with Sony during support hours, i was able to isolate two item numbers.

I hope this helps people in the future who have this problem, as there was nothing out there you could search nor a service manual.

First off, Sony uses Andrews electronics sometimes to replace electronics, their prices are reasonable, if the parts are in stock (it was $169.00 + tax)

however, if you search the model number using multiple engines (G) you can find the part numbers at a better price than what was originally listed.

for the VPL-HS60, sony calls this part the
"lamp power supply block"
in fact it is a ballast (which is why i am posting here)
Other sites have this part listed at around $60 with tax and shipping.
part: 146886611
Description of part was: "1-468-866-11 Sony 120W lamp ballast"

Another part that you may need if this fails to fix the power problem is below.
part: a1095034a
description: "ps assembly"
my google-fu only showed sony having this part, however i have ended my search there as im fairly certain the ballast is my problem.

I hope this helps others out there with a busted vpl-hs60 or 51. not to mention the out of pocket expenses if you know how to repair it.

Please reply to this thread if it did at least point you in the right direction. I am looking forward to having another 5 years out of my projector i hope, as its been a great unit and ive only changed the bulb once with over 2200 hours per year.
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I am having an issue with the brightness of this projector. While I have replaced the bulb (twice) I still am left with a dim picture. I do notice that changing the "Lamp Control" setting (under the Picture Menu) does nothing. Typically moving it from Low to High brightens the picture significantly and the way I'd like it.

I have two new builbs and would rather keep this projector for now. Could this be a Ballast / PS issue?
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