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Denon AVR-1910 - No more sound.

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I was watching Jeopardy earlier. I put my AVR on mute, I came back to unmute, and no more sound came out.

The mute button is usually a very loud click on this AVR. Right now, it's very soft and barely audible.

Is my AVR already broken? Video is output fine.

It's barely a year old. Anyone have suggestions? Have reset AVR multiple times, unplugged, plugged, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi nl2134, try blowing compressed air into the headphone jack or plug a set of headphone into the jack a few times.
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For laughs I tried this sight and found that shooting compressed air into the
headphone jack gave the sound back to the reciever!!
That was quick and painless.
Thank You so much
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Ok seriously... this is too weird. Tonight I tried to watch stuff through my AVR-1910 and it was dead sound wise. Video still worked, still passed sound through the bypass for standard TV watching though. But nothing that required the AVR to process or amplify sound...

Tried the compressed air in the headphones trick and everything returned to normal. Can you elaborate on what is happening here? Is a build up of dust on some componets causing a short or something?

Thanks for the tip!
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Wow, the dust bunnies are making its round .

Most likely the dust is interrupting the HP contacts.
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omg, this is the best solution ever. I was so afraid that my receiver is broken. you guys are awesome.
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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to post my thanks and give this a bump...because it worked for me as well.

Last night my son turned off my Denon AVR-1910 and then when I turned it back on later, nothing but video worked. My wife and I spent hours going through the manual and trying everything we could think of. I finally gave up and figured that after only two years, something crapped out in it. I was all prepared to have to shell out for a new receiver. Then by chance I google'd my issue and saw this thread. I don't have any compressed air so blew in it instead...and voila! sp-a icon appeared once again and I have sound. Blowing in it a few more times actually made it go off again and then took me a few more tries to get it back on. I'm headin to the store to get some air. Thanks guys....and I hope that perhaps this bump will help someone else that has the same issue.
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I also wanted to reply to this old'ish thread.... In fact, I activated an account on this forum specifically to post on this thread.... I had the same problem... I was freaking out after some of the Googling I had done... Only to find out that a breath of air into the Headphone jack.....TOOK CARE OF IT ALL!!! LOL!!!

YAY!!!! I'm so happy! And thank you previous users for your input. Seems so silly... But, I'm NOT complaining... Just happy. =-) Thanks again!!!!
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Count me as another person who activated an account just so I could post on this thread. I was having the exact same problem with my DENON AVR-1910 as the other people. I read the posts and thought, "This can't possibly work." BUT IT DID!!!! JChin, whoever you are, you are some kind of genius.
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DITTO...I spent an hour or 2 trying to figure out the issue, stumble on this solution....UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thanks JCHIN
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This is a known issue with older XX09 and XX10 models and discussed in the respective Owner's threads as well as other known issues.
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Haha today after fixing my broken down car I decided it's time to relax with a nice movie. Well fired up the tv and immediately I noticed the 1910 turn on click was almost non audible. There was no sound I hope my luck was not so bad $650 in auto parts and now this. I found this thread it worked for me thanks.

Now time to enjoy my movie. Thanks again.
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OMG! It Worked!

Thank you very very much.

I registered only to post a reply to this thread, you saved me a visit to the repairment service and a bill.
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Yet another happy ending from this ingenious thread. Should we just be dusting these machines routinely? And how often and to what extent?
Of course I torqued the HDMI cable so much trying to figure this out that all I do get is sound and now no picture. Amazon here I come!
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a new witness in 2012 to this insanity, my unit started working when i blew into the earphone jack, then cut out again when i changed the surround mode going to get a can of air tomorrow...has anyone experimented with disassembling the jack to see if there is a more long lasting fix. thanks
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I felt like a sucker for trying this remedy even after reading all the endorsements. Sure enough, it worked for me too. Amazing.
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All same events..my wife went from dvd to TV - pushed wrong button or something..result no sound next day..got picture but no audio out of my high end system..spent hours trying to get audio back....better part of day re-inputing everything from Denon Book instructions (which by the way, is not user friendly )

Gave up and was going to call Geek Squad next day to fix; saw the post referring to compressed air..tried it and it worked !! UNBELIEVABLE..but who am I to second guess..
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Another thing I was told to try was to plug in and unplug headphones into that jack. It also seems to work. What I want to know is: why, when the sound cuts out does the display read,"H/P input on," and when the sound comes back on it reads, "H/P input off?" What is the H/P input? Why does it need to be OFF for the audio to be ON (the sound to function?) Is there any way that I can directly affect it (turn it on/off?) Such as via the menu: "manual input," whatever? Blowing compressed air into the "phones" jack (or plugging in and unplugging a set of headphones) is all fine and well, but I'd like to know what is actually going on. Hopefully without going into TOO much technical detail. Thanks again.
JChin, above, said, "Most likely the dust is interrupting the HP contacts." Are you referring to the same thing (i.e. HP contacts versus H/P input?) If you know more about this I'd love some more info.
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What I want to know is: why, when the sound cuts out does the display read,"H/P input on," and when the sound comes back on it reads, "H/P input off?" What is the H/P input? Why does it need to be OFF for the audio to be ON (the sound to function?)

H/P obviously stands for headphone.

Most receivers when you plug in headphones turn off the speakers. Makes perfectly good sense to me.

when I just plugged in headphones to my HK AVR 325 the external speakers turned off and the word HEADPHONE scrolled across the front panel.

Also just plugged in my headphone on my Denon AVR 591. When plugged in the front panel displays H/P Input ON and my speakers are turned off. Unplugged the headphones and the display says H/P Input OFF and the speakers come back on.

Sounds like that's the way it should be.
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I don't know what kind of spooky hocus pocus voodoo magic is going on here, but this just freaking worked! I reset the microprocessor, I re-seated every single plug/cable, sifted through that foreign, broken-english manual. I was all set on either calling Denon support or scrapping this receiver. A little air in the headphone jack and all is well again. LOL. Amazing. Thank you JChin!

Now I just need to come up with some kind of plug for the headphone jack to block the dust.
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Ok, this trick worked as advertised, almost magically!!! Was sceptical at first, but seeing all those replies convinced me to at least try! I had to blow the air just at the entry of the headphone jack, pointing downward, and that's when I heard the click.
Thanks a bunch!

However, I had the same H/P Off message with the click, so obviously, seems to me that it just detected that a headphone had been plugged in the whole time, shutting down the volume of the speaker. I'm almost certain that plugging and removing real headphones may have the same effect, too, just by resetting the H/P state. That would be worth a shot next time... If that doesn't work, it means the dust bunnies are just holding on too tight!
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I had the same problem as i was watching the movie at night and next day morning when i tired to play my iphone, no sound, I found this thread very informative and astonishing as blowing compressed air can also harm other components inside the receiver, But since I am an Electronics Engineer I understand that the contacts insie the Headphone jack which normally cuts the sound from the spekers could be the issue. But looks like if Denon has used inferior product in to its receivers that is called comprising quality to sell cheap products. I have purchased 4 of them for my friends and relatives and they had the same issues.
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Also noticed that the H/P is ON/OFF keeps on popping up in the display and as far as I remember i have never plugged headphones in to the receiver from the day i purchased it., I stopped buying Sony products due to the relay swtiching issues between 5.1 and 7.1 channels and looks like now we have the same issues with Denon on the relay switching between the Headphones jack and the output to the speakers. Is Denon going to get this fixed or are we suppose to live with this ? If this is the way Denon does QA, then it is not worth buying their receivers and better to go with a renowned name, quality and service.
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The "H/P is ON/OFF" display is caused by the headphone contact issue (dust). Note however, that this issue has only been noted on "some" of the XX10 and earlier models (nothing newer) and AFAIK, was not determined to be a major issue across the entire series of models. Although certainly disappointing that it occurs at all, at least very easily resolved with the blast of compressed air or inserting/removing a headphone plug a few times.
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I lost all audio on my AVR 1910 Thanksgiving Day. The unit is just over 2 years old. After researching this issue on-line I tried your suggestion (compressed air into the headphone jack port) and it restored audio. Thank you so much. I had rest the microprocessor sound now I am struggling with resetting my preferences.
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Run Audyssey again and the setup your inputs for whatever devices you have.

If you no longer have the manual you can get it from the Denon website.
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Chalk up another victory for the old 'blowing air through the headphone socket' trick, because my Denon is back up and running thanks to this trick.

Thank you.
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Last night the sound on my AVR 1910 started to cut out intermittently, then finally died completely. Unplugged everything and hoped this morning all would be well. No dice, Dead as a doornail, but video switching was fine. Got on the Internet looking for a repair shop dreading the idea of pulling everything apart and getting it back together, not counting the cost. Decided to check “AVR no sound” and got a couple of hits, the first being AVS and this thread. “Blow into the head phone jack” was suggested. You got to kidding. This has to be an April fool’s joke but, what the heck, nothing to loose, right? My can of compressed air was dead so I dragged my small pancake compressor in from the garage and took a couple of shots into the head phone jack. Almost fell down when sound returned. Wow, you can’t make this stuff up. Just wonder who was the idiot savant who came up with this one? .
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You friggin kidding me. This actually worked for me too. Who says the internet is not a fabulous thing. Thanks for the helpful info.
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AMAZING TIP solved my problem immediately, after troubleshooting for hours including completely reconnecting everything. THANKS THANKS THANKS!
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