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The Hole 3D Pre-Order

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I couldn't post a link but it will be out June 6th in the UK. It's at Amazon.com uk for 26.00 & some change. Not bad and though I've never seen it, the reviews out there are good. Anyone here that has seen it in 3D please let us know how the 3D is.

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Be sure to check Region coding prior to purchasing. The Italian Blu-ray is locked at Region B, and since this has yet to find US distribution, the UK disc may be as well. For the record, the Italian disc contains three versions (flat, magenta/green anaglyph and Blu-ray 3D versions.

I've only seen the anaglyph version, but even that had good depth, so I look forward to seeing a Blu-ray 3D version (or even 3D TV showing) at some point. I can kind of understand why it may not get a theatrical release in the US, my guess is it will debut on disc or TV here.
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Hasn't a 2-D version of this one just been released on BR in the UK? Don't know why the distrib felt the need to hold a 3-D version back until June, for gawd's sake, but at least it's happening at all.

I saw this one theatrically and the 3-D is fine, with excellent staging for depth throughout the entire film, especially during the climax which, er... wanders into surrealist territory (anyone who's seen it will know what I mean). Very few off-screen gags, and those that DO occur are of the blink-and-you'll-miss-'em variety, but the staging is otherwise so good, you'll hardly miss the 'eye-pokers'. The film itself is OK, especially for teens and kids. However, caution is required - younger kids may find some of the scarier sequences a little uncomfortable, as reported on a number of sites where teens and parents have commented on the film. We're not talking SAW or HOSTEL here, but THE HOLE certainly pushes some buttons which may affect impressionable youngsters.
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Vincent thanks for the 3D and movie review. I pre-ordered this.
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I imported the region-free Dutch release of The Hole via eBay and fed it to the black, disc-eating hole in my PS3 tonight.

Joe Dante has created a slightly creepy, somewhat bizarre PG-13 horror flick, centered around a mysterious hole found in the basement of a new house by two brothers and their Girl Next Door neighbor. The characters and the plot are a little clichéd but very likeable. It was fun to watch the story unfold, especially when the Darkness came to life.

I had high expectations for The Hole's 3D, and it did not disappoint. The 3D achieves a realistic look that few live-action 3D movies attain. The well-layered depth appears consistently strong. Convergence is maintained at a high but comfortable level, allowing bits of the foreground to rest in negative parallax. Thanks to appropriate lens choice, human forms are almost always rounded and life-like. There are a number of pop-out moments, involving nails, baseballs, splashes, and feathers. Camera views looking up from the hole work incredibly well, creating a window within a window. There are also nice 3D effects with drifting vapor, views from tall heights.,and a fish-eye lens.

The 3D energized the story and heightened emotional involvement by making the characters and their odd surroundings look real. I'm glad to add The Hole to my 3D collection, and I hope it gets a U.S. Blu-ray 3D release so more people can experience the fun.

Movie - 3.5/5
Stereography - 4.5/5
Pop-out - 4/5
Depth - 4.5/5
Roundness - 5/5
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I got this a year ago and love it, 3D really is good on it.
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Yeah, I hope Joe Dante uses 3D again for his future movies.
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Originally Posted by BleedOrange11 View Post

Yeah, I hope Joe Dante uses 3D again for his future movies.

If he gets to make another one. I'm ticked that the U.S. didn't even get a theatrical release. (Even PIRANHA 3DD got a limited theatrical showing!!) Love Dante's stuff!
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Well, he's pretty much the king of monster movies. Someone should give him script and a budget.
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Did you guys see this is coming out in theaters late Sep? I have NO clue why..?? It's already out on disc to buy!
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Originally Posted by bravia3D View Post

t's already out on disc to buy!

Not in the U.S. I guess it took them a while to find a distributor. Glad people here are going to get the opportunity to see this in 3D.
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Its an amazing film and some of the best shot 3d out there
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We watched this a while back on disc and it was OK. Good 3d and the movie was a good once over. Nothing I would buy, but it was a fun 1 time watch.
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