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Been awhile since I posted, I think I was one of the early adopters of this machine (in spite of a lack of fanfare in the AV press or even online forums). I'm pretty happy with the performance and operation of my 2012. Of course like any good AV nut, it is not the only machine I have! I'm sorry I have'nt tried the netflix feature yet, mainly because they told me to get true HD picture streaming, I need faster than my "high speed" DSL, but no fios here yet, anyway are the sounds going away with DVD's and BD's too or just Netflix? Maybe someone who uses it that way can help you.
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Denon 2012 Only outputs PCM sound

The above player only outputs PCM sound.The display says Dolby True HD etc.The Onkyo 809 confirms the sound to be PCM.I have checked that the Onkyo is OK by connecting a different blu-ray player.I have done the obvious and confirmed that the HDMI is connected via Bitstream.Any ideas?
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Denon DBP-2010 - Blu Ray Drive crapped out..

I bought one broken for parts, Will not Play BR disks.. I played with it, I think the laser is toast. Has anyone replaced the entire transport with a generic one? The inner transport on this basically resembles an internal drive...
I'm sure knowing Denon it's 2-300.00 for it.. Which I would never pay.

It did not seem to have any sort of potentiometers for adjustment like say Samsung has right next to the laster assy. I see drives on eBay new for as little as $25.00 but with alll the ribbon cables looks doubt ful that any would work...

I only have $70.00 invested so far.. so if I have to punt on this one, its not a huge loss..
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It depends on your settings with the Denon.
You have to set HDMI and Coaxial audio output, respectively, to Bitstream. PLUS, you have to set the BD-Audio-Mode to Bitstream (as opposed to "Mixed"). But know that, then, you cannot listen to alternative Audio, e.g. director's commentary and so on. These are only available in Mixed Mode which is output via PCM.
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This post concerns the drive noise problem. I purchased the unit in Dec. 2011 and never had an issue. This Jan. I upgraded from 46" Sony Bravia to a 65" Samsung smart 3D TV. As my luck would have it three days of removing, cleaning and resetting the media furniture, my 3D Prometheus went in and as soon as the 3D content played the drive made the loud noise as if the drive could not locate the proper tracks. The audio and video was unaffected (3D picture was stunning!). This is a drive issue as 5 3D titles play on other 3D players (Pioneer Elite, Sony, Pioneer PC drive) with out a problem. As it is out of warranty by 3 weeks Denon support was no help.
As of today the unit is in NJ for factory authorized repair. I will post the results of this experience in 2 - 3 weeks (out of warranty turn around time).
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Jan 21, received e-mail from PanurgyOEM, the Denon factory service center asking for a copy of the receipt as the unit was out of warranty by only a few weeks and wanted to see if they (Denon) would honor it.
Jan 25, another e-mail stated that Denon would indeed honor the warranty. they normally grant an extension of 30 days to allow for shipping, out of stock parts, turn around time, etc.
Feb 4, sent e-mail asking when the $65.00 bench fee for out of warranty repairs would be refunded.
Feb 8, called direct and spoke with the rep who has been handling the repair. was told unit will be replaced direct from Denon. Unknown if it will be new or refurbished. He also apologized about refund and resubmitted the credit. All in all Panurgy seems a first rate operation. the contact info was a direct extension to the same person that i started with, not a run around with different people or endless automated options.
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