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Help Requested: In Wall 7.1 Suggestions

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I'm seeking opinions on "In Wall" and/or "In Ceiling" speaker options. I want to setup a 7.1 system. I do not have an amp, and I don't have any speakers. I have purchase 12 gauge speaker wire for all my wiring. Currently, there is no drywall on any of the walls. I've attached a picture, showing the dimensions of the room, and I've labelled where the projector is going. It's an open concept space, with the section on the right purposed for a playroom for my son.

The projector extends the entire 8ft of the projector wall, and there's only 17" from the bottom of the projector screen to the floor. The couch is about 21ft from the projector screen. There will a couch against the left wall, and a comfy chair positioned somewhere else. The main focal point should be the center couch 21ft from the screen, but I still hope the rest of the seats would get a good experience. Also, I'm installing Roxul Safe'n'Sound Insulation
throughout the ceiling in the basement

I went to the local speaker places, and they were all selling Polk Audio and Yamaha.

I'm looking for recommendations on speakers, and the placement of those speakers. Currently, I'm looking at putting the Center and the L/R front speakers in the projector wall, laying lengthwise, just above the baseboard, in-wall sub, and ceiling mounted L/R sides and L/R rears.

The receiver MUST be HDMI 1.4a compliant, with a NIC already onboard and with a USB port of iPod support. No addons for this functionality ... I want it all built in, as the addons are cost prohibative.

The following is what I'm currently considering buying based on local availability in Halifax, NS. Please use this list of an idea of my price point. These are all list prices, and I certainly hope to be able to knock about $600 off the total price of all items listed below. Please give me your opinions on the gear listed below, and what you would do, given my budget. I don't mind ordering online, but the shipping can sometimes make this cost prohibative, especially ordering from the USA, but I'll certainly look into it

Purpose: Receiver
Product: Pioneer 1125
List Price: $799.99
Link: futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/pioneer-pioneer-7-1-hdmi-3d-home-theatre-receiver-vsx-1125-k-vsx-1125-k/10150046.aspx
Purpose: Sub Woofer
Product: Polk Audio "In-Wall" CSW155
List Price: $799.99
Link: polkaudio.com/customaudio/csw/index.php?s=csw155

Purpose: Centre Speaker
Product: Polk Audio "In-Wall" Centre LCi-C
List Price: $549.99
Link: polkaudio.com/customaudio/lci/#lci-c

Purpose: Left/Right Front Speakers
Product: Polk Audio "In-Wall" RC65i
List Price: $249.99 (for the pair)
Link: futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/polk-audio-in-wall-speakers-rc65i/10043774.aspx

Purpose: Left/Right Middle/Back Speakers
Product: Yamaha "In-Ceiling" NSIW560CW
List Price: $269.99 (per pair ... require 2 pairs)
Link: futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/yamaha-yamaha-in-ceiling-speaker-nsiw560w-nsiw560cw/10129097.aspx

Thanks, and I look forward to all of your comments.

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your use of "in-walls" for the front 3 is good. The in-ceiling units are an acceptable compromise for surrounds.

How much room will there be from the back of the listening position to the "rear" speakers used in the 7.1 setup ?
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There will be about 6ft - 8ft from the back of the couch to the back wall by the stairwell.

In regards to the ceiling mounts, I'm looking at them for 2 reasons. The first is because that's what I was recommended by the sales guy. The second, because in the middle of the room, I don't have a wall on the right side of the room (again, open concept), so there's no place to put a middle/right speaker on a wall

What are your thoughts on the models of speakers listed above? Are they good quality based on price?

Thanks for your reply, it's much appreciated

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The Polk in-walls are good speakers, it's the prices I'm not used to seeing. I have no idea what other options are available in Canada, perhaps someone more familiar with the Canadian market can help.
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I like the Axiom in walls as they are sealed designs. Plus, Axiom is located in Canada.
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Make sure you have a way of aiming your speakers up if they are that close to the floor. Voices from the center will be especially hard to hear if they are that low to the floor.
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A couple of developments ... first, the original quote that I posted above doesn't include a powered amplifier. Apparently, this is required in order for the in wall sub to work.

Purpose: Sub Woofer Power Source / Amplifier
Product: Polk Audio SWA500
List Price: $899.99
Link: futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/polk-audio-subwoofer-amplifier-swa500/10100964.aspx

Secondly, the following is what a local speaker company is recommending, over the Polk speakers that I listed above. Comments for anyone out there with regards to the quality of the Elite/Klipsch speakers listed below, and how they might compare to the Polk Audio speakers? Also, any issues with having the Center as the exact same model of speaker as the front L/R speakers?

Purpose: Receiver
Product: Pioneer VSX31
List Price: $799
Link: pioneerelectronics.com/ephox/StaticFiles/PUSA/Images/VSX-31.pdf

Purpose: Sub Woofer
Product: Eclipse RW-5802
List Price: $499
Link: klipsch.com/media/products/cut-sheets/RW-5802.pdf

Purpose: Sub Woofer Power Source / Amplifier
Product: Eclipse RSA-500
List Price: $999
Link: klipsch.com/images/download/1605.aspx

Purpose: Left Centre Right Speakers
Product: Eclipse R-2502-W
List Price: $599
Link: klipsch.com/media/products/cut-sheets/r-2502-w-sheet.pdf

Purpose: Left/Right Middle/Back Speakers
Product: Eclipse CDT2650
List Price: $399 (per pair ... require 2 pairs)
Link: klipsch.com/media/products/cut-sheets/CDT2650c.pdf

The first problem I see with the above quote is that the Left/Center/Right for the front of the room are 17.75" long. If I turn them on their sides the way I was planning, then they won't fit between the joists. At 17.75" long, standing upright, I think they'll be bumping into the bottom of my projector display, but I'll have to do some more measuring.

I obviously also have some work to do on prices ... someone have a link they could post with good Klipsch prices in the USA to help me with my negotiations?

As for the question above about the front speakers needing to be adjusted because they are low, none of the models of front speakers can be adjusted. When I asked the resellers about this point, all of them have indicated having the speakers low should not create an issue. Comments?

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$1,500 for an in-wall subwoofer with amp is truly excessive. You are paying more for a simple mono amplifier than you are for a full-featured a/v receiver. That does not make any sense.

Have you considered regular stand alone enclosure speakers within the room ? Or at least an in-room powered subwoofer ?
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Originally Posted by rnatalli View Post

I like the Axiom in walls as they are sealed designs. Plus, Axiom is located in Canada.

I would also recommend a sealed design in-walls a least for the L/C/R speakers. I have used the Polk LCi RTS on a few installs and are very good but probably out of your price range.
Here is a LINK used quite a bit on AVS about in-walls
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