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Plasma Virgin

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Ok I just bought my first Plasma. and I went with the 58c550 and I love it, however I also have the slight buzzing but most of the time I don't notice it because of my HT Sytem. I do have a few questions real quick.
1- Do I need to break it in
2- Can I set my settings to this calibration because I absoloutely love it but don't want to harm it?
Picture Mode: Movie
Color Temp: Warm 2
Cell light: 10
Brightness: 55
Contrast: 75
Color: 50
Tint: G50/R50
Sharpness: 2
Black Tone: Off
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Gamma: 0
Colorspace: Auto
Flesh Tone: Off
Edge Enhancement: Off
Digital NR: Auto

3- will watching programs with station logos cause burn in on this model?
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^^ .. gave advice in C550 Owner's thread, but doesn't hurt to start a New thread.
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Well since your a plasma virgin, the first time it will be a letdown. You will get your first feelings of buyers remorse when new models come out. Trust me, you get better at it the next few times.
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what about the settings? will a contrast of 70 to 75 be harmul as long as I am careul on the 4:3 bars etc?
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.. yes, those are fine; my BIL/sister actually have an earlier version of this set & they used the settings provided from this Forum & haven't had 'any' problems. Just be mindful of the static banners, logo's not so bad once some time has passed & probably wouldn't watch 4:3 for over an hour at time at first.
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