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New guy here, sorry to just pop in and ask a question like this right off the bat, but it's been driving me nuts for a while and since you guys seem like a pretty knowledgeable bunch I figured it'd be worth asking you.

I have a Sanyo DS32225, got it for free about a year ago. I'm generally fairly satisfied with it, except for one issue:

When there's an image on the screen that's white or simply very bright, followed quickly by a dark or very black image, instead of going straight to black there's a very slow fade. This is especially noticeable if I'm watching something letterboxed, since the black bars will go to a grayish color and fade back to back. My brightness and contrast settings are both at very reasonable levels, adjusting them doesn't seem to help.

The catch to this though is that it only happens if I'm using an s-video source. Via composite, this doesn't happen at all.

I really just want to know what's going on, why it only happens on s-video, and of course whether it's fixable. Thanks!