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code for dish 922

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I had bought audio receiver onkyo 708. I would like to use onkyo remote for dish network. Do you know the code?

I want to understand the meaning of code. Is the code defined by onkyo or dish network? I am not sure if there is unique code for each mapping for example onkyo/dish 922 vs denon/dish 922. Appreciate for any help to understand it.

I also have view sonic media player. I don't know if the media players have any codes.

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Hey sukumar, if you're using a DISH Network remote to work a device in your home it will be the codes that are most common with your equipment that work with our remotes. I do have the codes for your Onkyo receiver are; 785, 788, 790, 791, 838 and 671. I will leave you the steps to help with the setup of the DISH remote to your Onkyo receiver.

Address to Other Equipment Using Code
Remotes: Multiple Mode Buttons (TV, VCR, AUX)
1. Press and hold the desired Mode Button until all mode button backlights come on, then release.
2. Use the number buttons to enter the device code corresponding to the equipment. AUX Mode: Before entering the device code: press 0 for a TV, Press 1 for a VCR/DVD and Press 2 for any other device.
3. Press the pound (#) button - The light will blink off after each digit is entered
4. Press the POUND (#) button - if the code entered is valid for the remote, the mode light flashes three times
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