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I have the BD630 and it will not play bd discs, anyone know why?
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@tfeston, it doesnt play any BD disc? If so, it sounds like a bad laser.
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Has anyone been able to play the amazing spiderman 3d on a BD690? I can navigate the menus, but when it comes to actually playing the movie, the machine hangs on a black screen. Firmware is current also.
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Hi all,

I have a BD 660 and it works well. There's just this one tiny problem which I can't find a solution to so I thought I'd ask here.

Whenever I play movies, there is a lag like some frames skip. I checked the plasma, everything seems okay and when I transferred the player to another TV, there's still this "lag". The movie runs smoothly on the computer so maybe it's really the player. The movie format is an mp4 btw.

I'd appreciate your input. I really want to get the most out of this player.

Thank you!
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try re-encoding the MP4 as a MKV, let us know the results
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Thanks for the response.

There is little to no lag with the mkv format. There is definitely no lag with avi.

Is there something I could do to make it smoother for the playback of mp4s? Most of my videos are in mp4 and it's really sad to have that noticeable frame skipping.

Thank you!

EDIT: found a quick way. didn't have to reencode every mp4, just needed to make it mkv with mkvmerge. Thanks again!
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Anybody else having problems with netflix dolby digital on a 690? My receiver will recognize the signal but the channels are all screwed up. The center channel comes out of my right speaker.
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I have the BD690 for about 2 years. Last night (11/24/12) I loaded Christmas movies on the harddive and everything was fine. Today I was playing a dvd and stopped it and went to access the harddrive and now it is not accesable at all. I've tried everything from re-formatting it, the player itself, to calling LG, but nothing has worked. I am at a loss. I have the lateest firmware BD.8;97.413, and server H90378. Does anyone have any clues, I also rebooted several times.
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try refreshing the volumes(i think its the green button), if not it may be a bad hard drive?
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Thank you, however I've done that, rebooted it, refreshed it, heck I've even downgraded and re upgraded it and nothing has worked. So the only thing is a bad hard drive. Guess I have to get a new one
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is the drive spinning up when powered on?
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HYE All, Check ur player for the BD.8.97.422.E update that became available this afternoon. Not yet available on website.
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I refuse to update ANY until someone here confirms it will NOT crap out my player! I can play most files from usb connection and all DVDs. It's painfully slow and I may look to replace it soon. Sometimes it crashes and reeboots on certain movie files...???
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Originally Posted by RonAlam View Post

so for all of the folks with grinding sounds, I may have a solution. This will require you to open the unit up BTW. So I replaced my old unit with a brand new unit this past weekend because the old unit would not read BR discs. Got the new one home, and setup and updated, no problem. Then came the Avengers 3-D disc, grindy Mcgrinderton stopped by. Ejected the disc and noticed it was still spinning in the tray, telling my the disc wasn't sitting correctly when the player was trying to read it. So I opened it up and sure enough, the little magnet that pulls the disc cap(or whatever its called) on the top part of the disc drive, was no longer attached to the bottom part(the part the disc sits in.) What that magnet does is it pulls the cap part on the top piece down and holds the disc in place, other wise the disc spins all over the place, causing unreadable disc errors and ejects, plus makes a lovely sound in the process. So I glued the little magnet ring back into the bottom part, let it dry, re-assembled, and no more grinding sound and no more dis read errors. Also while I had it opened, I upgraded the hard drive to a terabyte drive and it works perfectly. Let me know if this makes sense to anyone, but it works flawlessly now...

Thanks so much! Mine just developed the grinding sounds and was really struggling to play any discs. The still spinning disc in the tray after eject really was the smoking gun!

The metal ring had indeed become detached from the bottom section and stuck permanently to the top magnet. So I followed along and a bit of super-glue later and now it's all good again, super quiet while spinning those discs
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glad i could help :-D
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I have a bd670.

Some time ago the LoveFilm application stopped working About 10 seconds after trying to play a movie it crashes.

As of yestarday iplayer stopped working. It only recognises left and right arrow keys which makes it impossible to navigate.

Does anyone else experience this?
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I have the BD670 running H90378 and BD.8.97.413.E.
When I try to update to BD.8.97.422.E I keep getting the "Update Failed" error.
All previous updates have installed ok.
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icemannyr, did you try contacting LG or possibly downloading the update onto a thumbdrive?
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omegamale, same problem here. LG BD670, loaded software update bd.8.97.422.e and driverH90378
Exactly the same problem as you have.
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LG has posted BD.8.97.422.E on their website. Of course not sure what the details are as LG doesn't provide any but I will be testing it later.

Link: http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-BD670#
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Originally Posted by RonAlam View Post

icemannyr, did you try contacting LG or possibly downloading the update onto a thumbdrive?

The software update was not on the LG website this afternoon, I could only use the update menu from the player.
I tried one more time to update and when I checked back the BD670 was off and did not respond to the power on button.
Unplugged it and then plugged it back in, it has "boot" on the front display and did not work.
I repeated the process and went from boot to no display and started up normally.
I'll try updated by DVD if the DL ever finishes and let you know what happens. 28k a second for 157mb.
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the updates seem to be live for the 6670 and 690, and of course no idea what the fixed...
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Originally Posted by icemannyr View Post

I have the BD670 running H90378 and BD.8.97.413.E.
When I try to update to BD.8.97.422.E I keep getting the "Update Failed" error.
All previous updates have installed ok.

Mine updated successfully. If you have a flash drive installed, try unplugging it before attempting to update. Whenever I have a flash drive installed, the update always fails. If that is not the case, then I would try doing a cold boot i.e. unplug the unit for a few seconds, and then plug it in and attempt to update after it powers up.
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I was able to update successfully putting the file on a DVD-R.

A problem I'm still getting is the "Video Resolution Not Supported" message when trying to play back AVCHD files from my PVR.
Video 1080p, Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (h264).
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Just finished a live chat with an LG support representative. The key information from that is
I have just referred to our technical team, and this is an issue with the application itself. We are awaiting a fix from iPlayer. It is an issue whereby you can access the app but not control it with the remote. As I have mentioned iplayer are the only people who can resolve this as they produce and manitain their own app.

I said:
I have reported this to the BBC iPlayer people so I hope they can come up with a solution soon

They replied:
Indeed, they should update it relatively soon unfortunately we are never given time scales from iplayer when issues occur with their app
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@icemann, use uncropmkv to add the black bars to your file. It sounds like you are burning a disc that has a formatted video in it. The actual video file need to be 1920*1080 or 1280*720 resolution
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Thanks for the information RCornwell. Good to know its not just me seeing the problem. You got a better response than me. I sent an email query and was told it was a problem wih my network. I told them what $£$% they were talking.
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WOOOOOOOOOOH! The DVD-audio-chapter-glitch that has plagued us for the last MANY MONTHS has finally been fixed in the latest firmware update (.422). So awesome.
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i have just got a BD660 for myself, and i have some huge problems with getting CIFS work.
there are 2 PCs in my network:
PC1 shows two shared folders, however the folder with the videos shows up as empty. in the other folder i can see the file structture and everything
PC2 shows only the name of the computer, no shared folders. When trying to open the computer it asks for the cifs password but nothing works

I have tried the method described in this document https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=D6C27C881C7BC608!296&cid=d6c27c881c7bc608&app=Word disabled antivirus and firewall, but nothing seems to work. any idea how to get CIFS sharing work? also i couldt find any windows live apps in my system

thank you very much
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Does anybody know if the latest firmware (.422.E) has Cinavia on it?
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