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I have been playing my Nintendo NES on a KV-32FS120 for a few months now and its been fine. The TV was great. I found a very good deal on an identical TV locally, so I picked it up. I put my existing TV in the closet and am now using the new one since it has slightly better geometry. I figure it will be hard to find these things in a few years and this is the perfect model for my gaming.

While playing on this new set, I noticed the occasional flicker on a scanline. It's like a single scanline on the screen will have an error. It's almost like the one scanline is out of place.

It doesn't happen on a particular location on the screen nor during a particular event in the game. It isn't an error with the game cartridge, as I have tried a few. It isn't an error with the NES, as I have several here and they all exhibit the exact same problem. It isn't an error with the cable, as I have swapped the cable and cleaned the contacts.

It seems likely to be to be an error with the digital comb filter. Is this something that I can test or replace myself? Is there a service mode setting that might affect the digital comb filter?

Thanks for any help.