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HT-C6600 HDMI Audio Out

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I recently purchased a Samsung plasma which included the 3D glasses and free BD-6900 Blu Ray player. At the time the company I purchased this from was out of stock of the Blu ray player as was samsung, and samsung offered me the HT-C6600 as a replacement. Since I already have a home theater system I figured I could use it as a stand alone Blu-Ray player. In order to get Audio output over HDMI to my Home theater system I have to go into the settings menu and turn HDMI Audio out to "ON". The problem is that the HT-C6600 doesn't save this setting, so each time the unit is shut off and turned on again, it defaults back to OFF and I have to go into the settings menu to turn it back on.

I called samsung and they verified the issue and submitted the problem to engineering, but there is no guarantee this will be fixed in a firmware update down the road.

Is there a way to access a service menu on these units and possible change the defaults? Or another way to get 5.1 audio out of the unit besides connecting the external speakers directly? I'd also rather not leave the unit on all the time just to retain the setting.
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Hi FLAnatic, possible because its connected to a receiver and not a tv.

See if the settings is retain when connected to a tv instead.
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I tried this but with no luck. Thanks for the suggestion. Any other ideas? :-)
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FLAnatic - I'm having the exact same problem with the HT C6600 not remembering (or saving) the "HDMI: ON" audio setting. Every time the unit is powered off I have to go back to the Settings menu to and reset this option to get the audio to play through my TV's speakers. Like you, I'm trying to use the HT C6600 as a simple player -- I have to speakers connected to it at all.

Did you ever discover a way to fix this problem? A firmware upgrade or some other workaround?
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