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HTPC and Panasonic CT-34wx50 not happy

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My buddy loaned me a CT-34wx50 monitor. (Nice friend, eh?)

I have my home theater PC normally hooked up to the S-Video in on a Sony 27" tv, and it works great. The graphic card in the machine is a XFX Radeon HD 4350, Windows 7 Ultimate 32.

When I hook the S-Video Cable into any one of the four inputs of the Panasonic, the signal appears, but the picture zooms in and out randomly. Testing with a camera going into the S-Video ports works fine.

Ideally, I'd like to use the component input. Using a 7-pin multi-din to component breakout adapter, I plugged the output into the component in on the monitor. I get no signal detected. If I then plug the S-VHS cable back in connected to the Sony, I see a black and white picture with no vertical sync. Rebooting the PC shows me a proper S-Video picture.

These tests first make it appear that the PC might be at fault, but since it works fine on the Sony TV, I am reticent to go that route. My thoughts are:

A) The CT-34wx50 has some setting that needs to be adjusted so that it will stop zooming back and forth on the S-Video; and

B) There is something fishy with the component signal, and the Panasonic can't handle it.

My friend has mentioned that the un-synced image I see when doing the cable swap from Component to S-Video points to my PC trying to output a PAL signal. I have the latest Catalyst drivers installed, and I cannot find a PAL/NTSC setting.

My goal is to get the PC to output 1080i to the Panasonic, and see my shows in HD. If this isn't possible, I'd probably just go back to the old Sony. So any help in solving this puzzle would be appreciated.

Oh, and keep in mind that my friend has lost, and is currently trying to locate, the remote, and so I have to try and make adjustments with the front panel and a very generic Panasonic remote. Looking at the manual, I can see that the remote is pretty necessary.

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Does this Panasonic have automatic aspect-ratio handling? I've seen the zooming-in-and-out thing happen on another television whenever that feature was turned on. It didn't work properly.
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I believe it does have the auto setting, which, according to the manual, is something that has to be adjusted with the remote.

I'm hoping my friend finds the remote, so that I can rule a bunch of things out. I have XFX sending me another component adapter, so that will either help or be ruled out.

I'm still thinking there has to be a setting in the Catalyst driver. Serves me right for not buying Nvidia.
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Also, VGA is RGB, and your monitor is probably looking for YCbCr on its component inputs. Unless the monitor can be switched over to accept RGB (or the video card switched to YCbCr), another component adapter won't work. You will need what's called a transcoder.
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