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Mitsubishi will no longer make analog RPTVs!  

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Read the Press Release

Excellent! This is one of the steps needed in order to increase DTV product share in the public's hands. People need to stop buying analog stuff, and if the manufacturers stop making it, then the public can't buy it :D . Now if only the other manufacturers did the same thing.

Note that this only applies to rear projection TVs. There is no mention of direct-view TVs in the press release, so I assume they'll continue to make those. But hey, it's a start. Everything above 42" will be DTV-Ready. Good move!
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No mention of direct views for Mits cause they dont make em' anymore.

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vic does this mean that these tv will NOT have any analog inputs. There for requiring me to purchase all new input sources. ie DVD STB VHS XBOX ect
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No, what it means is that they will all be DTV-capable i.e able to accept 480p/1080i signals. No more 480i-only TVs. They will still have analog inputs, and some models will also have Firewire inputs. No DVI inputs either :D .
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I like the reference to the 2006 "deadline". Make every think that's a hard date and we just might achieve the percentage required to really make 31 December 2006 the last day of NTSC broadcasts. Hey, I can dream can't I. :)
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I am surprised they are not including the DVI (with HDCP copy-right protection) interface. Seems like this is going to be the popular digital interface of the future.
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Sounds to me like they think that they can accomplish the goals with IEEE1394. If so that's great. On the other hand the IEEE1394 could be in there for non-technical reasons.

"IEEE 1394 that support content protection"

Certainly there is no technical reason why this cannot be acheived. Bear in mind that the bandwidth of IEEE1394 is not fixed. So who knows waht they have up their sleeve.

I don't really understand why Sony is pushing harder on IEEE1394 since I have it on my SONY laptop and SONY camera.
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Well that sounds like non-news. By the topic title, I thought they were switching to only DLP sets. :)

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After reading the specs for the new product line, I guess I'm a little disappointed that they aren't including firewire on any of the new DVD players. Afterall, if they're going to sell people on the idea of HAVi and Net Command, then why are they announcing new products with only analog video outputs ?
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"And with the IEEE 1394 capability of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, computers can be simultaneously networked on the same infrastructure," Perry added.
What is he trying to say? You can pack more microsoft into your house, then go to change the channel and get the blue screen of death? :)

Seriously, though, are these TVs going to be able to hook up to the computer?
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