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Thought that might be the problem so I wired the antenna directly into the TV that also has a tuner and had the same issues. I may try to get on the roof today and move the antenna around while my wife tells me if anything comes in. I must say I'm surprised it's this difficult to pick up OTA signals. It'd be lot easier if DirecTV sent local channels in HD when broadcast.

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Are you saying your TV has a built in ATSC (HDTV) tuner and it doesn't work either?
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I thiunk so. Its a Sharp LC-26GA5U HDTV. The specs say it TV-standard (CCIR) = American TV NTSC System.

I also just got off of the phone wiht Samsung, and they told me it must be in the antenna. I've played with the angle a little, but somehow I don't think that's it. If I was off it was only by a degree or two.

Still trying in Tucson

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Before I throw in the towel I have a few more questions for the group.

When I search for digital broadcasts, I get nada, zero, zip. It seems I should pick up something like a low quality digital picture. Is this an indication I have a problem with my connections or set up or are digitals all or none?

Also my antenna is a roof mounted element unit. Will it do me any good to get a larger element antenna or some other type of antenna.

Thanks in advance

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To me, it sounds like your receiver isn't seeing your antenna at all. If you have enough cable, try running directly from the antenna to the receiver, with no splitters, or diplexers. If you still get nothing, it may be the receiver. In your location you really should get most channels, both Digital and Analog from an antenna indoors. There may be something you're doing up at the antenna, or in between, but is sounds like no signal is getting from A to B.
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Originally posted by babakanoosh
Are you saying your TV has a built in ATSC (HDTV) tuner and it doesn't work either?

I think he thinks so, but everything I read on Sharp's website says this TV needs an STB (cable, sat, OTA) to view HD. The built-in tuner is simply a standard cable-ready NTSC tuner. If he connected the antenna directly to it and still couldn't even get regular analog signals, it looks to me like something is wrong with the antenna itself, the cable from the antenna, or the way it's connected.
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McGinty, can you see the antennas (at night the lights) on the mountain from your roof? If so, you should have a great signal. I think it may be in the cable. As advised, you should remove the diplexers which rob signal strength and test again, then, if that doesn't work, run a temporary RG-6 cable directly from the tuner to the antenna to test for a wiring problem.

You could also run it directly to your TV antenna input which should pick up some analog signals. The UHF end of your antenna should be pointing directly at Bigelow mountain, btw. The wires that connect the various antenna elements should not be touching anything and the connector at the antenna should be secure.

And I assume your Samsung is hooked directly to one of the Video Inputs on your TV.

And have you tried babakanoosh's suggestions?

Those are my current ideas. Good luck!
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First of all, thanks everyone for your suggestions. Unfortunately I still don't have it working.

I disconnected the cable from the satellite dish and ran it directly from the antenna to the ant. plug in the receiver, i.e. I pulled both diplexers. Again a few fuzzy analog channels, but no digital.

I did find the Samsung receiver has a digital TV signal meter in it. I seem to get signals, but they max out at about 55%. Usually they are around 45%. Again, nothing shows up on the screen.

One other complicating factor I failed to mention is that in addition to the satellite on the roof I also use COX for my phone and high-speed INTERNET connection, but no TV signals. I'm now wondering if this isn't interfering with my digital OTA pickup.

Thanks again.

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You should have a viewable picture with signal strengths you are reporting. On my Hitachi I got pictures with it in the 40s. That's not to say that all these numbers mean the same thing. As my new Sony reports the same signals in the 70s! Go figure.

So you are getting a signal, but it's not getting to your TV. You should have some good analog signals. Have you tried your built-in tuner again with the direct wiring? You won't get HD/digital, but you again should get some reasonable analog, like 4 or 6.

I don't think Cox has anything to do with it, especially since you are going directly from the antenna to the receiver.
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Hold onto your towel. This has to be a simple problem.

Don't play with your antenna yet, it is probably not your problem. It sure sounds like your receiver is either not setting up properly or defective (not likely). Since you have tried different antennas all that is left is the coax itself. Try a different one with your indoor antenna. Where you live the indoor may work just fine.

I looked up your TV and it does not have an ATSC tuner so you need an STB like you have, the Samsung. So running the antenna directly into your TV will not work.

I downloaded the manual for your receiver. On pg 47, step 4 you must choose the channel type. Choose Digital Sources (ATSC).

Are you getting the DirecTV HD channels, ESPNHD, DiscoveryHD?
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Is it me or is the Falcons/Eagles not being shown in HD?
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Originally posted by adamshipley
Is it me or is the Falcons/Eagles not being shown in HD?

Someone fortunately woke up. I hope this doesn't happen during Superbowl!
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I have been selecting Digital and scanning for channels, but no luck.

Several folks have mentioned succuss using the Zenith Silver Sensor indoor antenna. I f I go that route, I bypass the diplexers and any potential conflicts with my INTERNET feed. Does anyone know where I can purchase one in Tucson?

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Try Sears, they carry them.

I doubt it will do any good though. You've already bypassed the diplexers, etc., used a known good cable (the one you get your D* signals on), and tried 2 different antennas. Since you also tried the antenna with your built-in tuner and get only some fuzzy analog, that would seem to indicate the Samsung tuner is probably okay too.

I don't suppose you have another TV sitting around that you could connect the antenna to and see if you can get any signals that way? You didn't say whether or not you tried scanning for analog channels, just digital. If you did and still get anything, it sure looks to me like there is something blocking all the signals (and it's not the cable modem connection). Did you go out at night to see if you can actually see the lights on the towers? Are there buildings or trees in the way?
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Sears has the Silver Sensor for $39. I use it with our new Sony and it works great bringing in the local channels. Be sure to save box and receipt and Sears will take it back if it doesn't work for you.

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I live in Oro Valley but may soon be moving to marana near linda vista and hartman lane. Would the silver sensor get me any HD feeds out there or do I have to get a roof mount antenna?
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A few months ago Sears was selling it, I think for $40. You can buy it on-line for $30 but you can return the one at Sears. I have seen the Silver sensor work better than others but not to the extent to which you are having problems.
I really don't understand why you do not have good visibility of the towers. Have you determined whether you have clear line of sight to the transmitters on Mt Bigelow? Are you blocked by buildings or trees?

In cases of marginal reception, like my own and maybe like yours, it makes a big difference with your receiver design. All reeivers are NOT equal. I have never tested the TS360 but other Samsungs I have seen are not great performers in marginal conditions. The only way to verify this is to try a different one. On this forum I have recommended people try the USDTV receiver if for no other reason than to see if they can do better than their current receiver. You can buy it at Walmart for $200 and return it within their 60(?) day policy. It is only for OTA but it is an amazing performer. There are others that work well too, like the LG latest models. If the USDTV one doesn't work nothing you do with antennas is going to help. I strongly recommend you try this if you can.
I have also tested the Dish Network, another DirecTV receiver (I can't remember the model but I think it was a Sony) , and the VOOM receiver. Their performance was in the order I listed them (worst to best) but none were as good as the USDTV or the LG. I know people who have satellite and have had to purchase a separate OTA receiver to get good reception. BTW newer HDTV's, I think over 31", have built in OTA receivers. Of course if you want program guide integration with satellite you have to use one of theirs (if it works).
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There is a new Silver Sensor coming out soon. Read more here:

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Sears at Park Place has them, but if you can't get a direct connection to your roof antenna to work I wouldn't expect it to help. There's something else wrong here.

If you haven't done it (per the Cox comment), you should string a completely separate coax temporarily to the roof to eliminate any possible interference.

Hang in there!
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I can vouch for the USDTV receiver that babakanoosh talks about.

Though I have not yet tried it at my location, I had recommended it to a friend located at Houghton and Rita Rd. He has a direct line of site to Bigalow except for a neighbor's house in the way. For the antenna, he first tried a Silver Sensor from Sears but barely got one or two stations. He returned it and bought an 8-bay bowtie (like mine) mounted on his roof which he hand-pointed to the mountain. He now gets all the stations and doesn't need a preamp.

As a side note, he says CH 9-1 comes in at just 2 "clicks" less than max on his meter (unmarked) though he gets a few audio dropouts over the digital audio connection, as opposed to the analog L/R outputs. At my location on the west side, I barely receive 9-1 at 25% (was twice that before the last snow!), and I use a preamp. Though amazingly I can lock in at that level without audio dropouts using DD5.1 (MDP-120). When raining it seems to fall below 20% and I start losing the signal altogether.
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Still fighting it.

Last night I went up on my roof and could see the lights from the Mt. Bigelow transmitters so I know my antenna was spot on. I then tried to reacquire the digital signals in the receiver's setup program but no good. I even turned the antenna 180 degrees on the off chance the antenna manual printed it backwards, but no luck. I then shot the antenna at Tummamoc Hill. There is a tree in between, but that's only about two miles away. Couldn't even pick up the PBS digital broadcasts.

Tonight I'll try to connect enough coaxial cable to run a line directly to the receiver from the antenna, but I'm not real hopeful. I'm still thinking this is operator error on my part but I've been through all the manuals and setup routines several times. It is creeping into my head that perhaps the receiver IS defective, but I'll try the coaxial cable first.

Frustrated in Tucson

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From your description of being able to see the towers you should be able to easily pick up everything with an indoor antenna like the silver sensor. My daughters can see the towers from near the freeway South of the base and gets all the channels on a silver sensor aimed towards Bigelow sitting on the TV in the living room. There are two walls in the way because the bedroom is between the antenna and the towers. Not only does she get all the digital off Bigelow she also still receives PBS on Tumamoc Hill and the Hispanic channel North of that.
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McGinty, Now that we know you can see the towers, it cannot be your antenna. You should get all the stations easily with any antenna. You are so close to Tumamoc hill you should get it with a coathanger. I assume you are using UHF antennas. You have to try a different piece of coax.

An antenna on your roof is probably not necessary, A Silver Sensor sitting inside should work. And of course you wouldn't have the problem of a rotator.

Everything is then pointing at your receiver. You shouldn't just suspect it, you have to figure out how to get a diiferent one to try. It would be a very conclusive test. Even if it is operator error, trying a different receiver would show that. If it looks like a duck......................................
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Finally some progress!

After trying every other combination I took babakanoosh's suggestion and coupled together enough coaxial cable to run a line directly from the antenna through a window to the receiver and was able to get very clear digital pictures. That tells me I won't be able to share a cable line with the satellite dish using diplexers.

I'll return the rooftop antenna and try the Silver Sensor. If it works it's about 1/3 the price anyway.

Thanks again. I'll check in when I get the Silver Sensor.

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Originally posted by McGinty
I disconnected the cable from the satellite dish and ran it directly from the antenna to the ant. plug in the receiver, i.e. I pulled both diplexers. Again a few fuzzy analog channels, but no digital.

In view of your last post where you "strung together" enough cable to run from the antenna to the tuner, I guess I don't understand excatly what you were saying here. This sounded to me like you already tried a direct line from the antenna to the tuner, no?
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Sort of.

In the past I'd disconnected the diplexers and ran the line from the antenna to the air in plug. However, it wasn't a new line. Rather it was the line that the satellite dish formerly was on so it went through the house into some black hole that sucked the OTA digital signals out! May have something to do with the cable INTERNET connection. Anyway it didn't work until I hung a new line directly from the antenna to the receiver. I still don't know why this all happened because I did receive my satellite signals the other way.

Anyhoo, I'm off to find a Silver Sensor and see how that goes.

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West Avra Wiz (or anyone else)

Do you have any further details on when Channel 13 HD is coming to Cox? Cox has put out a lot of information about their new lineup where they are shuffling around a lot of channels, but there has been no mention of 13 in HD anywhere.
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Originally posted by McGinty
so it went through the house into some black hole that sucked the OTA digital signals out!

ROTFLMAO! Great way of saying it.

May have something to do with the cable INTERNET connection.

I still doubt it's the internet connection unless you have 1 or more splitters in play and not enough signal getting from the antenna to the OTA part of the tuner. It's pretty hard to tell withput knowing exactly how everything is connected and what cables are being used. Hopefully, the Silver Sensor will do the trick and you won't end up having to do some major cabling work.
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I did some checking around today...

It seems our Corporate guys are still negotiating with their Corporate guys. Cox has gotten a liitle weird lately, and have changed their position several times. They're re-arranging channels all over the state. I will let you all know if anything happens, but I can't give any dates, since I have no idea how it's going.

-Work in Progress, Work in Progress-
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I went to Sears and picked up a Silver Sensor, plugged it in and am now picking up the local HD broadcasts! My only problem now is I need to get the antenna a little closer to a window because I live in a rammed earth house. The walls are two feet thick. No big deal because I have so much coaxial left from running a temporary line from my roof into the house!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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