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Thanks Randal.

Yes, it was all self-taught and self-installed with the help of the forums here. The Panamorph does the final trick for the 4:3 LCD panels. With the HTPC I'm able to get very near HD quality DVD video and superior sound. HDTV will be a nice addition when it becomes worthwhile for turning on the projector lamp .
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I have been to that site several times and says I need a Small Multidirectional Antenna. I was just wondering if the terk tv55 was an over kill.

Thanks for your time,
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I live in the NW off Cortaro Rd. I tried the Terk TV55. It worked great for KUAS. However, I could not get a strong enough signal to get KUAT and WB. I purchased a $22 outdoor antenna from Radio Shack it works great. I get them all. I believe the Terk is worthless.
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I agree, the Terk TV55 is worthless. Get a Radio Shack double bowtie antenna and be done with it. Search the HDTV forums for the part number of the double bowtie antenna.
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I'm 100% new to exploring the HD idea in Tucson. I had heard back from the local stations, via e-mail, that they should be on air by now but it doesn't appear that all are. I'm at Golf Link/Prudence (midpoint between Kolb and Pantano) with no tall buildings around. I have unobstructed views of Tucson, Rincon and Catalina mountains. Based on the antennaweb.org site, I should be pretty good with something from the yellow category. What does that equate to? Product names/numbers?
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I think it's time that Tucson, that hotbed of DTV activity, gets bumped to the head of the line--at least for a few hours. I understand that the combiner for a number of stations that are sharing a single panel antenna on Mt. Bigelow should be currently under test. I'm told that the stations involved in the community DTV antenna are KOLD (CBS), KVOA (NBC), and the two Belo stations, KTTU (UPN) and KMSB (Fox).

From my location in the Dove Mountain area, I can't "see" the Bigelow stations--at least not with an indoor antenna--because of the shadow cast to the northwest by Mt. Lemmon. Those who do have line of sight to Bigelow, however, should keep an eye out this week for test signals from these stations. Do a periodic scan to see if your receiver detects anything from KOLD-DT on channel 32, KVOA-DT on 23, KTTU-DT on 19 or KMSB-DT on 25. I'm anxious to see when these stations light up so that I can start experimenting with antennas.
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I'm not going to hold my breath.

However, KUAT has been transmitting from Bigelow for some time now. How come they wouldn't qualify as a good test? Are they on a different antenna? I thought it was the same.
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Originally posted by Carey P
I'm not going to hold my breath.

However, KUAT has been transmitting from Bigelow for some time now. How come they wouldn't qualify as a good test? Are they on a different antenna? I thought it was the same.

I'm relieved to hear that my message won't be inadvertently responsible for anyone's asphyxiation. Frankly, breathing takes priority over TV at our house too.

Regarding KUAT-DT, so I understand. I also believe that they are probably operating at low power, although I haven't confirmed that with the good folks at the station yet. The reason I suspect that is that while they have a Construction Permit for an ERP of 667 kW @ a HAAT of 1091 meters, they filed for Special Temporary Authority (STA) this past February to operate at 12.2 kW. If that proves to be the case, my chances of obtaining a useful signal from my vantage point is something less than negligible. (By the way, yes, they are on a different antenna. Why would you think otherwise?) Anyway, the only thing that would be proven in my "tests" is that I couldn't receive KUAT operating at low power. It would tell me nothing about the efficacy of one antenna configuration over another.

Note that this is a particular problem with DTV. If all that you have is a digital STB to verify reception with, you either have sufficient signal to noise to achieve at least intermittent lock or you see nothing. The fact that the STB registers no signal doesn't mean that there isn't an RF signal there, only that it isn't sufficiently robust to be recognized. With an analog signal, if there's a signal at all, you'll have something to work with. You can see if you've aimed the antenna properly and, if there are problems with reception, what they are (signal level, interference, multi-path, etc.).

Anyway, having several full-power DTV signals to access is the next best thing. Chances are, if reception is going to possible at all from my location, one or more of these signals will be recoverable with a little effort and that effort will be worth the bother.

In the meantime, I can receive KUAS-DT (28) and KWBA-DT (44), 16.5 miles and 50 miles to the south respectively, just fine with an indoor Silver Sensor.
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Thanks for the clarification.

I can get KUAT reasonably well, especially at night. If it is really at low power, then I have a good chance of getting the higher power stations when they come on line (barring unforseen antenna configurations problems). That's good to know.
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I know some of you guys are already members but for those of you who are not, you are welcome to also join us over at the HDTV Society of AZ website: http://pc-dtv.infopop.cc/6/ubb.x?a=f...1&f=5896031511

Keep fighting the good fight!
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Anybody out there seeing any indications from KOLD? I stopped holding my breath several months ago.
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As usual and per the SOP of the last five or six months www.antannaweb.org has KOLD as "under review" once again. what a joke.
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Yes, it is a joke, and a sad one too. I think we should close this thread and reopen next year after the snows melt again.
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I dont know but I suspect we will see no DTV from Mt. Bigelow for a long time. it simply gives KOLD and the others greater excuse to further delay HDTV in Tucson which I have come to discern ...they have no real interest in anyway as it is not a money maker for them. It is a shame to see the destruction up there. My wife and I were up at Summerhaven just last Sunday for a short hike and lunch at the Mt. Lemmon Cafe. Now its all gone. It could have been prevented if the politics of environmentalism had not wrecked havoc. A little common sense thinning would almost certainly have prevented this fire from being so devastating. the forest service has been wanting to do this for years. In a bit of deja vu....I remember a little blurb in the Az Daily Star from several weeks ago noting that certain environmentalist activists were "distressed" that during last Summers Bullock fire ......fire fighters cut down some very old growth trees towards the top of the last ridge to help create the last firebreak to keep that fire from sweeping through Summerhaven and Ski Valley. If those morons had only allowed some common sense thinning as has been prescribed as a best practice by Forest Service professionals for years and years there is a very good chance those old trees would still be standing along with the Mt. lemmon Cafe. We can thank the liberal environmentalists for the destruction on Mt. Lemmon and further delays of DTV from Bigelow. Az has lost more natural resources in the last two summers than we should have dreamed of losing...all due to the environmentalists.
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Just a heads up, I guess KVOA was going to start broadcasting this Friday June 27th, but has since been postponed, this was on the news last night I think or was it the night before, anway... just thought I would keep you all in the loop.

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Can anyone please give their opinions on what OTA HD signals I could pickup (with an indoor antenna) near Oracle & Rancho Vistoso Blvd.? My wife and I just got a Sony 36XBR800, though at this time we do not have an HD receiver.

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Originally posted by cdrobot
Can anyone please give their opinions on what OTA HD signals I could pickup (with an indoor antenna) near Oracle & Rancho Vistoso Blvd.? My wife and I just got a Sony 36XBR800, though at this time we do not have an HD receiver.


That's a tough location with most of the DTV stations on Bigelow shielded from you by Mt. Lemmon. The only DTV's currently operating that you'll be able to see will be KUAS-DT on 28 (PBS), KWBA-DT on 44 (WB) and KHRR-DT on 42 (TEL). Of those, only KUAS-DT is offering HD programming. Point your antenna to the south (aimed at "A" Mountain downtown).
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Thanks for the reply! I don't think I'll run out and buy an HD receiver just for PBS. We get DirecTV and I'm tempted to check out their HD offerings, but right now our DirecTivo box is more valuable to us. Maybe we'll just wait until the HD Tivo boxes come out someday.
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antennaweb tells me that to pick up the digital and HD signals (whenever they all get here) all I need is a "yellow" antenna. Is a "yellow" adequate?
If so, is anyone on my side of town getting the PBS digital feed with a "yellow" antenna? Would anyone care to recommend a UHF antenna? I am in the tanque verde/ conestoga area. i've seen recs for radioschank bowties and references to terks. anyone using a winegard or channelmaster?


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to clarify...are all the locals going to be transmitting digitally off Mt. Bigelow? (eventually). If not, wouldn't a simple omnidirectional antenna work? Line-of-sight is not an issue for me to Bigelow, west side or south (My home is roughly at Tanque Verde and Conestoga). I just spoke to a Hans over at Winegard and he said if you're under 10 miles line-of-sight to Bigelow (which I obviously am) that a non-amplified directional antenna should be fine; if signals are coming ffrom elsewhere, then an omni would be perfect. Just FYI, he recommended their MS-1000 on a DS-1111 mount

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Hey guys. This is a little OT, but it's a local question.

Can anyone recommend an ISF Calibration expert here in Tucson? And does anyone know of someone who can also do work under warranty with Toshiba?

My HDTV is about 7months old, and the blue CRT needs to be focused (it spreads outside of the white cross-hairs when I converge). I think a full convergence is also in order as I have noticed more and more blue/red lines at the bottom of the screen (especially in letter box movies). There may be some geometry issues causing this as well.

In another thread, someone told me that this is covered under the warranty, but I don't want to have to have someone take my TV into the shop, nor do I want someone who doesn't really know what they are doing working on it.

Last I checked there were only two repair companies in town that were working on Toshiba warranties... so I'm not sure if I have much choice.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Matt,

In this case I must be a shameless self-promoter. I am an ISF calibrationist...as part of my larger business. I would be happy to help you with the calibration. That said, I think you are very wise to address the issues you mention (geometry and convergence) as a warranty service. I presume that the convergence is as close as you can do with user adjustments, and it is still poor? This should be accomplished before your ISF calibration.

Unfortunately, I have no direct experience with either of the two service companies that service Toshiba. So I can't say if there is a convergence/geometry guru at either one.

If you would like, give me a ring and I can maybe get a better idea of how far off your set is, and help you come up with a plan of attack.

You are welcomed to visit the website to become familiar with us and give me a ring.

Best wishes,

Randy Feemster
Cinema-Pro Home Theatre
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Hi Matt,

Thanks for giving me a call. Very sorry that I had to bail out a little soon.

Give me a call before you book your warranty service; there are a couple of things that you should know to ask them to make sure they come prepared, considering you are using the HD side of the set.

Thanks again.

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Cam Man, do you work on Mits HDTV's?
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Hi Mario,

Thanks for asking...

Only ISF calibration.

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Oh, cool... What do you charge and do, etc...? Are you the guy that does the calibrations for Roh's?
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My prices are ISF standard. For a CRT RPTV that usually lands near $500, maybe a bit less depending on what is done such as SD, HD, multiple inputs, etc. The minimum time to accomplish is about three hours.

No I'm not the guy that does it for Roh's...not yet, anyway

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area 51 in town also does calibrations.I spent around 325.
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Hi, folks...first time poster, long time lurker.

Anyone know how the HD view is in the Ina and Shannon area? I don't know mountain names for anything.

Also, I'm interested in getting the Samsung T165. Does anyone know how compatable with Comcast Digital this box is? Not that important, though. OTA is really what I want.

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I am not far from your location(Cortaro & Silverbell), I received both PBS(Ch 28) and WB (Ch 54) very well. I have the DirecTV RCA DTC-100 and Hughes HD-86 using two Zenith Silver Sensor antennas on the roof and both receivers are working fine (however I think the RCA is better for over-the-air broadcasts). BTW, why are you considering Comcast since DirecTV is able to receive locals in our area? In any case, good luck with your HD viewing!
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