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Problem with ViewHD and Auto HDMI switcher

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Hey guys. I have a bit of a situation I'm trying to resolve, and even after doing my research I'm still kind of baffled at how this stuff isn't working.

I made a diagram of my setup to help explain things:

The Auto HDMI switch problem I have... I can understand why it's happening. It would just be nice if there were a way to fix it. Basically I have the switch connected to my TV, but both the inputs coming into the device are from the HDMI splitters - and since they're always on, I'm guessing the switch see's two signals at once which is why it's not switching them. I don't know of a way around this, but it sucks and I'd really like to fix it.

The second problem is a bit more confusing. Say I want to play the PS3. I have it connected via the splitter to both my HTS and my LCD. In this case, I can understand the PS3 only detecting a 2.1 audio source because it has to use the least features in order to be compatible with both TV's - that's totally fine. Here's the problem: When I turn off the PS3, and the LCD, leaving only the HTS on and even having the splitter itself showing only input 1 (the HTS) connected, when I turn the PS3 back on it STILL only detects a 2.1 audio signal as if the LCD were still connected. This is a HUGE problem and I don't understand why or how it's happening. The splitter itself is reporting only one output being connected, yet it remembers the settings of the LCD that's no longer connected and forces them on the HTS. I just don't get that.

Has anyone else had a problem with the ViewHD splitters like this? They're brand new, 1.3b certified, 10Gbps, the works, but this problem is something I just can't wrap my head around.
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You're probably right about the automatic switch not moving because the splitters are powered - with the source (xbox/ps3) turned off, does disconnecting the HDMI cable cause the auto-switch to move? The autoswitch may just be sensing power (likely). I assume you're using that device because your TV doesn't have enough HDMI inputs?

As to the surround issue - it's not the splitter, it's the source. Just because you turned off one of the displays doesn't necessarily mean the source device is going to "re-negotiate" for A/V capabilities. If you power cycle the source device, it will probably show 5.1 output then, until you power on the LCD again.

Two fixes - either a 5.1 decoder device for your LCD (Geffen, others?) to bring it up to 5.1, or run a separate digital audio cable to your surround receiver to get 5.1 from the Xbox/PS3. Note that will work for DD/DTS, but won't get you the Blu-ray advanced codecs (DTS-MA, DD+).

Other possibility is to run component video and 2-channel audio to your LCD and dedicate the HDMI outputs to your home theater setup, or buy a relatively inexpensive surround receiver for the LCD that supports the codec, which will bring it up to the same level of A/V support as your other setup...

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That's the thing, I did power cycle everything. Here's what's happening:

The PS3 can autodetect audio settings. When setting up the sound, if hooked up straight to the LCD will detect 2.1 stereo, and if hooked up straight to the HTS it will detect 5.1. With the splitter, even with the LCD off and the splitter showing only the HTS connected, after power cycling the PS3 it still only detects 2.1 - as if the LCD were still in the equation. The splitter itself shows that only one output is connected (the HTS) so the only thing I can think of is that it's saving settings somehow. I'm going to try that auto switch idea in a second to confirm the other problem.
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The LCD may be "off", but it may still be able to respond to the HDMI inquiry while in standby. What happens when you unplug the HDMI cable from the LCD?

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Originally Posted by jautor View Post
The LCD may be "off", but it may still be able to respond to the HDMI inquiry while in standby. What happens when you unplug the HDMI cable from the LCD?

It detects the 5.1 just fine. So that's exactly what it's doing. Wonderful.

Same thing with the switcher, if I turn on the PS3, turn it off, then turn on the 360 - it doesn't switch. But if I turn both consoles on and unplug one of the splitters, all of a sudden it can magically detect which input's coming in.

How on earth can I fix this problem?
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You're down to the other suggestions I mentioned (at least, short of replacing the LCD with a model that has 5.1 support). Although you may be able to use one of the HDMI detective type products that can lie about the EDID values, but that will likely prevent the LCD from receiving sound most or perhaps all the time.

I'd recommend using component video and analog L/R audio for your LCD and dedicate the HDMI to your theater setup.

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Let me make a suggestion.

Hookup all devices directly to the the 3x1 switcher.

Hookup the switcher's output to ONE ViewHD splitter.

Hookup one end of the splitter to your audio system and the other end to your TV.

See if you can return the other two splitters and extra HDMI cables on eBay or Amazon.

Hope this provides a solution.

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when you use a splitter, is it not that "ViewHD still refuses to recognize the receiver of ....". Splitter just pass whateven info it collects to the video source.

In your case, it is the video source still is able to see that 2CH TV. You can validate this easily by disconnecting that LCD TV from the output of the splitter. Then you will get 5.1CH sound going through the ViewHD splitter.

Do not assume that when you power off the TV, it will be out of the picture. Depends on the design of the HDMI input of the TV, its EDID at the TV's HDMI input switcher can still be read by the splitter, because it can be powered by the power delivered over HDMI cable.
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