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Panasonic PT-AE4000 light bulb run time

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When I check out other people's thread about lamp run time, their projector has indicator to replace the lamp at 1800 hrs and after 2000 hrs run time. But my projector has just passed 2000 hrs but I am not seeing any lamp replacing indicator at all.

Should I just replace the lamp or wait for the projector internal indicator to come up then replace?
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Did you run it on normal or eco mode?
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Dirty little secret. If your bulb brightness still looks fine to you, ignore/reset the warnings. I have a AE-1000U and I ran my first bulb to 2300 hrs or so, mix of eco and normal mode. When it got to the end of life, it started flickering a bit, so I changed it then.

I don't think there is any harm in extending it if it looks ok to you.
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While there is no harm in running the bulb out, lamps dim as they age. So by the time you replace it, you will have lost at least 85% of the lamps output brightness. When you do replace it and see a dramatic difference, you'll wonder why you waited so long.
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Thanks for the responses. I used eco-mode at first 1000 hours and normal mode rest of the time. It is little dimmer for sure but still looks good enough for me. I will wait little longer to see what happens. I have the spare bulb ready to be install.

One more question, does the projector has internal sensor to warn the user to replace the bulb or strictly number of hours usage? If it is number of hour usage, I am just wondering how come mine does not display the message for me to change the bulb?
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There are no sensors, it is driven by a counter. You haven't seen the replace message yet because you used ECO mode for the first 1000 hours. If you ran on ECO mode the entire time, you would get the message at 3000 hours. It should appear in about 300 - 500 more hours.
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Thanks Sheridan1952. That makes sense now. I probably have another couple hundreds left then.
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Yeah i Just passed my 2000 Hr Limit.
I did reset to Continue use, But one thing i have noticed which really sucks, is If you use it like i do as my computer/entertainment Center. If you turn it on for 10 minutes it counts as one Full Hour. So i'm not really at 2000 Hours, in that case.
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