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3D is working fine on my set. manufactured before Aug 2011
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ok, just how bad or good are the blacks on this series? ive read the reviews out there and the numbers dont look all that good. but i do not know the difference between say .003 and .02 in normal viewing. i have a 3 year old panasonic 720p and the blacks look good to me.

my concern is like on the pz950 review on cnet say the blacks are dark grey.. i wouldnt like that.

i am looking for a 60" and my budget is tight, i may be able to get a s30 or d550.... but they are $100 to $150 more so can anyone help me on this?
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It is the firmware that caused the 3d function to stop working. The firmware needs to be fixed. I emailed lg and they told me to call. I have not called them yet to hear what they say.
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I am considering buying the 60PZxxx, and the only reason I'm hesitating is because of the possible problems with support/availability of the 3D glasses for this 2011 series in the future.

Is future support/availability a big likely problem? I see these sets:

1) Don't use IR

2) Don't have a VESA port for an external emitter

3) Are RF (are there any compatible third party glasses/adapters for these?). Is the RF on these compatible with some future standard or entirely proprietary?

Am I right in thinking that these LG TVs are in the worst possible situation with future compatibility/expandability of 3D glasses? Or is there some way out I'm missing? Any possiblity of rigging up some solution in the future using something like xpand or Monster Vision etc?

Since LG is discontinuing their entire line of Active 3D, can they just completely orphan this year's 3D TVs with nowhere to go for us?

I'm considering not getting this TV solely for this reason, but would like to be convinced otherwise.

PS: I briefly looked at Ebay, and there don't seem to be any listings for compatible 3D glasses (OEM/Third party). Doesn't make me very comfortable for the future..
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any updates on the firmware or 3d issue?
I don't see any on lgs website....
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Anyone got any calibration settings for this set? Which settings do you guys use?
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Originally Posted by eeee87 View Post

any updates on the firmware or 3d issue?
I don't see any on lgs website....

Sorry I should have posted this earlier. The firmware was updated about a week after I had posted. 3D is working fine and looking as good as ever.
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So the TV manual says that it is compatible for the AG-S230 glasses...the ones for kids. Has any one tried them? I know they are not sold in the US, but you can get them via ebay or other stores online from Australia. I'm interested in buying them, but don't want to if they do not work with US models of TVs. I know the reasoning they were giving was because the are not good for children's eyes. Sorry but my kids will not be sitting there watching TV constantly in 3D. This is for the once or twice a month family movie night we do...be nice if we could all watch a family movie in 3D.
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I'm looking into the AG-S230 kids glasses as well. I got an email from LG support saying they are compatible and can be purchased from MCM Electronics. They can be found on their website for $105 (YIKES!) but is says the are out of stock for 14 days. If anyone else has another lead on the kids glasses please post.
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I found some on ebay from an australian vendor here http://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-LG-3...ht_6720wt_1163 comes to about $81. not sure how much shipping is. may be a cheaper option and they have plenty available. tempted to purchase them.

just checked. shipping is 24 and change from the ebay vendor...so basically you'll be paying about as much as if you buy them from MCM Electronics. Still looking for feedback from actual users out there.
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The TV just took a crap on me. It won't turn on anymore.
I was watching NetFlix and the TV suddenly turned off. I though I might have hit the Power button on the remote by accident but nope. As many times as I pressed the Power button, the TV would not turn back on.
So I unplugged it and plugged it back in but now the TV "clicks" like it's turning on but then quickly "clicks" again and nothing. No power.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of fixing it? Besides the search button. Thanks.

I bought the TV last year on March 13, 2011 and the TV died on March 14, 2012. 1 day after the manufacture warranty expired.
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ooh, my one year is coming up in a few weeks.

I've been waiting to do the better blacks pots tweak. You didn't do those, did you?
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Originally Posted by Electricide View Post

ooh, my one year is coming up in a few weeks.

I've been waiting to do the better blacks pots tweak. You didn't do those, did you?

No I didn't do the tweak.

I actually fixed the problem. I replaced the power supply board and all was good. After opening up the back, the power supply board is located on the top in the middle. Only 6 screws and 3 connectors. Cost me $30 from Ebay. Part # is EAX63329901/8 EAY62171101 for anyone who has this problem in the future.
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Talk about thread resurrection! Just thought I'd update 3yrs after getting the set and offering a few tips: working perfectly and now working even better. I'm using the 60PZ550 as a presentation monitor from my PC via HDMI (on both Windoze 7P and Kubuntu Linux, using an Nvidia GTX660 video card with dual DVI+HDMI+DP). I had an issue with overscan (where the picture stretches a bit to where I had trouble accessing top line menus). After researching a bit, I found that this set has Just Scan (ironically, from my other Plasma - Samsung). This effectively disables the overscan and sets things just right. I did not notice any difference during normal U-Verse HD watching; however, for a PC - awesome!

So - if using a PC and you're having a menu access issue or cut-offs: (On your remote) - Hit the Ratio button-->Enter-->(select) Just Scan. --OR-- Home-->Picture-->Aspect Ratio-->(select) Just scan. -- OR if using THX -- Home-->Picture-->Picture Mode-->THX -or- THX Bright Room (this automatically sets the AR to Just Scan).

From LG documentation: "Just Scan: Normally the edges of video signals are cropped 1-2%. Just Scan turns off this cropping and shows the complete video. Notes: If there is noise on the edges of the original signal, it will be visible when Just Scan is activated. Just Scan operates only in DTV/Cable DTV/Component / HDMI - DTV/ DVI - DTV (720p/1080i/1080p) input source."

I don't see me upgrading to 4K anytime soon with zero providers (except Netflix) in my area offer 4K content. Maybe I'll come back in another 3yrs.
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