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So I'm trying to figure out how to solve an audio challenge. We bought a 2008 Nissan Armada without DVD. I'm adding an aftermarket DVD system made to look factory, made by Myron and Davis. Anyway, for the DVD player audio output, I'm going to split it and send one set of audio to the LCD monitor for use with IR headphones (which will be used 90% of the time for DVDs), and for occasional use (the 10% remainder), send another set of audio to the factory radio's auxiliary input for times when we want to hear the DVD through the radio/speakers.

Here's the rub...since I want the thing to look factory, I want to hardwire the audio wires for the speakers to the rear of the head unit's aux jack, and not have a wire to plug into the jack when I want to use it. If I hardwire, the DVD audio will always be "live" on the aux input, so if I want to use an MP3 player, I'd have both sources sending audio at once.

So I thought a little audio "switch" mounted inside the center console next to the DVD player would solve the problem (it would be labeled "DVD Aux Audio"). I just want to cut the audio output to the aux jack through this switch, but since I'll have a left Pos, right Pos, and common ground, I'm not sure how to cut it all with one switch, or even what type of small switches might be around to do this if I need to cut all 3 connections.

An auto electronics installer suggested I do this with a relay, but a relay seems overkill. I'm only taking about line level signals for audio. Someone else said if I just put the ground wires (which will be tied together) through a switch, it will work, even with the L+ and R+ hardwired to the Aux jack and not switched.

Any ideas guys?