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Shame this TV seems to be discontinued now. I'm searching for a 40" LED and Sharp no longer does 40". All the other brands seem to have many issues. Ugh!
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So I got the LC60-LE832U. I got it at a crazy price. I have a spot or two of the clouding but not NEARLY as much as some of the pics in this thread. I read all the posts in this thread and used what seems to be the preferred starting point settings ( the ones that the guy said he got from having it professionally calibrated) I am about 96.2% satisfied so far. I have only had the T.V since this past saturday and have not done a lot of watching yet. I don't have a blu-ray player yet so HD signal from dish network is as good as I get on it so far. I was devastated to see the clouding until I found this forum and did some reading. I contacted sharp immediately and it sounded like the guy on the phone had never heard of the problem. Seems rather odd to me now knowing that this T.V has been out a while and people certainly have reported it. That's all for now, thanks everyone for sharing their experiences. It helped me decide not to return the TV.
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I've got some slight clouding too on mine. In the daytime I don't notice it all but at night with all the lights out and a movie with a dark scene is where I see it. What backlight setting do you use?
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Nightman- I have the backlight set to +10. I have tried the full range of settings on this option. My MAIN gripe is that I cant seem to watch this TV without thinking about the one spot and looking for it. It even appears when the image isnt fully black and seems to discolor the image some. I really am at a loss here. I know it sounds trivial cause I know there are folks out there who have 2 or 3 times what I paid for this set in their TV but dang. I have contacted sharp just like alot of people here have said they have done but I am just now to the point of taking the pictures and sending them to them. I think Im gonna give it til the weekend and return it. Sucks though cause that was about my budget that I spent so I know I cant replace it with another 60"
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That's an awfully high backlight setting for this set. Maybe try lowering it some. It will help with the clouding. I have mine set to -5 in the daytime and -10 if at night with no light's on. Just a tip, if you have some ambient light on near the TV it will DRASTICALLY reduce your perception of the clouding and improve black levels

For example. Here is one of my setups(I have two family rooms in my home) and my two lamps help out big time with the clouding and black levels

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yea, I bumped it down to -10 and it is better. I guess I just wish that the effect was at random places around the screen and not in the same place all the time. It draws my eyes to that spot and Im constantly going "there it was did you see it?" and my wife just says "shut up and watch the show not the spots" I just cant help it, it is literally killing me. I am thinking of returning it and just sticking with my phillips 42 lcd. As bad as it sounds, I could almost deal with it but if one of my friends noticed it and asked " whats wrong with your TV?" I would die. Like I said Im gonna give it til the weekend and if it isnt up to par by then its going back and I will regroup, do some more reading and try again.
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Try having some ambient light on and see if you still notice it at -10. The only time I ever see my clouding is with no lights on in the house at night but as soon as I turn my lamps on it's gone. What is your other settings at?

P.S. It might seem like -5 -10 is too low but it's just because your eyes are use to seeing it very bright. Remember a bright picture doesn't mean a better one
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ok I'm going to exchange the set tomorrow for another 60". If I'm still not satisfied then I'm gonna trade up to a 70", which by the way is a steal at $1899 for a LC70-C6400U.
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Please be aware that there isn't any LCD/LED set that have no issues, you could be chasing forever, all have issues with either clouding, banding, flashlighting ect....
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yea, I have learned that from what I have read. I just cant tell anything in the store so I want to get another set home to see what I have versus another set. Plus the 70" is in the price range so....
I am gonna watch the directors cut of Blade Runner tonight and see what I think. I WANT so bad to love this set.
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I know clouding sux but there are ways to reduce it but it would really sux to return it for a TV that has worse issue like bad banding or flashlighting......I returned 2 TV's before I realized that the first one was the best one..lol...what backlight setting are you now using?
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I'm at +10 now. Now is flashlighting the darkness in the corners? The place I got the set from is totally committed to making me happy so I guess if the second set is worse I can always get the first one back. I think at this point im just thinking I want the bigger one.
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I hear you, trust me I know how it feels to want to be happy with a purchase, we are all here just to give you advise so you can make a great choice, remember when going to a bigger set it is even more likely to have uniformity issues with the screen. If you do return it for a different set you know the best ways to test for issues right? Just incase you don't

Backlight Bleed/Clouding/flashlighting- A 1920x1080p black .jpg
Banding-Try to find a Hockey game

With the black image make sure you turn off all your lights in your home and test at night, also make sure your TV doesn't have the feature that turns off the display when no visible image is on and if it does just edit the image with paint and put word test in the middle of the screen like the work "test" and that will make your TV not go into off mode
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I will be sure and try these. I should have another set in the house tonight but i gotta work late so I probably wont be able to check til this weekend.
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Be sure to update us on what you got and the performance of it
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I decided that my 42" phillips LCD was good enough. I got a refund and just decided not to get anything else at the moment.
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Something I have noticed with my Sharp is that I barely need the backlight turned up to have a great picture. I'm still kinda amazed that at night I can turn the backlight all the way down to the lowest settings and still have a great picture and have great black level at the same time. Most of the time with the LCD/LED I have owned the only way to get great black level was to turn down the backlight but then the picture is WAY too low but this TV is still able to have great brightness even with it at the lowest.

I'm not saying that everyone that has this TV is watching it too bright but I have a feeling that most people get use to the level of torch mode that it seems like putting the backlight low seems bad but once your eyes get use to the level it's actually very comfortable to watch this set and alot less eye strain.
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With my TV, model number LC-60LE832U, I have had several issues with clouding, mainly on white screens or light skies. Sharp has replaced the TV once after the first time I sent them pictures and they walked me through a manufacture's reset. Since then, I have also called them two other times with the same issues and in both instances tech support walked me through a manufacture's reset. This clears up the problem for the most part and in fact every time I have been guided through this process some sort of error is found and displayed by the TV during the reset.

Anyways, does anyone know a link or could you post it here the step by step process to do the manufacture's reset? I'm having issues again and simply just want to handle it quickly on my own without having to call. I could not find a walk through of the reset steps anywhere.

Also if anyone has had a similar experience, I'd love to hear about it and what you did about it. My TV is about 1 1/2 years old.

Thanks is advance for your help.
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what happened to this official topic?
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can anyone comment on this kind of panel display, it's a recent problem.
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Contact Sharp. They replaced my LC-60LE810 with the 832U for that exact problem. My guess is heat or panel stress related because it would appear and disappear (for days at a time)
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Originally Posted by ArcCoyote View Post

Contact Sharp. They replaced my LC-60LE810 with the 832U for that exact problem. My guess is heat or panel stress related because it would appear and disappear (for days at a time)

thanks AC, good to know, I'm past the manufacturer's warranty but dealing with extended warranty from retailer, hope they come through.
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done, now the proud owner of a LC60LE757U, they will also redo calibration in a couple of weeks.
looks mighty good right out of the box
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