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Which projector is best for me?

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Ok heres the deal, i had a BenQ mp720p and im looking to upgrade to 1080p. I have moderate ambient light, im projecting onto a 103" white screen from about 12-13 feet away (ceiling mount) and im looking for a DLP projector with around 3000 lumens and 2500-3000:1 contrast for under $1600. I cant seem to find a PJ thats bright and has decent contrast, any ideas? Ive been looking for months and the search is exhausting. Oh and I plan on using it for tv movies and gaming. Thanks in advance.
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With a 3000 lumen requirement, it would be difficult to find a 1080p full HD projector displaying that much lumens...

I know this would be similar to getting what you already have, but you may consider it in order to not sacrifice the lumen output.

MX812ST has 3500 lumens, 4600:1 contrast ratio, 3D ready, 2 10 watt speakers, 1024x768 native and 1600x1200 at maximum. The main strength about short throw projectors, which is why I'm recommending this unit, is that it will bring more than the listed lumens to the screen due to the fact its projecting the image at a shorter distance. Ideally this will help with your lighting control issues.

If you however want to move away from the 4:3 display and move towards full 1080p you can check out the W6000 which offers 2500 lumens (less than your request of 3000, however is very bright), 50,000:1 contrast ratio, 1920x1080 native. The W6000 can be had as a refurb unit at around 1.5k, while a brand new one will run at about 2k.
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Why do you want 3,000 lumens for a 103" screen from 12-13 feet away?! I have the mits. hc4000 and its brightness is plenty for my room even with a 150" screen, yet it is only rated at 1,300 lumens. I can even watch it with the lights on.
Unless you have some particular reason for going with a 3,000 lumen projector, i'd start looking at projectors with less lumens. Doing this you'll open up quite a few more possibilities in terms of choices, get a projector with a better contrast ratio, and end up paying a lot less. 3,000 lumen projectors are considered special use projectors, and will usually be expensive just because of their lumen output, while having worse contrast than other projectors (let alone with a 1080p res).
If you have ambient light, try getting a ambient light rejecting screen, it may reduce your viewing angle but it will help a lot. At the very least a nice gray screen will help. Do that instead of getting a light cannon.

Edit: Keep in mind that your current projector is only 1024x768, so even an upgrade to 720p will be noticeable.
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The OP said 3000 lumens so I gave 3000 lol.

Fair enough.

Check out the W1100 as well then, it's got 2000 lumens and performs spectacularly in ambient light condition. The W series from BenQ has always been highly rated for their superior brightness compared to competitor models. It comes with a 4x color wheel, 16:9 (1920x1080) native, 4500:1 contrast ratio, and has 1.5x zoom + PIP options. It's a great deal and it just hit the markets!
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