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Pioneer SC-35 Receiver

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Just finished connecting my SC-35 to the following items:

Mitsubishi PD-6130 Plasma
Motorola DCT-5100 HD Box
Pioneer BDP-31FD

I had to purchase a DVI female connector since I wanted to use HDMI connections with the remaining equipment. The PD-6130 only had a Component connection and a DVI connection. The salesman stated for me to purchase the DVI connector so I could attach an HDMI cable to it. I did and placed it into the correct OPT 1 on the rear of the SC-35.

I went ahead and also connected the HD Box and BD to their respective HDMI connections. I believe the BD had it's own HDMI connection and so I placed the HD Box in HDMI 1.

I connected the speakers as shown and turned on the unit. I tried Vid 1, 2, and 3 on the PD-6130 and did not see any video coming through...

I did turn the know to TV/SAT on the SC-35 and then Vid 1, 2, 3 on the PD-6130 but still no video...no sound...

Do I have to tell the SC-35 what connections I've made? I'd be surprised if I do since this is 2011 and I thought it would automatically make the "connection".

So, this is where I'm at. I'm electronically challenged when it comes to this sort of thing and hope that someone out there can set me straight.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Yes, the receiver doesn't automatically know what component is sending it a signal. You need to go into the menu on the receiver, to input setup, and follow the prompts. Read the manual; it can be quite helpful. Good luck.
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Can I do this without being able to use the PD-6130 at this time? As I stated, I can't see any picture yet. Has anyone had any problem using the HDMI function on their Verizon Motorola HD Box? I've never had a chance to use that as I had limited connections before and my older Pioneer Receiver did not have HDMI.

Thank you Saull for your help. Guess I need to RTM or as some people say, RTFM.

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RTFM, the F is silent...

You can use the AVR's front-panel display to set it up, but it is MUCH easier via the GUI, IMO.
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Ok, RTM several times and have video now. Also went through the sound demo and could hear my five speakers but noticed it didn't give me the choice of telling it I only have a 5.1 setup. So, I selected the "Normal" speaker setup. I'm sure there's a menu that I can tell the system that I'm running a 5.1 Bose Speaker Sys, right?

Well, I'm not getting any sound whilest watching TV. I haven't tried the BD player yet.

I was also able to tell the system what I had connected via HDMI. That seemed to work.

I'm wondering if I'm having a sound problem due to using the DVI instead of the Component cable? I bought the DVI male/female part for my PD-6130 because it came out right before HDMI. I was told that if I wanted to use HDMI for the other units that I had to use the DVI connection or I wouldn't be able to mix and match.

I was also told I didn't need the audio cable from my PD-6130 because I was using the DVI connection.

What am I missing guys?
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Originally Posted by Govtman View Post
I was also told I didn't need the audio cable from my PD-6130 because I was using the DVI connection.
you were told wrong... dvi doesn't carry audio...

you need to hook up an audio cable...
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Thank you! Where the heck does it go? Can someone tell me the correct connections to make now? The Rep did look a little puzzled at first when I asked, but then said the male/female HDMI converter would work as it connects the HDMI cable to the PD-6130 and SC-35. Since I've never used my PD-6130 in this manner, what connections do you recommend I do?

Thank you all again.
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Can someone jump right in here and try to answer my last question. It's difficult for me but I have no doubt there are experts on this subject here.

Thank you
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The AVR will automatically figure out how many speakers you have during calibration, no worries. Once you get the GUI working it will be easier to poke around, see what you have, and change things.

What is your signal source? Do you even need to run audio to the TV? If so, you'll have to use the analog pre-outs and run a cable to it (AVR pre-amp out to audio in of the TV). I am confused by why you care about audio to the TV, or am I missing something?

I have not used an HDMI/DVI adapter so am not sure how the AVR will handle that... It may expect audio on the HDMI link and not allow you to choose HDMI video and analog audio (I don't know; I do know my other HDMI AVR, a Sony, would not let me do that). A friend had problems getting his Misti to work with a DVI adapter but didn't try too hard, just hooked up component cables and called it done. Again, an older set, and his would not support higher-res anyway so it was a don't care.

HTH - Don
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Don, I don't want to hear audio through the PD-6130 at all. I want the audio to be processed by the AVR and sent to the speakers. I now understand that DVI does not carry audio as an HDMI does. As stated, I have the Blu-Ray connected to the BD HDMI, the Verizon HD Box in HDMI 1, and the PD-6130 connected to the OPT 1 as directed in my AVR manual. Since I don't ever wish to hear audio over the PD-6130, wouldn't I hear audipn since my HD Box is connected via HDMI 1?

Thanks again!
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Yes, you should hear audio from the BD player and HD box. I didn't read up very far; I thought you weren't getting audio from the sat box. Your adapters should allow you to watch your TV, using the HDMI outputs from the AVR via your adapters. Are you saying that is not working?
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Right, I can see the video from the HD Box but can't hear any audio. Must I connect my PD-6130 to the OPT HDMI out on back of the AVR or can I go into one of five other HDMI connects? But, I think I need the HDMI cable to be connected to an "out" HDMI correct?

I have to supposedly make these connections since I don't have an HDMI on my PD-6130. Is there some kind of button that I need to push that I'm missing? I used to have an A and B Speaker button I believe, but could this be the problem?

I thought that since I do not care to receive audio through the PD-6130 itself that I would hear it through the speakers whenever I run the BD Player or HD Box or is that just simplifying a truly complex problem here?
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why are you connecting the tv to the avr with an optical cable?

a) do you get sound with your bdp?

b) you need an audio cable from the cable box to the avr if you aren't using hdmi out of the cable box...

c) if using hdmi, you will have to go into your cable box menu and tell it to send the audio out over hdmi...
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You should use the HDMI cable from the AVR to the TV, using the DVI adapter. Since you say you have picture, you are done with that.

The audio should come from your cable box into the TV input via whatever the cable box uses. If you are using HDMI from cable box to AVR, you should get sound if your inputs are properly configured. Is the cable box plugged into your AVR? How exactly do you have the cable box, AVR, and TV connected?
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Guy, spent over an hour last night on this. I checked to make sure the HDMI was set for AMP and not through as I want the AVR to process the audio and not go through (pass) the PD-6130. I setup the BD to make sure the HDMI audio was selected. I checked the menu for the HD Box and set that up.

What I now notice is that the MACC setup will not let me tell it to use the HDMI function for each connection! I see component, coax, opt but the HDMI is either not highlighted or just ---

What the hell is going on?

I also checked that mute was off and that my Speaker A and B buttons were right.

It's getting really frustrating.
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Please tell us how you are connecting each component.
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Blu-Ray connected to the BD HDMI

Verizon HD Box in HDMI 1

PD-6130 connected to the OUT 1 (CONTROL) as directed in my AVR manual
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