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Originally Posted by jedimastergrant View Post

I had the opportunity to go to Randy Bessinger's room a few days ago (thanks Randy) and I thought I would give a very short impression.

My time there was brief and we only had time for the Master and Commander scene and a little music. The room includes P8's, P6's, P18, P10's, Quest treatments, and lots of DSP/EQ gear calibrated by Shawn Byrne.

I have seen the M&C scene many times but I had never experienced it like that before. The sense of envelopment was fantastic. It really did feel like steel was being hurtled straight through the room. The voices were crystal clear. I am not sure how loud we were listening but is was very loud indeed. The subs delivered the low frequency and a real impact when called for. Overall, the room just fit together well. It was a cohesive experience and I have never heard a room like that. It was really dialed in and we commented after the scene about how we both felt like we were there. The music was also impressive and I would love to listen some more.

The Procella Effect is real. I know there were a lot of elements in that room contributing to what I heard but the Procella's were an integral part and are extremely capable.

Thanks again Randy.

I am having the Erskine Group do the room layout service for me and while I won't be able to achieve what I heard in Randy's room I hope I can get something at least similar. This listen has me really wanting to sell the Klipsch RF-83's and pick up the Procella's. If only there was room in the budget. We will see what Shawn recommends.

Anyway, for you guys that are on the fence. Go listen. You will need no other encouragement.

It was my pleasure. Anytime.

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So I realize comparisons can be tricky for many reasons and I don't want to step on any toes but I am going to offer up an impression.

I just happened to listen to a full Monitor Audio Platinum 7.1 setup the day before so it was pretty fresh in my mind. It was the PL300's with PLC350, PLW15, and PL100's. Different rooms. Different equipment. Different treatments. So on and so forth. But I will tell you what I thought anyway.

Short version. For HT use I would buy the Procella's. Don't get me wrong the Platinum's were silky smooth and the ribbon tweeter was one of the best I have ever heard. There was a sense of richness to the sound that was quite enjoyable. For music that is more laid back maybe I would prefer it. But, for my 80% HT and mostly rock music room I prefer a sense of immediacy and the slightly up front nature of what I heard from the Procella's. Again, this is no knock on the Platinum's. I could spend countless hours listening to that system especially when it comes to 2 channel music. So there ya go.
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For fun, the TV set-up in the new house of Robert, our factory manager. (Yes, he is responsible for building your Procella loudspeakers.) Take a 67" TV, a bunch of P6 and two P15. He likes bass.

The installation is in progress, of course this will be hidden from sight with a fabric covered frame. Also spot the studio quality acoustic absorbent ceiling...
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Jedi Master......Look into the P6's if your budget minded. They really perform at a high level in a room that is appropriately "small". The Procella speakers are all high quality, and the biggest difference in models is really the application (volume of the room and listening distance).
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With the layout service my budget will be considered and if it is recommended I upgrade my speakers I am sure the Procella's will be on the tip of their tongue. Yes, they are dealers but more because they know the Procella's will give the performance they are looking to provide.

Shawne told me they try to work in most of the existing equipment so I imagine they will try to use the Klipsch if possible and only tell me to get something else after considering my entire budget and where the most bang for my buck will be. I have a ton of other gear to buy including screen, subwoofers, and bd source. I also need to build the stage, false wall, riser, and buy seating, etc.

Good news for the P6's is my room is only 15' wide and varies between 19' and 23' in length with 7'8'' ceilings. I just put up a wall a few days ago making the HT a dedicated room. I am looking at installing a solid core door with add on weather stripping this week. I have a build thread in the dedicated theater section if anyone is interested or has helpful input.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about sound treatments which I really hope I can DIY or my budget will be toast.

And that folks is my 1000th post. I think the Procella's were worthy.

Carry on.
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I love this picture with the P610 lit up with behind-the-screen spot light! Over at michelmia's thread, Chartrand Family Theater Design & Build

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First Post updated!
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I recently finished my room, which includes 3 P815s, 2 P18s, and 6 P6s. There was much discussion regarding the Procellas in my build thread, so I figured I would share a few items here.

Photos of Adam Pelz calibrating the system:

Originally Posted by KBlaw2010 View Post

Calibrating . . . . Calibrating . . . . . . . . . . .

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Adam's impressions:

Originally Posted by appelz View Post

Hey all,

Dennis covered the calibration questions pretty well (of course). Those particular pics are just snapshots of time. The microphone matched/calibrated specifically to the meter gets moved around depending on the type of measurement being performed. Part of the calibration process includes verification that every component in the chain is performing properly. This includes impedance sweeps, near field plots, polarity of each individual driver, individual driver plots, etc. No sense in starting a calibration project if a speaker is mis-wired internally, or the x-overs are sketchy in one speaker. I can also verify that the AVR or pre-pro is working correctly, and more importantly, HOW it is working. Many manufacturers play games with x-over slopes for bass management, depending on the mode selected.

I can already tell this is going to be too long. Perhaps one day I will start a thread detailing the process that I use for calibration, as I am certain it is largely misunderstood. 70+lbs of test equipment matched with dual QSC 322's, Quest Acoustical Lens System, and Dennis' excellent room and system design is pretty much a win-win scenario for someone like me! Two 12 hour days go by quick..

Back to specific questions asked then. Once I have set the mic locations, the positions are fixed. I do change the angle of mics, depending on what info I need. All four mics in this rig are identical. I also have an 8 mic rig used in other circumstances. Spatial averaging is a critical part of the tool set.

That particular fabric will have no outcome on the measurements, although it can have some effect on how the different acoustical panels "work". The perfed screen definitely has an effect, as the room now has a GIANT reflective surface at one end. But as Dennis stated, it is a known, predictable, and did exactly what I hoped with the Procella's compression drivers. Easily measured, and compensated for. Since there is no room behind the screen, I needed the screen removed so I could play with the gain settings on the mains and subs, and toe-in of course.

The whole process is very iterative. If I change some filters on the left channel, chances are I have also now changed the output level, so level matching is re-checked, and then most likely need to re-check sub integration and phase, etc etc. And hours of just listening. That is usually when someone walks in, and wonders if all I really do is listen to music and watch movies in other people's houses...

Terrasond3/Sencore SP495 and SPLink for real time, Digital Audio Generator to create the signals needed, sent to the channel(s) I need, mic mux, mics of course, BSS Blu32 running ARCOS/HATS, also an HDMI signal generator (video and audio). The SP495 also doubles as a very high quality sound card, for when I need ARTA, SysTune, REW, etc.

I suppose someone also wants to know how the room turned out?

Amazing. I would have loved to spend an entire 3rd day JUST listening to music. Focus, Response, Envelopment, Clarity, Dynamics...this room scored high in every category. The Procellas simply perform. Having known dispersion, and tremendous off-axis frequency response is so valuable, especially when combined with the right acoustical treatments to take advantage of that tasty indirect sound that contributes so much to a good listening environment. The twin subs...Wow. Having a system able to truly extend down to 20Hz is a luxury very few get to experience. The room is quiet, and all the subtle nuances and ambiance cues get you completely engaged in the experience. Listening to an intimate jazz recording, followed by a massive organ piece with your eyes closed could be a confusing spatial experience!

Top that off with an excellent projector lighting up a ~13ft wide 2.35 screen and this is a room to be extremely proud of.
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My impressions:

Originally Posted by KBlaw2010 View Post

Gerben, thanks for the compliments on the room. I have been hesitant to comment on audio or video because I am just a newbie. What do I know? My thought was -- what does anyone care what a guy who hasn't heard other high-end gear think? And if Dennis Erskine and Adam Pelz are impressed with them, what else does someone need to know?

But just for grins, I will give you my novice two cents.

General impression: HOLY S#%*!!! They are everything that Dennis described. Very dynamic. Loud. Clear. Enveloping. They fill up the room and sound very similar across different seating positions.

Dialogue is amazingly clear. We have watched movies that we had already seen several times and noticed dialogue that we had never heard before (quiet whispers or dialogue off screen). The clarity is captivating. Everyone wants speakers that are loud, and believe me, these are. But I think I enjoy the quite scenes just as much so that I can listen for the details that they elicit.

But perhaps the best part is the bass. I have never heard (or felt) anything like it. The bass is so accurate and vivid that you feel it to the core. Iron Man, Star Wars, Thor, Captain America all amazing. Makes me never want to go to a commercial theater again.

Then there is the combination of speakers with the room. It is really cool to experience the things that Dennis described to me a year and a half ago. You can play them loud, but your ears don't hurt. When they are loud, they are still clear and articulate. And you can talk to others in the room (not that you should) and they can hear you without shouting.

So, what does all of that mean to a more discerning listener? Probably nothing. But for my novice ears, I am EXTREMELY happy.
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Originally Posted by KBlaw2010 View Post

My impressions:

Surmise to say..............

1) Acoustically engineered room with Quest materials and Dennis Erskine' design.........check

2) Excellent speakers integrated into the design of the room............check

3) Proper calibration by a very competent professional...........check

How can you go wrong? All three components comprise an excellent system...........like the "Three Musketeers".....all for one, and one for all!
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Any info and pricing on the Procella DA-2800DSP?
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Originally Posted by gamelover360 View Post

Any info and pricing on the Procella DA-2800DSP?

Yes, next week! Final preparations to the marketing materials are being made. And yes, the DA-2800DSP is everything we wanted it to be! We are pushing out the boundaries of loudspeaker and subwoofer performance!!
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Originally Posted by Gerben Van Duyl View Post

Yes, next week! Final preparations to the marketing materials are being made. And yes, the DA-2800DSP is everything we wanted it to be! We are pushing out the boundaries of loudspeaker and subwoofer performance!!

Great! Glad you guys took the time necessary to get the product exactly how you wanted it.
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Procella Audio Unveils the Ultimate Amplifier for Procella Loudspeakers: the Four Channel 2,800 Watt DA-2800 Power Amplifier with DSP

Jun 4, 2012 --

- Four-channel power amplifier produces a total of 2,800 Watts

- 700W x 4 channels into 4 ohm loads; 360W x 4 channels into 8 ohm loads

- Channel pairs bridgeable to 1,400 Watts at 8 ohms

- Very high efficiency Class-D design enables compact and lightweight 1RU enclosure

- Two versions: DA-2800DSP has onboard DSP preprogrammed for Procella loudspeakers; DA-2800 non-DSP version also available

- Multiple DSP presets enable biamplification with active crossovers for P860, P815 and P610 and active optimization of P18, P15, P10 and P10Si subwoofers

- Amplifier is shipping now

Sollentuna, Sweden and Venice, Calif., June 4, 2012 - Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance high-output speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced today the debut of the DA-2800, the first Procella power amplifier. Delivering a total of 2,800 Watts into 4 ohm loads, the amplifier is rated at 700 Watts per channel into 4 ohm loads and 360 Watts per channel into 8 ohm loads.

Channel pairs can also be bridged, producing 1,400 watts at 8 ohms. Two versions of the four channel amplifier are available. Each has the identical basic power amplifier, with the DA-2800DSP version adding onboard DSP for each channel. The preprogrammed DSP is used to create active crossovers or to optimize the frequency response of Procella loudspeakers and subwoofers. Both versions of the amplifier are shipping now worldwide. MSRP in USD for the DA-2800DSP is $5,999 and MSRP for the non-DSP DA-2800 is $4,699.

Great speakers need a great amplifier, said Gerben Van Duyl, founding partner of Procella Audio. We have spent over two years testing every D-class amplifier module on the market. We have developed our own DSP software and programming. Today, we are very proud to present you the result of this search for the best amplifier possible for our loudspeakers, the DA-2800. It will further increase the audio quality that Procella loudspeakers and subwoofers are famous for, giving our dealers around the world an even greater competitive head start when it comes to building top class home cinemas, studios or Premier class cinemas.

Elaborating further, Procella's other founding partner and primary designer Anders Uggelberg stated, The DA-2800 is the ultimate amplifier for Procella speakers. To achieve the highest level of performance and full dynamic range at reference levels, it is necessary to have as much amplifier power available as possible, and the DA-2800 provides just that - in a compact and highly efficient package. Its enormous power reserves are critical to its utterly transparent sound quality and the impact of its low frequencies. With our custom DSP configurations, the DA-2800 enables active operation with any of Procella's biamplified full-range speakers or subwoofers for optimal sound quality. Further, the amplifier gives integrators a new option to move amplifiers to the system rack, out of loudspeaker enclosures that sit behind screens.

The DA-2800 is capable of producing a total of 2,800 Watts from its four channels. At eight ohms, each channel is rated at 360 Watts continuous, increasing to 700 Watts each for 4 ohm loads. For the absolute maximum output, such as with the P18 subwoofer and P815-FP main speaker, the DA-2800 produces 1,400 Watts per channel at 8 ohms in bridged mode (requiring two channels). Multiple power supplies with vast power reserves assure the maximum dynamic range with all Procella loudspeaker models.

Two versions of the amplifier are available. The DA-2800 is a basic four channel amplifier without DSP, and to the same amplifier, the DA-2800DSP adds DSP control and Ethernet, creating the ultimate level of functionality with Procella loudspeakers.

The DA-2800 hardware is manufactured for Procella Audio in Italy. The DSP software programming is proprietary to Procella Audio and programming and final QA are performed at Procella Audio's factory in Sweden.

In channel pairs, users can select from four DSP presets. For the P18, P15, P10 or P10Si subwoofers these presets optimize frequency response. For the P860, P815 and P610 speakers, the presets also create active DSP crossovers. The standard DA-2800DSP has its presets pre-programmed at the factory to accommodate the majority of Procella models. Custom preset programming, per the customer's request, is also available when the amplifier is special ordered in advance, suitable for use with the Procella P860 or for unique system configurations. The non-DSP DA-2800 can be used for speakers and system channels where DSP is not required.

Multiple speaker models can be driven simultaneously by DA-2800, depending on system requirements. For example, two or three channels of the amplifier's four channels can be used for main speakers, with a remaining channel used to drive a subwoofer.

The amplifier's class-D design his highly efficient, enabling its very high output capability in a very compact and lightweight chassis. Occupying only a single rack unit in height, it weighs a mere 7.4 Kg (16.3 lbs.). The amplifier has a four year parts and labor warranty and has earned both CE and CSA safety certifications.

In accordance with professional audio practices, balanced XLR connectors are used for all inputs. Pairs of inputs can be linked when a single input needs to be fed to two output channels. Termination of the speaker cables and connection to the amplifier are through pro Neutrik Speakon connectors, which are provided with each amplifier.

Independent front panel level control are provided for each channel. A series of four front panel LEDs for each channel display operational status and output level. The LEDs indicate the presence of an input signal, levels of -18 dB and -6 dB respectively, and clipping. Another LED indicates overall amplifier ready status and when thermal protection is activated. An internal fan operates as needed to maintain safe operational temperatures under all normal operating conditions.

The DA-2800DSP version also an Ethernet control interface with rotary address switches, which enables remote monitoring, operational control and remote programming. Designed for Procella markets worldwide, the amplifier will operate in either 115V or 230V modes, with selection of the proper mode made through internal switching.

P815-FP, P18-FP, P15-FP and P10-FP

To enable the use of the DA-2800DSP with Procella models previously available only with onboard power amplifiers, Procella has introduced FP versions of the P815, P18, P15 and P10. These models provide binding post inputs on a flat panel that takes the place of the amplifier originally mounted to the speaker cabinet. Otherwise identical to the original versions of the speakers, the FP models allow the power amplifiers to be mounted in the system rack, effectively moving them from behind projection screens or walls where the speakers are mounted. The original versions of these speaker models remain available in the Procella speaker lineup.

Procella Loudspeaker Amplifier Channel Requirements

The number of amplifier channels and DSP configurations required for each Procella loudspeaker model are listed below.

P6 and P8 1 amplifier channel, no DSP
P610 Biamplified: 2 amplifier channels with DSP crossover
P815 Biamplified: 1 amplifier channel plus 1 bridged channel with DSP crossover
P860 Biamplified: 4 amplifier channels with DSP crossover
P18 2 bridged amplifier channels with DSP
P15 1 amplifier channel with DSP
P10 1 amplifier channel with DSP
P10Si 1 amplifier channel with DSP
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Euro pricing and pricing on FP models please.
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Originally Posted by RobboNL View Post

Euro pricing and pricing on FP models please.

Hi Rob, the RRP for the DA-2800DSP is €4,500 and the DA-2800 is €3,500. (Prices are excluding VAT/GST/BTW/MwSt/MOMS...) Free shipping to EU destinations, as per our T&C's.
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Pics of my new DA-2800s in my build thread ... link in signature ! biggrin.gif
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Respect for our friends of MIRO in Hong Kong! They stacked three Procella P8 on top of three P610, on top of two P15, so they can demo them all! Nice rack!!
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All our electronics are made in Europe: all our drivers, all our amplifiers, even the XO. But the Procella cabinets are made in China and we ship them 'empty' by the container load to our factory North of Stockholm where these are then fully assembled with the electronics from Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark... Always a happy day for the local high school boys when the containers arrive, as they can make some extra money helping unload ;-)
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AV Buzz from Hong Kong wrote this review of MIRO's Procella P610/P6/P15 demo system, complete with lots of VERY HIGH QUALITY photos!!

Go here for the full article: http://www.avbuzz.com/audio-video/201207/P610/0.htm

The review is Chinese, so I used Google Chrome's translation to derive this translation. Apologies as this translation is not great, but you get the point.

Fine elements in the industry last week, one after the other to the Central Hong Kong music audio and video showroom and experience the sound of the new P610 Procella Audio

This time the protagonist is not only the three main P610-channel speaker, as well as with with the Procella Audio DA-2800DSP

Together with six Procella Audio P6 and two Procella Audio of P15 subwoofer, composed of a 9.2 system.

A set of praise, with curiosity, as early as two days to the showroom eight hanging about ............. deserves its reputation.

Showroom, whether it is music or movie software as an information source, have been very high listening enjoyment.

Ricky Chan, head of the system, said the system has yet to warm up to the best effect,

Not yet open to the public, for the time being only a media interview. Great opportunity to sound exhibition held in Hong Kong in August, and use this set 9.2 as the protagonist of this year demonstrations.

The figure 126 VISIONE CineOne sound transmission behind the surface is three Procella Audio P610 channel speaker placement.

In this approximately 400-foot room, visible through the figure, play loud pressure that the general civilian population does not receive, although it is a great sound.

But the sound will not tangle, can still clearly hear every detail.

Of course, does not actually need to play this loud, this is only the Department to experiment.

Just use the iPhone to do a sound pressure meter, which earlier should have been tuned, so can be used as the standard sound pressure meter.

Through the display to see the sound pressure have up to 109.9 db,

Civilians in general not yet reached a sound pressure has long been unable to accept.

Movie software

Playing movie software, select the MI 4 Desert Storm period of the clips go to the late anti-car and then blowing sand.

Its performance not only a strong direction, and the sand texture Relive the ear.

The strengths of this combination, the force of the strong low-frequency effects,

The texture of the surround sound effect still be able to clearly get to reproduce, in particular, the sound emitted by all objects and music is very prominent.

Episode, go to Kung Fu Panda guilty of a period as an example, the heartbeat sound big leopard thirteen out to certain friends, but when the stones in the large leopard claws sound, this system more fully the performance of claws of sharp.


Series broadcast paragraphs music, also make me feel satisfied.

Who says home theater can not be used to listen to songs?

Personal Evaluation

Above I talked about this system Han, may I say Hello, nor heard, I say Yes.

So if everyone in the future have the opportunity to listen to it sets the system, take the trouble to pay attention to the place I mentioned, look at your eyes of effect, and whether and my.

Home theater's progress came to the 2012 street they are all [96K UPSAMPLING], and even peach sister Blu the 96K UPSAMPLING]

The old speakers, I really can play a real 96kHz sound out?

Another look at the system's performance of songs, the same can not miss being a part of home theater systems.

Of course, you can not use the standard of the two channels to listen to this set of home theater, just as with a high-quality two-channel equipment for home theater.

The system in the songs to listen to my own has been used to open the home theater equipment in terms of the CAS, without the slightest complaint.

So in the future have the opportunity to listen to it sets system, you can also pay attention to this point.
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Hello all, as we are in the midst of final preparations for CEDIA, I have a few questions for you:

A) Would you be interested in a AVS Forum Members-only session in our Sound room (SR7), so we can play some tracks, do a Q&A with Anders Uggelberg, maybe we can convince Dennis Erskine and Gerry Lemay to join for that as well (we are using Quest products in our room)?? If we do it at the end of the second day, we can keep playing tracks to your choice until they throw us out...

B) I need a very keen selection of demo tracks, preferably one music track and one movie track. Last year we had KD Lang from a BBC recording and Hurt Locker, Oscar winning movie for Sound. Both of course from BD, using a Kaleidescape. WHICH TRACKS shall we play this year? ANY SUGGESTIONS? The music needs to be heart-stopping, the movie should be heart-pounding ;-)

Let me know! Gerben.

SR7 Procella Audio equipment list:
  • 3 x P610 in a full THX baffle wall
  • 6 x P6 surrounds
  • P18-FP sub (no amp on board)
  • All powered by our new DA-2800DSP amps! Touch Power!
  • Seymour Screen Excellence E4K scope screen
  • Quest acoustic panels
  • Kaleidescape M700
  • Kaleidescape 1U server
  • 2.35 Native PJ: Projection Design Avielo, see http://avielo.com/product-optix-superwide235.html

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Music not my best area......however there are two I can strongly recommend:

1) Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon (SACD 5.1)

2) Chris Jones: Roadhouses & Automobiles


Kung Fu Panda (Prison Escape Scene)

Flight of the Phoenix (plane crash scene)

Iron Man (Many scenes...watch it and pick your favorite)

Iron Man 2 (Final scene starting at Stark Expo)

Incredible Hulk (Many scenes...watch it and pick your favorite)

Drive (Soundtrack)

Tron (soundtrack and also many great scenes during the pod races)

Hurt Locker (IED explosion at about 9:20 mark.....will bring about any subwoofer to it's knees....Low and LOUD)

War of the Worlds (Pod emerges from Ground...1st half hour of movie....UNREAL!!!!)

Cloverfield (watch movie and pick best time stamps)...literally room shaking and heart poundingly scary.

If you have never heard the best scenes from these movies then you have never heard the best Procella is capable of.
If you put together a demo disc with these movie scenes you will sell speakers to whoever listens to Procella in a well set up room. Procella's come alive with Grade A Beef like this!biggrin.gif.
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I would add the plane crash scene from "Knowing" as a good one as well. I am hoping to make it to CEDIA this year so would really look forward to checking the room out. For music the BluRay Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott's "Rolling and Tumbling" w Imogene Heap.
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I might respond with more later, but ditto on War of the Worlds--at least for bass!
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It's only available on DVD but for music I'd suggest Loreena McKennitt - Nights from the Alhambra. The intro leading into Track 1 cannot fail to mesmerise !

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Thanks all for your input so far, keep 'em coming! Peter, you have that Alhambra DVD? Can I come and listen at yours? ;-) Gerben.
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Hi Gerben,

I certainly do ... but it's still in a box somewhere eek.gif

I suggest you come over Sunday night if you're free ... by then I'll have found it ... oh and I'll have finally finished lining the baffle wall biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Peter M View Post

It's only available on DVD but for music I'd suggest Loreena McKennitt - Nights from the Alhambra. The intro leading into Track 1 cannot fail to mesmerise !

I would second that notion............................excellent sound track but not available in blueray.
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I would love to hear : "Glory Box" by John Martyn, "Desire" by Jose James, "Fade Out Lines" by Phoebe J Killdeer & The Singers
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