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Mike, I may also want to be on the list of DIY mods. I currently run through the Extron box, but could go either way on the BNC connectors. I actually already have BNCs built onto my PC case...although they are not near as elegant as yours...so I don't know if I'd need that part from you or not. I have also removed the filtering per the photos/instructions posted by Kal.
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Originally posted by budiman
Quick question:
Wouldn't increasing input voltage, but decreasing contrast will result in uncalibrated color? Just because RGB has different points of where it should be produced given a 100 IRE output (of a specific color)?
Try this yourself, simply increase the contrast on the overlay (higher IRE), and then decrease the contrast on the projector. That should answer your question.

I've not noticed any difference myself. But if you experience a change in your projectors colors, it may need repair. I use a similar test to check the RGB tracking capability of a projector.

Also, if the tracking is off because of a slight voltage increase - recalibrate!
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Chip S.
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Ok, I'm near ready to announce what it could cost to get a computer video card modded. I plan to make that known no later than Wednesday.

The response to this mod has been overwhelming, and has far exceeded what I've expected, so I'm in discussion as to how to distribute them.

For those who are interested, stay tuned!

I've also tried the mod on two standalone processors... ;) !
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Excellent!! Anxiously awaiting.....

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Mike, any chance you'll tell us which standalone processors you have moded?

thanks for you time,
Scott Pretti
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So where do I sign up? Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Thanks Mike for developing and offering this mod.

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Originally posted by srp68
Mike, any chance you'll tell us which standalone processors you have moded?
So far only two, and the results were very similar to the PC video card. I would also like to be clear that I don't want to mention the brands at this point, nor that I'm willing to offer the mod. I'd rather that this mod not become entangled in the politics of the processor wars. But without a doubt, there is improvement!

I'm not so concerned with warranty issues as I am for the owner of a processor who would want to later get their processor repaired or upgraded, and the uncooperative manufacturer not wanting to perform a non relating repair, or upgrade because they would rather blame the problem on the mod.
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Hey Mike,

Can I ask you a question? (I guess I just did, huh;)!!!)

Do you think that other manufacturers of consumer electronics (i.e. - Sony, Philips, Mitsubishi, Denon, Panasonic, Pioneer, etc.) would let someone, who is NOT an authorized repair rep. BTW, to just open their products and solder in any modification they wanted because they thought it made the unit better, and the said manufacturer would still uphold the warranty if the unit malfunctioned at a later date??? Especially after they opened it up and saw the "modification" made by the consumer:eek:!!!

I'm in no way saying that your mod doesn't work here, as I have yet to see it and do some measurements, but I do think you are being way too harsh on the "uncooperative manufacturer", seeing as almost no other manufacturer would do that either. The ones that do are the exception, not the rule, and it could be a real problem for them in the future, as I'm sure the big companies have already realized, hence the reason for that policy in the first place, don't you think???
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I assume this mod is also applicable to HDTV set top boxes (RCA DTC-100) and PC cards (Hipix). Any plans on supporting them?

Thanks and regards, Peter
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Hey Mike,

This might be a dumb question, but -

How hard would it be to do an "inverse" mod on a projector input card? Some of us have multiple input devices (now, as well as future upgrades) and it would be nice to have a single mod on the PJ vs many on the sources.

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I've performed a many mod on a many product without any problem from the manufacturer. Some mods were application specific, while others were necessary for customer satisfaction, the manufacturers are usually willing to allow both - IF the technician or organization has the proper qualifications. Surely I do!

POLICY: Don't misunderstand the essence of this word. Whenever I've got on the phone with a manufacturer and some DING-BAT mentions that word, I immediately ask to speak to someone else.

Since being on this forum I've had the support of three different manufacturers (on this forum), who knew I was performing a mod on their product, and they knew the product was under warranty, and they gave me permission. And one of them was TAW, but only one of them later decided to keep me out of their product, and I can respect that.

My intent with the post was to keep the confusion down, by not offering to do a mod on any of the standalone processors at this time. If I perfomed a mod on processor A and it became a better performer, the owners of processor B would want the same thing, face it, we all want the best, especially if it's affordable. So to offer this mod for processor A and not B, could cause some of the owners of processor B to consider getting rid of their processor. That's what I'm avoiding.

yes, the mod will work with set top HDTV receivers, we have one that has been in use for awhile now. We have someone who wants to send us a HiPIX card to evaluate for the mod. We're looking at an external box that will allow pure 75 ohm pure RGB signal from the two or three RGb sources (video card, Hipix, etc), without mini plugs jacks and cables.

That's a good question, and that's something that have come up before. We'll look into that.

I'll be in Pennsylvania later this month, If you want to see the mod in action email me.
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Dave. Hello. I have no financial interest in Mike's mod. However I do sell the various processors under discussion here.

The issue re having a qualified technician make a mod is does the mod in any way hurt the product's reliability?

If someone hangs a filter/buffer amp on the on a video board's output, a non related failure such a program glitch causing a computer based processor to lock up and thus requiring the unit to be sent back to the manufacturer for reload should be covered by a warranty.

I am not talking about a mod even remotely being related to a product failure. The fact that a customer breaks the manufacturer's "warranty is void if you break this sticker" sticker should not be an issue.

Now suppose a manufacturer doesn't want anyone to look inside his box to see what's there. A new form of trade secrecy which anyone is free to pierce by giving up warranty protection? What then, that person is free to post pictures all over the net of the inside and share his opinion as to build and design quality?

What happens when a one year warranty runs out? Everyone can look inside and see what's there and how it is built.

Suppose a customer sees things that the customer feels that by following classic electrical engineering standards could be better. Suppose one concludes that compared to other similar processors the thing is noisy because of the way part of it was engineered.

In reality, this may or may not be true. The customer's perception may be false. The thing could be built like a brick shithouse by the best mason in the business. But what if a customer feels the thing could be better? Better parts mean a better thing in audio usually. The manufacturer says no improvement is needed but the customer rightly or wrongly feels differently.

What to do? I suppose the customer could employ classic grounding and screening techniques to lower the noise. Or you could filter the output, either inside or outside the box to remove the noise. Surely if the filter is hung on the outside, the warranty would still be valid if the unit was still under warranty.

Suppose one bought the machine because of the promise of software updates but an update causes a lock up after the warranty expires. Shouldn't the new software be warranted for some period as well?

The issue here is whether the company does its customers well. If the customer modifies his unit and something clearly unrelated fails, the manufacturer should not stick it to its customers.

If a customer damages the product that is something else.

Now let's discuss the subject of computer video boards. These babies are simply not designed for driving long lengths of RGB cable without some voltage loss. Hell computer video boards have built in filtering designed to improve the image on a computer display monitor. Unfortunately, this filtering hurts the image on a high resolution CRT projector by making it less sharp. How can this be fixed?

Simple, remove the use-inappropriate filtering on the board and apply any filtering necessary to remove noise at the board output and put a wide bandwidth buffer amp on the output to drive those cables appropriately. Maybe for some projectors that are happier with a little higher voltage than a video card's 0.714 V maybe your buffer amp should supply a smidgen of gain. Its sort of a sad funny, less than good engineering at the input board can cause noise problems at the output. It is relatively easy to fix though.

Even with good engineering, a standard video board needs work to optimize its results with a high resolution CRT projector.

How about the better video cards that have become available since a processor was built. A customer cannot and a technician cannot swap out a better card because the card needs to be first programmed by the processor manufacturer. Will the manufacturer do this for a fee by which it can make a fair return? Or will the manufacturer come out with a more expensive processor using a better board.? Boy do customers like manufacturers who offer upgrades instead of forcing them to buy an expensive new machine.

As you know Dave, most of these scenarios are hypothetical only and I am by no means finguring any one company here for anything. I am proud to sell the companies here.

A Taw Rock Plus is my personnal processor on my nine inch Marquee.

Does Mike's circuit hung on the outside make it a lot better? Yep. You will clearly be able to see that.

Would it be even better if a qualified board technician removed unnecessary filters on the video board? i would expect so. Would it be even better to hang the circuit in the inside and avoid extra wires and connectors? I would expect so.

Would doing any of that decrease the product's reliability? Nope.

So I guess the moral here is do it when the warranty expires. At least the manufacturer will continue to service the machine for a fee when non mod related items fail. I believe Federal law requires that for fee service and parts be provided for a products designed lifetime. When there are no factory authorized repair or parts centers other than the factory, then the factory must do it.

Great things are coming from TAW. The new perfect pixel deinterlacing program coming this fall will set the standard for under $35K processors. I and many of my customers are pleased with their TAW processors.

If the warranty expires by the passing of one year and a customer opens the box, thereby voiding an already expired warranty (exactly how can you void something that no longer exists), does this mean a unit is not eligible for a for a fee programming upgrade? Does this mean TAW will abandon you if you break the seal. Jon,TAW's production manager, on the TAW board seem to imply that if you voided the warranty by opening the box you would not be eligible for upcoming improvements. So what's the issue? Warranty or keeping the insides secret? Is this an effort to intice people to keep the box sealed after the warranty expires? What about the poor customer who opened the box after his one year warranty expired. TAW never said opening the box would have an adverse ownership consequences other than voiding the remaining term of any outstanding warranty. I can't dream that this would be the case despite Jon's post. Phil, Deniz, and you (and also Jon) are far far to descent to let that happen.

Anything can be made better without hurting it. Every product is made with cost constraints. Every manufacturer only has limited knowledge and learns from past mistakes. Only a foolish manufacturer denies making mistakes in the past. Maufacturers should welcome those who can improve their products without hurting the product.
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Hi Mike,
I have been following this thread and am interested in getting one of your modified video cards. How much are you selling them for?

FYI - The Marquee LVPS you repaired for me is still working OK. Thanks for saving me a few dollars.
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It's Wednesday Mike....my CC is burning a hole in my pocket....Look forward to pricing!

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Now you know, Mike, what it's like when those pesky customers keep pressuring you!
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This is why I'm keeping my mouth (keyboard?) shut until I see it here, then I will step forward and order...
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Believe it or not, I'm having a problem finding the plates to mount the RGBHV connectors on. The thin plates are easy to find, the thicker ones are probably not available anymore. Putting a hole in the thin plates is like putting a hole in paper. I've been searching.

Do anyone know of a good source for the thick flat (not grooved) plates?

I really don't want to use the HD15 connector on the card.

We're almost there though!

Email me on your findings:


see photo:
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Very nice job!!

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just to finally add my two cents- the mod is awesome. I'll be watching Oceans 11 in a minute on the sdi mike modded pc. Like mike keeps promising-lots more to come.
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can you move in a little closer to that bnc plate? Mike has informed me it might be awhile before the mod is available. He is having trouble with the warranty stickers.
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Newark carries them I believe. I Do know where to get them. If you are having touble, I will track down the source I found when I was contemplating doing similar work. I had to look for a LOOONNGG time too.

If all else fails... speak to Cliff Watson on the HTPc forum. He'll have acress to such, for sure.
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I forgot the warranty stickers! :eek:

Actually miniature warranty stickers are very hard to come by...
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I know! You want the ones that come with the Lian-Li cases! Hollee crap! are they ever built the way they should be! So, find yourself a Lian-Li PC case distributor..and they should be there for separate purhase.

if all else fails..do what I did. Hang around the local dump..waiting for someone to throw away an old IBM XT..
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Ken, you say the Lian Li are the type Mike needs? I have a Lian Li distributor here in town. I happen to be very good friends with the guys over there. Mike, how many would you need if I can get them for you?
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Check your e-mail for details, but I found a supplier for the blank PC plates with a decent thickness (1mm). I left the name of the place with a phone number and pricing. We all want to see this succeed.
Good Luck,
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Wow, look how far this quick question has got. Earlier in this post someone suggested that I change the name of this post. I think NOT. It's doing fine as is.

Chip S.
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Any developments.:confused: :( :mad: :) :D

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yes, he just modded the sharp and it looks like a crt!
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That is a joke right? You'll never convince me of that one. Add a smiley face or something, will ya? You're scaring me.
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