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Still haven't made it to one of these, but I vote Friday night. my $0.02
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Thanks for the help. I would love to attend one of these. Let me know when the next one will be. There are a ton of places in the Rocky Point area that would be close for everyone.
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Can someone with more time and expertise than I have set up a poll thread (or preferably add it to this thread), to see how many people will come to the Late May Meeting on the beach on Treasure Island on Friday, May 24th, starting about 4pm till ??, at Beach Nutts, which is right on the gulf with spectacular sunsets.... ????? I need to try and get some reserved tables...

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Just received an email. WTOG is now on the air on 44.1. However due to " a minor problem with one of the IOT final amplifiers and are currently running half power".
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Hi Bschneider,

Is 44.1 the real channel or is it the channel it gets mapped to? If its the mapped channel, do you know what the real channel is. I think I need to tune into the real channel the first time and then it will map to the channel info sent by the station.

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WTOG-DT 59 tune to 59 to get a remap.
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Jaymer already mentioned this, but here is the info straight from their engineer (from private email):

If all goes well, WEDU will air 5 hours of special High Definition programming
this coming Monday, April 29th, from 4PM to 9PM. ( So far we are on schedule
and the engineering challenges are being met. )

We'll have a bit of engineering adjustments and tuning to accomplish after the
test programs, and our schedule may be erattic for the following week.

We are initially targeting 6PM to 12PM on a daily basis after the engineering
shake-out, and that could extend very quickly. The largest variable being
WEDU's ability to build the additional infrastructure for multicast channels,
local insertion of programming, etc.....

We would be extremely interested to hear from you after the Monday test.
What your thoughts are regarding the signal quality, programming, etc...
anything you wish to share in fact, after all WEDU is your station, the
of West Central Florida.

Best Regards,
Frank Wolynski, VP Engineering & Operations, WEDU-TV ( soon WEDU-DT )
I am very excited about this!

Here is the WEDU engineer's contact info. He sounds sincere in wanting feedback from this broadcast. Let's give it to him!!!

Frank Wolynski
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I tuned to 59 and got nothing, can someone verify this?
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WTOG is actually on ch 59 which should be mapped to 44.1 on your receiver. Last night they went off the air and will be intermittently on and off with they work on a problem. They are also only working on half power. Give them a little slack, May 1st isnt quite here yet.


I got an email from Kent at WTTA 38. The digital transmitter is on its way. Due to equipment delays they won't be on the air until the 4Q. They applogized for the delay. They are also redisccusing which format to broadcast.


TW ( Time Warner ) has a time frame of less than 6 months to retransmit the digital stations of the local stations that are on the air now. Last week the local stations ( ABS, NBC, CBS, FOX ) finaly received a letter from TW about this. My contact at one of the stations couldnt give me specifics but it was a "weird" letter from TW and that the time frame was "way less" than 6 months. They are eagerly awaiting to get on TW.

Perhaps on of your contacts can give us a little more than I have about the TW issue.
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Has anyone seen anything on channel 21? Supposedly WCLF-DT has started doing 1000 kw on ch 21.
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Ok, stupid question here. I just got the hd stb from twc (enough acronyms there?) and I don't even know what channel hdhbo is supposed to be? I can't find this info anywhere online.
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Hey, what's the new CBS station at 42? - is that WXPX?
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I assume that you are asking what channel HDHBO is on on Time Warner Cable. The answer is 225. HDSHO is on 226 if you get Showtime. That is it until the get the locals up and running.

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CBS on 42! Perhaps you are seeing CBS DT from Jacksonville.
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Bschneider: thanks for the info on 44.
Are the wb32 and UPN towers in Riverview?
And does anyone have an update on channel 44 stuff or experience over the weekend? I'm looking forward to my 1st ever clear picture of Buffy & Roswell on Tue, & Enterprise on Wed. What great timing for the season finalies!!!
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Looks like ch 10.1 is also zooming in on the picture (a la NBC). Anybody have a contact there that we can complain about.

What's people opinion on this? I find that it makes things unwatchable. I have to switch to nonHD to watch the show and not get distracted.

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Please let them know your feelings on this issue. Any station that is doing this is incompetent!

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satpro, you were right - it was WJXT from Jacksonville - man, talk about some freaky signals! - I was also getting Orlando stations clearly last night (& now nothing...)
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I was gettin a 94 % on WJXT-DT42 from 180 miles south in Melbourne. This has been going on for several nights now.

Take a look at my post about what I was able to pull in last night.


Conditions should be the same or BETTER tonight!
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Is it just me or is the WEDU test signal going up and down in strength. I'd hate to go up and adjust my antenna if it they are fine tuning (which I think they are).

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I've also noticed some fluctuation in WEDU's digital signal (ch 80-03 on my Dish 6000). It's ranged from 75%-97% and is currently around 87%. HD PQ is great! No artifacts or other kind of break-up. It seems like a long wait, but it'll really be nice to finally get PBS's HD offerings.
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You are using your Dish 6000 to get the OTA PBS, correct?

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At 4:00, some lame SD show came on. The hue was seriously messed.

Then, around 5:30, "oneWorld: Japan" came on. Docu on Japan. The PQ was as good as I think HD can get. I couldn't believe how good it looked!!!

I had to take my son to little league then, and I just got back and the signal is down. What else was on there?
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As far as WEDU's digital channel, I got some signal around 6 PM but the signal strength varried from 80 to 20 and I only sometimes got a lock. Later that evening it was totally gone.

I live in the Lutz-Land O'Lakes area and have a roof top master antenna for my condo building, and I get ALL local channels including the previous digital channels very well. I was surprised that I got such a wildly varring signal.

Did anyone else get such a signal?

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David - Yes, I was using my Dish 6000 to get PBS OTA
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i'm within site distance of the antennas and tried my 30ft YAGI plus a XIUM and neither got me consistent signal from PBS.

can anyone confirm signal direction for UPN? Is it really in Riverview also?
I'm wondering if they are going to be on tonight/tomorrow night?
Bschneider - could you email me your contact info for UPN?
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I have not been able to pull in either channel 44 or pbs. I am in the rocky point area.
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jbabbit - I'm in South Tampa & have no problem pulling in either signal when they're transmitting which, as of now, isn't that often -- so I would expect you shouldn't have a problem either given your location. The trick is to catch them when they're transmitting something. Yesterday evening, for example, I wasn't getting a signal from either. In both cases when I did get a strong signal, I had my antenna aimed toward Riverview.
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Both channels are in the Riverview area on the same tower. Both WTOG-DT 59 and WEDU-DT 54 are not yet on the air full time.
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Is there any way of knowing when they will be broadcasting, or is it just catch it if you can. I mean I only watch TV in the evening, since I am in my office all day.
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