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Last week WEDU told me they will be on the air afternoons to early evening for the beginning of this week.
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So I guess I wont be able to see Friends at 7pm upconverted.
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Just got a flyer from Time Warner about channel changes. Looks like they are moving the HD channels but it does not say where. Also looks like they are dropping the golf channel. Anyone know about this stuff? Does appear that they are adding the tech channel soon.

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Answered my own questions with a call to TW. The golf channel is moving to analog service, channel 67 and the HD channels are moving to 700 and 701 supposedly on May 21. Don't know if that is for sure on the date or not. I love the way they just do things without telling you. Oh well.

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WTOG-DT is now back on the air. They should be on full time now. I will try to verify if they got everything fixed.
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I think WTOG-DT is off the air again. I'll try to find out what is going on over there.
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Originally posted by satpro
CBS on 42! Perhaps you are seeing CBS DT from Jacksonville.
Yes ch 42 CBS from JAX was visible her in Port Charlotte last week during the early evening... pretty amazing 227 miles....
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Yeah - I got the same mailer from TW about the new channel lineup... I was looking for the HDHBO and SHO channels also!! Sooooo - if they're moving to 700 and 701... on May 21st... MAYBE - just MAYBE they'll flip the switch on the locals then too???

(wishful thinking??) :)
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use the MAY thread please!
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