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Here's the deal.

My wife & I were moving my tv last night that is mounted on the wall. While we were sliding it over, everything went black. I noticed the HDMI cable from my Onkyo HT-S7300 receiver had sheared off in the tv. Not a big deal, I just replaced it with a new HDMI cable.

Here is the issue:

I still get great video- the problem is with the audio. When I set the receiver to Mono or Stereo, everything sounds as it should (Just not in good theater quality obviously). When I put it to any of the Dolby, PLII, DTS, etc, sound quality is not good. I get decent background audio, but very very quiet vocals. When I turn the receiver volume way up while it is in a theater mode, the vocals sound like they are in a tin can- very echo'y' and faint.

Did I some how 'short' the board when I sheared the HDMI cable?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!