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Niles ZR-6 and iPad

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I am considering multi zone controller options. I have speaker and keypad Cat6 in a star architecture to the head end for 6 zones. I am planning to put an iPad in wall about 50 feet from the head end.

For folks that know the Niles ZR-6 well, I have some questions!

I could imagine this setup below but want someone to confirm this is possible to do.

-iPad in wall is seen by ZR-6 as a connected iPod source and provides metadata and control of the iPad music playback to Niles keypads.

-iPad gets a sufficient charge at the in-wall location - power needed is higher than what iPods need. My iPad charger says 10w.

-In as effortless a way as possible I would like to not only have access to the iPad as a music source with playback control, and charging, but also be able to SYNC the iPad with a Mac Mini in the head end. I believe the current Niles ZR6 iPod dock solution does provide a way to have audio playback and syncing but I'm not clear if there are mechanical or electric switches that need to be used to switch functions or if it works in some automated way that would make sense in a head end.

Issues as I see it are
1. how to extend the 30 pin iPad connection from the wall dock to the head end using 1-2 Cat6 lines.

2. how to have adequate power at the wall dock to charge the iPad

3. how to have the iPad connected to the ZR-6 for audio and connected with the Mac Mini for syncing without manual switching.

Please advise!! Many thanks!!
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The manual for the iPod dock that is compatible with the ZR-6 is called SmartDock2. The user manual is posted on their website. It does not list the charging capacity.


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Thanks. Most importantly I realized that if I wanted the iPad to be accessible to the ZR-6 keypads for navigating music, it would make the iPad screen and all apps inaccessible which would defeat the purpose of having an iPad in the wall. So, I guess I won't be hooking up the iPad that way!
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