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Sony STR-DA30ES "Protector (Fan)" Error

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Let me thank in advance anyone who has some advice for me! I'm seeking a reality check to see if I've missed anything and have reached the correct conclusions.

I have a Sony STR-DA30ES AVR. A couple weeks back there was a click and the sound shut off. The receiver display says "Protector (FAN)". It's been powered off and on numerous times since then. Sometimes the "Protector" error appears within a minute, sometimes it has taken as long as two hours.

I've researched as much as I can on the internet and here. Following the recommendations I've read, I disconnected all speaker and other wires connected to the receiver (to eliminate any possible shorts there), removed it from the cabinet, examined and cleaned the speaker connections, and plugged it in by itself. No luck, the "Protector" error recurred within minutes.

My conclusion is that there is a short or failed component within the receiver. I'm not handy with electronics so I have no idea how to test the internal components nor how to replace them. From what I've read, it probably would cost at least $200 to have someone troubleshoot the receiver, without any assurance that there would be a fix at a cost that makes sense. And I'm thinking that at its age there is an increasing possibility of more failures.

It's 13 years old, so yes, I know it's lacking many current features, but I hate to recycle something if there's a way to squeeze some more use out of it. But it's looking to me like it makes more sense--financially and in terms of features--to replace it.

Sound like the right conclusion? Any other troubleshooting I could do?

Thanks again.
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