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I watched some wsu basketball on HDNET tonight. It replays at like 1 int he morning if anybody wants to check it out. Picture was just unbelievable. I gotta say that the HDNET channel has the best picture I have seen so far. Just thought I would pass it on to all the wichita people.

I checked my signal on my ksn and it is a constant 94-95 instead of upper 80's and lower 90's. Well guess we just have to keep on everybody at the stations.

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I just finished watching Enterprise on UPN. I saw no problems at all, worked perfectly. :-) Kudos to Jon Cyphers for all his efforts to get FOX and UPN working well.

Dave G.
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I have a different brand of HD card for my PC than I had before, and this one doesn't seem to have any trouble getting sound on WB. That eliminates my geographic location as the problem. Nothing has changed on the Hughes E86, so it's doesn't seem to be attributable to something Marty Heffner has done. He told me in a recent email that he was still using a loaner encoder, which is about the time my troubles began. Maybe when he gets his encoder back , my problem will go away. I can hope anyway.

I missed the WSU basketball on HDNET last night. I assume it was just a little clip because I saw nothing on the channel guide, and when I got to the TV at just about 5 minutes after 1, a PPV movie was already on. I'd love to see it, even if it's just a minute or two.

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Na it was the whole game. I sent an e-mail to HDNET telling them they need to get KU basketball on HDNET. I also gave them some good feedback on the broadcast. I will just great. I still could not believe that in all thier programming that they would come to Wichita for that game. Who knows the HDNET person was interviewing the coach at halftime and he was really advertising the new Charles KOCH arena and all of wichita. So it was prolly more of a selling thing. Who knows...

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The basketball game, Illinois State @ Wichita State will be rebroadcast:

Sunday, Feb 9, 10:30 AM
Sunday, Feb 9, 10:00 PM

To find a specific program, go to www.hd.net and click the link in the left column "Search HDNet Programming".

Thanks Hessman!

I sure wish I had a way to record HDNet! I can now record the local broadcasts, but not DirecTV. I saw a press release a few days ago that Tivo has announced an HD PVR design, with products expected around the end of the year.

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What kind of recorder are you using. I figure your pc is probably what you are using. If so what video card... I am thinking of getting a htpc together and just cannot decide on a video card for hd... Let me know

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I use a MyHD card, but I have yet to get a digital signal so I cannot comment on how well it works.
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I am using a MyHD card.

An ATI Radeon of almost any variety comes highly recommended for HTPC duties. I am using a 9000 Pro.

I watched the Wichita State game this morning. Now THAT's the way to watch a basketball game. HDNet did a great job with the broadcast. After the game was over I flipped over to a couple of college basketball games on regular TV and the difference was dramatic to say the least. Regular TV is simply unwatchable after your brain adjusts to High Definition. That's depressing considering it's likely to be a long time before the next WSU game is broadcast in HD.

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True True....cant wait until espn goes HD....When will that be....

Thanks for the info of the card. the Radeon is one that I have liked the most. Just wish I could pipe my dtc-100 15pin vga into it... That would be nice...

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I'm having problems with Fox again (24-1). I get no picture or sound, but the receiver shows 93% signal. I had this problem when I originally got the receiver, but it fixed itself at some point. I've rebooted, rescanned, etc... with no effect.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Dave G.

Update: It's working now. I think Jon may be working on it. I got a 16x9 test pattern a moment ago.
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Jon must be tweaking it now. He's got 16x9 working for the Busch race! He's the man!

Dave G.
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heak yea I got 16x9 nascar racing.. sound is working for the moment...Glad to see fox is moving on up

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This is my first message...looking for some advice. I live on the north east side (21st & Webb). Does anyone know if the indoor Silver Sensor will pull in all channels or will I need to go with a bigger antenna (attic mounted?). Also, any idea on the best place in town to by my tuner?

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I was able to pull in 4 or 5 stations with a Radio Shack bow-tie, so even though I am in NW Wichita, I'd say you have a pretty good chance of picking up at least most of the local channels with the Silver Sensor, which is more directional than the Radio Shack bow-tie and therefore able to tune in weaker signals. It seems worth a try, so long as the antenna will be above ground level.

As for where to buy, Hephner TV deserves a look, then Best Buy. Are you looking for an OTA-only receiver or OTA + DirecTV/DISH?

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Looking for an OTA + DirectTV.

I'll give the Silver Sensor a try...if that doesn't work, may upgrade from there.
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I tried the Silver Sensor in a home near the Crestview Country Club and it didn't work too well but Crestview is kind of in a hole. I did get some reception on the main floor but the signal strengths were not what I'd consider reliable. Perhaps if I would've had it in teh attic?... I ended up putting a Winegard in the attic and it is performing well.

A Silver Sensor in the Harbor Isle (North Meridian) development worked absolutely great just sitting on top of the TV on the main floor. I am impressed with the Silver Sensor!
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I got a RCA DTC-100 That I might be interested in selling for a very good price. PM me and let me kow if your interested Chrisb25
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My signal strength on NBC (KSNW-DT, 45-1, 3-1) is back down to 21, where it was prior to Feb 2. I get a black screen on my Hughes E86. I can still pull in a solid image on a MyHD card, but with occasional dropouts. I have sent an email to Dave Rickels.

My signal strength is still 100 on all other channels except for CBS (KWCH, 19-1, 12-1) where it's only in the 50's.

Can anyone else confirm the weak signal on NBC?

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I am getting 80's on NBC. I just was scanning the channels and 19 or 12-1 has a signal on my setup menu but comes up weak signal and not picture. Not for sure if cbs is having problems too. 8:44 this morning.

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I can get 19 great, but I have also lost 3.1. I just get it off and on, not even a third of the way on my meter.

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Received this from Dave Rickels:
The transmitter is having a problem, power is down to 22%.
we are working on it.

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Finally jumped in. Bought a Silver Sensor and a Samsung T160 open box (great deal). The only stations I can get are UPN and WB...12-1 won't even show up in the guide. I'll keep tweaking...
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Hey Chris,

I may be able to help. I have a TS-160 with the RS Double Bowtie indoor antenna. I've been able to get all of the channels here at my apartment, but it wasn't easy. You should be able to get 4 of the 6 channels though. NBC and CBS are a problem because of NBC low power transmitter and CBS is a lot farther away (Hutch). I can get them both, but sometimes I have to move my antenna to get one or the other to work.

Are all of the channels except 12-1 showing up in the guide? Make sure you"ve gone into the "installation" menu and set your zip code under "local networks". In looking at mine, it appears DirecTV is adding 4 out of 6. They are not adding CBS and NBC (12-1 and 3-1).

The one complaint I have with the TS-160 is initially tuning local channels. If they are not added by the DirecTV guide (local networks), then it's tough sometimes to get the locked into the guide.

The only way to add another OTA channel to the guide is to either manually tune AND sync a channel (meaning you enter 3-1 on the remote and you get picture and sound) or do a digital channel scan from the "antenna and cable" menu.

For manual tuning, if you enter 3-1 and it goes to a snowy screen, it did not sync and 3-1 will not be saved in the guide. The receiver has to receive PSIP data from the station in order for the channel to be saved. The same is basically true for the channel scan. If the TS-160 does not find a channel, then nothing is added to the guide.

You can probably see the problem with this now. If your not receiving a channel with your current antenna setup, then there's no way to add the channel to the guide unless DirecTV is adding it (which they are not for 3-1 and 12-1 as of right now).

With all that said, my advice is to get the other 4 channels working first (10-1, 24-1, 33-1, and 36-1). You should be able to get those as I get high signal strength on all 4 of them. Make sure you have a good coax cable connecting the Silver Sensor to your receiver and try tweaking the antenna position. You can tweak the antenna position similarly to the a satellite dish. Tune to a channel you are not getting (that's in the guide) and go to the signal strength meter in the setup menu. Then start moving the antenna around slowly until you maximize the signal strength.

Let me know what progress your making. I'm in the middle of moving right now (finally getting out of this apartment and into a house, woohoo!), but when I get settled I would be willing to give you more help.

One thing that we could do is hook your receiver to my antenna and do a channel scan. Assuming I'm getting them all, then that would lock all of the channels into the guide making it easier to tweak, but that will have to wait a while until I finish moving and get my stuff working again.

Anyway, this may make things sound bad for the TS-160, but it does work great once you get past the OTA tuning problems. The constant S-video out is nice, that's for sure.

Dave G.
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Wow, thanks for the help talon95. I'll give your suggestions a try next time I have a chance. Unfortunately, I am switching jobs this week and that will most likely keep me tied up.

I'll let you know if I have any success.
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Just a couple of quick notes. When you first tune in a channel you should use the physical channel, so 45-1 rather than 3-1. Until you find the station to begin with, you can't use the "logical channel" number. Second, DirecTV doesn't add the stations to your guide. I don't know where the heck they come from, but DirecTV swears up and down it isn't them. It's magic I guess.

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Yes, David is right about tuning to the physical channel. As I recall CBS is 19-1 and as David said, NBC is 45-1. For the TS-160, you need to enter the full channel number also (19-1, not 19).

OTOH, DirecTV is full of sh*t. They do add the channels. What the heck do they think the zip code is for!?!? When you put a zip code in, it downloads the channel data from the satellite. If anyone is not convinced and still thinks the info is coming from OTA, try entering a zip code from some other part of the country.

Dave G.
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yea.. I did another channel search and my cbs was coming up 12-1 before and now it is 19-1 and coming in with no problems. I agree with you guys on the Directv poplulating the guides. You guys getting info on fox and abc?

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Do you mean channel guide info? I get guide info on ABC, FOX, and UPN. The other three just show "Local Programming"

I wish I could remember more of the conversation I had with the DirecTV folks. They said "We don't provide local programming in your area, therefore we don't provide channel guide information". I said "OK, but I am seeing channel guide info for all my local cable and OTA channels" and they said words to the effect "No you're not". They said channels 100 and above come from them. Channels below 100 do not come from them. When I asked where this information could possibly be coming from if not from them, they said "We don't know, but it's not us" and then suggested "from Hughes". It's GOT to be coming down from the satellite, but beyond that I can't say. My non-HD RCA receiver doesn't show local channels in the guide and I have to switch input on the TV to switch between satellite and cable.

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Managed to find some time to mess around with my antenna...I'm getting all channels except NBC. Man, what a difference! Are they still having signal problems?

Also, for those with the Samsung TS-160, can you get guide info for cable stations.

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That's good to hear. Just takes some tweaking of the antenna position. I generally don't get NBC very well even when they're supposedly transmitting properly. Their power output is a lot lower than the other stations. If you get them all working with one antenna position, I'd be interested to know. I've been tempted to get a Silver Sensor to improve reception.

I don't think you can get cable channel info. Although since I've had the TS-160, I haven't had cable service. Part of the reason I bought it was to rid myself completely of Cox cable (except for the cable modem). They quit giving a discount on the cable modem with the basic package, so I dropped them completely.

Dave G.
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