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Do you know why the WB is off? I tried calling Marty Heffner there but he was not in.
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Thanks for the update on Cox. Their web site had said something to the nature that HD would be available to 10% of their digital cable customers by the end of this year. Now it says "Cox is planning to make HD service available to as many customers as possible as quickly as possible." So a VP said it MAY be available next YEAR, i.e. MAY be available by Dec 31, 2003? Not only am I glad I didn't wait, but I will no longer feel guilty in advising other people not to wait. If it's going to be another year, there is enough time to switch to DirecTV or Dish, fullfull their 1 year obligation, then switch back to cable whenever they get their sh*t together. Meanwhile their delays are of no concern.

Their web site still says their first generation of Set-top boxes will support only 1080i, not 720p. As a person with a native (and very expensive) 720p display device, 720p is a big deal to me.

WB has been off the air since at least Saturday evening. I keep meaning to call but haven't gotten around to it. An email I sent to programming@wbkansas.com got bounced - "User unknown". I got that address from clicking a link on their web site.

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Their website is pretty poor. Lots of broken links and such. I take it you have a plasma??

Try this email for the engineer at the WB station:

He is the head engineer I believe. I called last night, but got voicemail. Well see if he gets back to me.

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well last night was a really good test to see if my antenna was going to blow off my roof...It is still there.. I still have problem during the day that mt HD signal on KAKE is just bouncing like there is no tomorrow. When I watched primetime last night and even through the storm there was just minor interuptions. I was not for sure if they are not broadcasting full signal during the day and only at night. Let me know if anybody has seen this too?

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I had planned on call them today to see what power they are broadcasting at, and if I find anything out, I will let you know.

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I just got off the phone with Marty Heffner from WB. He was telling me that he has got a new part in and should be replacing it today and getting WB back on the air. He was telling me that KAKE is broadcasting in low power mode. He told me that WB is just bout 3 times the power that KAKE is broadcasting. So that is probably why my signal is jumpy during the day. I have also called Dale Murrell from KAKE and left him a message asking the same question. So hopefully we will have WB tonight..

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This is the second time WB has had equipment problems which have kept them off the air for several days at a time. That's just the nature of the beast at this point and something we will have to live with.

Brian, thanks for giving Marty a call and posting the info. It saves me the trouble and saves Marty from asking the same question multiple times.

Tim, I have a DLP projector, 16:9 1280x720.

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I just got an email from Marty basically saying the same thing. He told me it was a long shot to pick him up, but I am going to try anyway.

Too bad about KAKE at low power, I was hoping to get some ABC since my local topeka station will not be on untill next summer.

thanks guys!
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WB is back on the air.

On an unrelated note, the Hughes HD receiver has a feature where you press the Select button on the remote and up pops a grid of 9 channels you can select. I have HDHet in the center of the grid so I can get to it by pressing Select Select. When I enter 21-1, it adds something like "Local Programming" to the on-screen "button", but if I plug in 10-1, it says KAKE-DT. The same goes for WB - 33-1 which says KWCV-DT. SO, the moral of the story is to use the "virtual" channel number rather than the real physical channel number.

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I just got my HD200 yesterday. Temp. put an ant. in front of my house, about 18' high. Just tried it out and can get wb ok on 33.1 I get 10 and 12 great analog but get nothing on 21 for kake. I am 30 miles from wichita so maybe the low power won't make it here.

Still have to get my dish. I'm ready for HD!

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is WB down again. I still cannot get it..

I found out what my problem with reception was that I put a inline pre-amp and it was creating a bunch of noise and disrupting the signal. I did get a chance to talk with Dale Murell or Morell and he was very helpful. He told me the channel master 4221 screen type of antenna has worked best in all thier field tests. So I got one on order and will probably take back my radio shack special. It was only $21 or so still keeping the price down. Well I will keep you all posted on the new antenna when I get it.

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OK...so I must have been smoking some crack.. I did a quick channel search again and it came up with WB.. So I have both up and running. I see that WB is digital but no HD. Do they only broadcast HD when specific movies are running.

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I believe WB upconverts everything to 1080i, but the only shows in HD are a few new fall shows such as Family Affair.

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I just want to highlight something Brian reported, that according to a source at KAKE (?), presumably an engineer (?), the best type of antenna for all their Wichita field tests was a

Channel Master 4221 multi-bay antenna

According to the ChannelMaster web site this UHF-only antenna has a range of 45 miles. It's unfortunately not the most attractive antenna as seen here. On the bright side it's inexpensive at only $30 to $40 including shipping.

Channel Master 4221
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It may look ugly - but it WORKS, as compared to the TERK brand... Even in trees, but I did have to put a PreAmp.

(owner of a 3021 and a 3614)
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I happen to have gotten a phone call from David Morell at KAKE this past saturday. Here are some details he told me:

broadcasting at 87,000 watts or 87kW ERP
930 feet up the tower
tower is 1 mile east of Colwich or 9 miles NW of Wichita
if you look at 100000watts.com they say they have an app in for a higher power at 984 feet at 1000 kW ERP so whenever that is up and running (he didn't mention this) coverage should get tremendously better.

He also mentioned a guy notified him that he was getting reliable reception EAST of TOPEKA. So hope is not lost, as I will try.

Have fun guys!!!
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Watch out Wicita:

I finally got my antenna up today for a bit. It is the $29 model at radio shack. I also got the 19 foot pole, a bucket, and a bag of concrete mix. I put the pole in, mixed the concrete, let it set, put the antenna on about 15 feet in the air. I could pull in most of the area Topeka stations, save the NBC which has a very large hill about 500 feet just west of my house between us. The I happen to do a scan with an old tv, this is all with no preamp or anything, and I pulled in analog Wichita stations KAKE and KWCV that were very watchable. I also pulled in the PBS and CBS out of Hutch. I consider this a great thing as it give me hope of pulling in the Wichita Digitals if I get a preamp and an antenna with better gain.
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Well I got my Channel Master 4221 today. Put it up on the roof about 7 ft above my house and looked at signals and I am getting 85-90 on wb and still having the problem of jumpy signals on KAKE. I am not for sure if it is a problem with my antenna moving around since I have not installed my wires to totally secure the mast or what. I am getting about 15-20 better signal then the radio shack uhf only model. I will probably get another pre amp and see if this solves my problem. I had got a cheap pre amp from radio shack but found out that it put more noise in the line and actually causing more problems. Just remember that noise generated by a pre amp can kill the digital signal. David Morrell told me that the channel master 7777 or 7775 is a very good pre amp.. I will check it out or something very simailar and see if that fixes my problem with KAKE.

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I have heard also that the cannelmaster 7777 is about the best you can get. I looked all over for it and found it at http://www.starkelectronic.com/

for $61.79. How is the analog channels with the new chanelmaster antenna? Are you going to take the radio shack amp back? I got one also and it made most channels worse, except for the Wichita stations, which I cannot get in today. Must have been some Tropo going on.

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Well looks like channel 19 or 12-1 is broadcasting signal. AntennaWeb has updated saying "Testing". Just thought I would let everybody know there is one more HDTV signal here in Wichita. I will probably watch survivor and CSI if they are in HDTV. My signal has finally leveled out and getting 88-92 on KAKE (ABC) and KWCH (CBS) and 78-88 on KWCV (WB). Hopefully they will get FOX online here before the end of the month too.. Also I wanted to mention that the guide function on the CBS channel actually shows the programming unlike KAKE that just displays KAKE DT.
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C.S.I. Looked sweet in 1080i tonight, yes Dorothy we are in Kansas now!
Two more to go and were in digital paradise, who needs COX anyway!
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I don't need cox as I am going to just use my antenna since they raised my bill by $15 a month and I have no more channels and I did before.

Glad to see KWCH is live, anyone know an ERP for them?? I might try to get them if I cannot get Topeka.
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Thanks Brian for the heads up. I tuned to 19-1 and got...NOTHING. I went into the setup menu and sure enough, there was a signal but only 15, not enough to pull in a picture. I put my wife downstairs in front of the TV with a two-way radio while I headed to the attic. l was able to get a steady signal of 51. Back downstairs to tune to 19-1 and SHAZAM, CSI in High Definition. I really did not expect that. I expected color bars.

Unlike ABC, I get NBC at channel 19-1 only, not 12-1. I can tune to ABC via 21-1 or 10-1. I'm not complaining, just "observating". This is a detail. I'm getting nothing in my channel guide for KAKE or KWCH but "Local programming". I don't know how DirecTV gets the channel guide info so this might not be the stations fault.

As soon as Fox and UPN come online, the bad old days of analog television are going to be in my rear view mirror. I just don't watch anything anymore if it's not on one of the digital channels.

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I got my hd 200 and dish going today, so I put my antenna back on the front of my house and tried to get the locals again. CBS 12.1 is topping out on my signal and WB 33.1 is at the top of good. But I still cant get ABC.
I was going to put up a 50 foot tower, but think I will just do 30 foot. That should get me all the channels.

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That's interesting because I get 100% on ABC over a pretty wide range of antenna direction but could get no better than 51% on CBS Thursday night. The good news for me was that retuning for CBS did not hurt ABC at all and it helped all of my analog reception to the point where I think I will just drop basic cable.

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KWCH come out of Hutch correct?
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That is correct, KWCH comes out of Hutchinson.

Here are two good sources of information:
CEA AntennaWeb

Wichita/Hutchinson TV Directory

A couple of minor notes while I'm here:

CEA (the first link) has been pretty accurate and on top of the status of the Wichita stations and they still list a "Live Date" for FOX and UPN as Nov 1, 2002. I have still not ever received a reply to any of my emails. Guess I should just CALL them huh?

I sent an email to Kathy Mohn, station manager at KWCH, congratulating her and the station engineers for getting KWCH-DT on the air. She replied in part "I will forward your kind message to our engineers. They have been working very hard for the past couple of years and really appreciate knowing that folks like you notice the difference!" Hint: It wouldn't hurt for any of you able to receive KWCH-DT on channel 19-1 to drop her a note so that she doesn't think I'm the ONLY one watching!!!

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KSNW (NBC) web page states they are installing a new antenna in Colwich, does anyone know if they are making the switch to HDTV soon? Maybe the pressure of ABC & CBS going digital will "speed" things up! What call numbers will NBC and Fox be using?
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CEA shows KSNW broadcasting a DTV signal Dec 1, which corresponds roughly to what Al Buch, former GM at the station, had been telliing me, which means they should be installing their transmitter now. It takes a month or so to get things "dialed in". For sure, them being the last local station to go digital has to sting their engineers a little. On the other hand, NBC offers (by far) the least amount of programming, so one can hardly blame them for not rushing to be first.

KSNW will be KSNW-DT, Fox will be KSAS-DT, UPN will be KSCC-DT.

KSNW will broadcast on physical channel 45, which will be "mapped" to 3-1.
KSAS will be channels 26 and 24-1 (18-1?)
KSCC will be channels 35 and 36-1

This information can be found at Wichita/Hutchinson TV Directory

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I recieved an email this morning from Linda Madzey, Program Manager FOX Kansas / UPN Kansas:

"We should begin broadcasting by Thursday. Programming may or may not be on by then. Programming should be on by the 5th or 6th"

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