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The Beamer-Blanchard Theater - Plans begin

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The Beamer-Blanchard Theatre - (at least that's the working name!)

I'm finally joining this community of theater design. I'm taking the plunge, will try to do it as best as I can. I'm more than willing to accept the help from others, so please do feel free to add your input.

My wife and I will be consulting with the engineer next week. I'm building the theatre from scratch.


*A performance-based media room rather than a decorated theater
*A reference 2-channel music playback room
*Optomized for a single sweet spot and correct speaker placement

I'm a hi-fi guy who likes the equipment and to me it does not need to be hidden. While I understand that designing a theater with the speakers behind the screen, pretty wall coverings, etc. is all nice...that's not what I'm after.

So these are some of the things I'm thinking:

1. Building above ground or below ground

- if I build below ground, do I have the added benefit of 8" poured concrete around all four walls, isolating sound from the rest of the house and keeping much of the sound in? Because I want my height above 10ft, that section of the floor on the main level would be raised...with maybe the main floor's TV room on top.

- if I build above ground...I don't know...any benefit??

2. Room size

- Louden's Room Ratios
a) H:L:W = 1:2.14:1.50(#17 in his quality sort order)
b) H:L:W = 1:2.10:1.50 (published ratio as his #3 best, but #42 in his quality sort order)

These seem to best fit my scenario...I want the length for home theater. My assumption is these ratios are for the volume inside the room rather than what's behind the walls...so when designing, I need to ensure I factor in the dimensions of the studs, spacing, and layers of drywall to the outside of these room ratios.

After reading quite a bit on the subject, prior to any room treatment, I realize that in addition to axial modes, oblique and tangential are also important and need to be considered to have the room "flatten out" the bottom end as much as possible.

Here are some room dimensions I've been thinking given the ratios above:

#1 H:L:W = 4m:8.4m:6m
#2 H:L:W = 4m:8.56m:6m

or with shorter ceiling:
#1 H:L:W = 12':25' 2":18'

or with a higher ceiling:
#1 H:W:L - 14':29' 4": 21'

Would the 4-foot deeper room be of benefit?

Equipment in the room

I don't see a disadvantage of keeping the equipment in the room on racks.

Projector Mounting

Originally planned to put a projector in a 14-16 ft room behind the main wall for an RPTV scenario, this way I can change out the projector whenever I want and don't need to use mirrors. But I don't like the fact that the screen is very customized as it's built into the wall so upgrades/resale would be a PITA. Knowing that the entire room will be black, keeping the projector in the room might not be such a bad idea on a screen that could be changed as well.

So this is what I will discuss with the architect next week.

Let me know your thoughts. I plan to keep this thread alive as I go.

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Equipment list that plans to be in there:

Current gear:

1 Integra DTC-9.8 processor (to be replaced by Theta Casablanca III-HD)
2 Theta Dreadnaughts (200x5 each) (possibly being replaced with more Enterprises)
2 Theta Enterprise monoblocks
2prs. Dunlavy SC-IV/a for front and rear channels
1 Dunlavy HRCC-I center channel on custom stand
1 Dunlavy SC-1 rear center
2 Dunlavy TSW-VI subwoofers
4 Paradigm PW-2200v1 subwoofers (1 for each main channel)
1 Ayre K-1xe 2-ch preamp

The rest of the audio gear doesn't matter at this point.

The video end I haven't decided on screen size or projector yet. All I know is that I'm not using what I currently have. Screen will be around ~10ft wide. Probably a Digital Projection unit...but I haven't decided yet. Keeping in mind screen size for the probability of sub $30K 4K projectors and software trickling out in about 5-6 years time. From what I keep being told...could be earlier...

The plan is also to keep the Dunlavys 10 feet from my distance. That's how they were designed, although they can be pushed back further depending on where the best spot for my seating location will be. I want to use natural delay rather than electronic delay...so correct positioning will be something I will focus on...even though it's now a mess with all of these setups. I think I may just stick with 6.1 as max. with no speakers to the sides of my head. Really, is anyone mixing this way? Certainly not at TODD-AO the last time I was there.
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Congratulations Michael, and welcome to the club!
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Originally Posted by Michael Osadciw View Post

Let me know your thoughts. I plan to keep this thread alive as I go.


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Still on the go. Plans for home was stalled. Back on track with modified plans, although is still evolving. This thread won't become active for a bit. We still have hurdles to overcome with permits. I created the thread too early thinking we'd be ready to go sooner - ooops!

Since then though, we have theatre planned in basement which drops six stairs down to a lower level to match ceiling hight of the main basement area. The unfinished room is LxWxH is 34x22x14. Poured concrete surrounds all walls. Separete projection room behind back wall. I have drawings from architect but they are still changing because of the floors above.

In the meantime I've changed up equipment. Both of my Theta Dreadnaughts are gone and have been replaced by 7 Theta Enterprise monoblocks.

This is gonna be fun... smile.gif
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