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Questions from a Audio New Comer

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks in advance for your time and interest.
I'm an Audio System newbie attempting to create a sound system to be carried on a Bike.
I have a few ideas and i'm going to begin work this week on a basic setup. I'm going to use this thread to hopefully gain information and links to other areas where I can gather information to complete this project. I hope that with some of your expertise and my tenacity that I can create a great, portable sound system and gain some knowledge about audio.

Here is my current plan, if you guys see anything I could do better or just not do please let me know.
The Setup is going to be 2 6X9 speaker boxes mounted to a rear bike rack. It's going to use a 4 channel amplifier and a 12 volt Lawn Mower or Motorcycle battery for power.

Here is an example of a rear bike rack:

What I need to know to complete this setup is what type of wood do I need to use for the speaker boxes in order to get good sound out of 6x9's? The speakers I'm going to use for the first incarnation of this setup are some stock car speakers that a friend is giving to me. However I intend to upgrade them to high quality speakers for better(more) sound once I've got the basics running.

Input will be direct from an Ipod or other MP3 playing device and the input may possible be split so a Microphone can also be used so it will be able to double as a PA.

I hope to have this part of the setup done by late March.

The next step is where I could use a lot of input. I would love to be able to get some deep bass. However from what I understand it requires A. a lot of power and B. a big box for a subwoofer.

Building on box of top of the rack with dimensions in the 30X14X10 range is possible however for riding purposes that may make the bike pretty heavy and cumbersome.

The alternative to this is making the Subwoofer box a trailer that the bike pulls behind it with a separate power source. I have no clue how much the power of the bass would effect riding which with the weight of this setup would be relatively low speeds.

With my ideas laid out, I hope you all could look them over as well as answer a few questions regarding equipment.

As far as 6x9's go what do you recommend to get the most bang for the buck?
What wood do you recommend using to make Speaker boxes? Heavy woods are not ideal but i'm looking for sound quality over ride quality.
Amplifier wise what is my best route? Someone suggested using a motorcycle amplifier.
Subwoofer setup - Could you provide any pros and cons to the individual setup? And give me an idea of the type of power a subwoofer would need?

Again thank you for your time and I apologize if my post seems scattered.
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First: Yikes.

Second: Does not seem realistic in your goals. Meaning, the amount of work to reach your goals is going to take more time and money AND weigh more than you are going to want to pedal.

That said, let's get started.

First of all, think pro audio drivers. More efficient meaning they require less power to get loud.

Bass is going to be difficult. Go ported and tune higher to get the most you can. give up on <40 hertz. There is no cabin gain to be had.

T-amp or one of those Shure amps from parts express. Ultra high efficiency, light weight. 2 things you are going to need. They have a 4 channel 100 watter.

Forget lawnmower matteries. Think SLA. Give enersys a look.

http://www.parts-express.com/pe/show...umber=292-2540 couple of these.

Couple of these.


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As for wood, the lightest 1/2" plywood you can find
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