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Mitsubishi 65737 and 3d equipment

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I need some help, I have Mitsubishi 65737 and it's 3d ready. I was trying to figure out what I need for the 3d.

I was thinking I need:

1. Mitsubishi 3DA-1 3D Adapter or the Mitsubishi 3d Starter Kit.
2. Xpandx102 DLP Glasses

or are the glasses enough? I was reading something about the white light from the dlp chip.

Just a little direction would be nice.
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Adapter and dlp-link glasses.

Some models only need a firmware update which once the update is done, they generally do not need the adapter anymore.
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To my understanding only 738 and 838 sets can operate without an adapter.
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I need to be able to remember that. I really purchased my 65" on a whim so I reeally do not know much about the Mitsu line of DLP RP displays.

I can definetly say all you need is the adapter and dlp link glasses though.

I already had DLP link glasses from the front projector 3D system I run in my theater so I only purchased the adapter. Badda bing badda boom, instant 3D from Direct TV. I actually have a Panasonic 3D bluray player that offers native checkerboard so it does not currently go through my adapter.

Extra Note? If you only want 3D Bluray? If you buy a Panasonic player you don't need the adapter even with the models that don't have the new firmware fix. I think some other 3D Bluray players may also support checkerboard, but I am unsure of that as well.
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Which glasses are good? I just ordered a pair of the XpanD 102. And thinking about getting a pair of those ultra clear 3d glasses.
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I still have not used the UC's. We do find the 102's to be some of the more comfy glasses, especially if worn over prescription glasses.
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Thank you, i figured I made the right pick. My entire day today at work was spent reading and rereading over the 3d stuff for the tv.
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Also was wondering if anyone used their dlp with a wdtv live hub? to do 3d
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