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Hard Drive Setup

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Ok I'm upgrading my HTPC, Decided to buy one of the SSDs for my OS/programs and bought a 2tb drive, and transferring the 1tb drive over (currently used as both OS and storage). I'm wondering how to best set it up, Ive dabbled a little in raid but I'm not to familiar with it. I'm basically going to wipe the os from the 1tb drive and fresh install windows (or can it be transferred over to the SSD).

Also decided to upgrade the video to a GTX 560 was wondering how they were doing in HTPC builds ( I/we game a lot ). Should I Install games onto the SSD or Storage Drives

Any suggestions on Hard Drive setup would be welcomed. Also what would you think about setting up two different user accounts in windows. one for specifically running WMC and the other for gaming. I started to but I never got around to setting it up but would like to try it this time if its a good idea. Currently we have to start WMC up manually since we also play WoW and such on it.

sorry musta had bold on idk? :P
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Why the huge text?

You can use this to transfer the OS onto the ssd

I did the same thing the other day.

Not sure how raid comes into this but you would want more then one of the same drive for that.

Installing games on SSD depends on how big of an ssd you buy and how many games you have.

I install steam on the storage drive and then use steam mover to put the 1 or 2 most played games on the ssd.

As for multiple accounts I would think it would be easier to open WMC manually then to logout and log into another account.
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its a 60gb ocz
and ya thats kinda why I didn't finish setting it up b/c I barely log out unless its for updates n such

Also I need a recommendation on a keyboard/mouse. My current ones range suck, I have to move the stick with an extension onto the coffee table its so bad. Think I should just pick up some bluetooth ones? I have a receiver i use to connect my jawbone too
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