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The problem is that when I'm watching a movie or tv the video and sound are out so I need to change the time delay on the sound all the time
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Originally Posted by paulpsi View Post

The problem is that when I'm watching a movie or tv the video and sound are out so I need to change the time delay on the sound all the time
OK, take a look at http://a248.e.akamai.net/pix.crutchfield.com/Manuals/130/130VSX521.PDF

Page 28.

S.DELAY (Sound Delay)
Some monitors have a slight delay when
showing video, so the soundtrack will be
slightly out of sync with the picture. By adding
a bit of delay, you can adjust the sound to
match the presentation of the video.
0.0 to 9.0
1 second = 30
frames (NTSC)
Default: 0.

Is that what you're after ? Experiment.

The delay I was referring to previously, was the channel delay - meant to synchronise the speakers even when they are different distances from your head.
The S.DELAY is different, and will affect the entire sound source.
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Also still on Page 28 - http://a248.e.akamai.net/pix.crutchfield.com/Manuals/130/130VSX521.PDF

Look to the right of the page :

A.DLY (Auto Delay)
This feature automatically corrects the audioto-
video delay between components
connected with an HDMI cable. The audio
delay time is set depending on the operational
status of the display connected with an HDMI
cable. The video delay time is automatically
adjusted according to the audio delay time.

Have you tried with the A.DLY set to both ON and OFF ?

"This feature is only available when the connected display
supports the automatic audio/video synchronizing capability
(‘lip-sync’) for HDMI. If you find the automatically set delay
time unsuitable, set A.DLY to OFF and adjust the delay time
manually. For more details about the lip-sync feature of your
display, contact the manufacturer directly."
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I get loud pop/screech sound when I ff on my DVR from time to time... I think it is the Dolby Digital stream not being picked up correctly when the sound comes back on after fast forwarding???

Anyone else see this problem?
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anyone have a roku 3 working with this tuner? Im getting hit or miss sound.
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I am intermittantly having sound dropouts when watching cable TV and also occasionally when watching TS files from my computer. When it happens, it seems the sound is only coming from the sub-woofer, very muffled. I know the source is not the problem for the TS files, as they will play well later, at the same place in the file where the dropout started. With cable, Sometimes the commercials are very hard to hear (yeah, I know that is a good thing) and sometimes the referee in an NFL football game is difficult to hear, but the comentators are loud and clear. I am using HDMI only sources, cable box and PC (AMD Radeon HD 6570)

I am wondering what to do. Your suggestions please.

[Update] I find I can recover the sound by switching to Advanced Surround. I find that most options have too much surround echo, but Ext. Stereo is quite loud and clear.The video I am testing with has mpeg 2.0 audio at 192kbps. I suspect the TV dropouts are the result of switching from 5.1 AC3 to 2-channel audio (some commercials and referee) [/update]
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Does anybody knows this general connection issue:

Since I have 2 front bookshelf speakers (B&W 685) raised up too high due to small room setup, can I connect additional 2 smaller surrounds on the same front input and what would be concequences? I would change front speakers setup on small, of course.

Plan is to have 7 speakers connected (with separate sub) and 4 of them would be front speakers, 2 left and 2 right.

Impedance (ohms) of B&W front speakers is 8, and two additional surrounds 16 (small Sony surrounds).

I am not very involved in tech details so I am asking what would be consequences for such positioning.
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I did some research and I will not do so. Min impendance of speakers output on receiver is 6 ohms and such configuration of connected speakers would produce 5,33 ohms per output.
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Hi guys

I am so frustrated right now, im hoping someone can perhaps guide me here.

I bought a Pioneer VSX-521 receiver. Hooked up all the speakers, 5.1 and double checked all cables. Now the problem i have is that the rear left and rear right channels are both playing through ONLY the rear right channel. I have those surround test files which test each channel and using two different media players the same issue comes out. Ive tried audio via optical, coax and hdmi, through both players and the exact same issue occurs. I did a factory reset on the receiver and also check all speaker levels on the receiver, and all is as it should be.

Why on earth would the two rear channels be playing through only one channel?


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