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Ubisoft annouces Rocksmith a new guitar based music game utilizing a real guitar - Page 14

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Originally Posted by JeffChap View Post

I got the RS cable to work with Guitar Rig.

Thanks for taking the time to post those pics, I think I'll stick with this set up and keep the RS USB for a back up. I bought another RS when Frys had it on sale for 29.00 a few months back and pm'd BB.
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As nice as GR5 is I think I like Amplitube better especially with the collections of Hendrix and Slash. Always end up with the Orange Amp when in free play.smile.gif
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Quiet thread. Anyone using this on their PC? Is anyone playing bass. What about the DLC, good, bad or indifferent?
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The download was $15 on Amazon so I bought it for the hell of it (that's half what the Xbox bass upgrade would have cost). It's "Steamware" (ugh), but it works. I kind of wanted it to be a minimize-able desktop app, but it's not, though you can switch away from it using the standard task switching shortcuts. When you do switch away it continues to suck a small-but-significant bit of CPU (from my aging 2.5 GHz Core 2 Quad desktop). You cannot, of course, use your console DLC with it. I haven't tried bass, but every piece of available DLC has a bass chart. I'm sure that you can find plenty examples of bass charts being played on YouTube to check out (I recommend thenewelisoncruz channel as a source).
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I'm having a really hard time trying use Rocksmith to learn songs. (I'm no guitarist so I'm just trying to learn basic songs.)

What mode am I missing? I go into the Riff Repeater to learn the first part of Born to Be Wild, and then it kicks me all the way back to main menu when I'm done where I have to navigate the horrible and extremely slow user interface all the way back to pick the next section. It sucks so bad that I just go into performance mode and hack my through the whole song hoping to remember the sections as I pass though them.

There's a better way bried somewhere in there, right?
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Try the official forums. There's more activity there. Also a user promoted weekly song challenge.


I switched from xbox to PC now.
You don't want to use the "rocksmith recommends" riff repeater. Because it's still using the old 5 lives system. If you go to the song from the song list and use riff repeater you get 30 lives.

Also when you finish a riff, before you click on continue journey (which takes you back to the first menu) look at the options, you can either go back to the song list or go to riff repeater or play the whole song.
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Hmmm... so no XBone or PS4 support for rocksmith 2014?
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Not so far as has been announced. I moved to playing on the PC anyway.
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How is the PC experience? I never could quite get rid of my audio lag using the 360, but it was close.
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Originally Posted by RemoWilliams84 View Post

How is the PC experience?

I'm considering getting the new RS on PC also, so I'd also like to know how you think the versions compare.
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I find the menus to be much more responsive than on the 360; I didn't have any problem with lag. It's also just much more convenient since my PC is always running and I don't have to load a disc.

It was on sale for $15 as a download, which is why I decided to try it. Thankfully I wasn't much invested in 360 DLC at that point.
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so does anyone still actually play this still?
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I do occasionally. I'd like to get rs2014 but I don't get much time to play bc of the baby.
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still waiting for a xbone or ps4 version
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Originally Posted by ileff View Post

still waiting for a xbone or ps4 version

I don't think that there are any plans to create and sell a port of Rocksmith or BandFuse for the new gen consoles.
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That is unfortunate if that is the case
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It's one of the reasons why I still use my 360. (Having a big stack of games bought on sale and unplayed being the other. Also there are upcoming 360-only games that I want to play.

I've read both groups say that they didn't have new gen ports planned, but that might have been to bolster sales of the 360 and PS3 copies.
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I might just get it for PC or Mac if I am able to get rid of the 360.
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I got this for Christmas a couple weeks ago (took a while to hit up all my family). I played guitar in college but put it down due to real world stuff. It's pretty amazing. I'm pretty much back to square one. It didn't take long to kind of hit a wall though, I'm stuck with most songs around 30% and having trouble advancing. I'm playing lots of guitarcade to build up the muscle memory and navigate the fretboard without looking but that's part of the fun I guess.
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Make sure you take advantage of the riff repeater to slow the songs down. Will help a lot.
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