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Originally Posted by Young C View Post

Ha. Too bad for me tongue.gif
Unless if they re-air it before tonight's episode.
Possibly there's a way to stream the "special" episode.

It's available for free on Hulu. Give that a try.
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I'll see if I can stream it tonight.
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The "Special" episode is truly special, one of the most demented of all the Wilfreds. A very disturbing (and funny) rumination on mental health and mental hospitals, with a really creepy turn by Robin Williams. I wonder if it was just too much for F/X, and they said they needed to go back and film something else for the premiere. Plus, it explained the basement/closet door switcheroo that is not addressed in the alternate opening.

It was available On Demand on Comcast but for some reason they had it expire the night of the show's return.
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Good episode last night.

Great show biggrin.gif
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Nice to see Steven Weber.
Good episode tonight.
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Originally Posted by Young C View Post

Nice to see Steven Weber.
Good episode tonight.


Although, I hope this season doesn't focus too much on Ryan's job. The show works best when we witness Ryan the slacker.
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Good episode. I laughed a lot. I was laughing when Wilfred was drooling at the sound of the horrendous death scene.
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Originally Posted by Young C View Post

Good episode. I laughed a lot. I was laughing when Wilfred was drooling at the sound of the horrendous death scene.

You mean Rex, right?
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Last night made me smile.

Good episode. Gross @ "I want my treat" eek.gif
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[Insert random non-offensive, politically correct, comment here.]

The rape-y dancing had me rolling. biggrin.gif

Edit: I edited that just because I didn't want that comment to show up on the main page. lol
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...not to mention Wilfred's tail oops tale of his first sexual experience.
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Good episode. Loved how they took that psychedelic drug. The arrow was brutal! eek.gif
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It's been a very good season, with great comedy and a bit of drama we can actually care about. An example of the latter is that I felt really bad for Amanda when her feelings were crushed by being dumped a few episodes back.

I still wonder if the series finale (whenever that will be) will show a trail of destruction that Ryan has caused throughout time, but we only previously saw it as being the fault of Wilfred. biggrin.gif
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Ryan is insane like his mom. I dunno how he manages to go to work.

The whole sister bastard kid thing is dumb though
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It seems that Ryan has a long way to go before his insanity reaches the level of where his mother is at. She's almost completely lost without her meds, while Ryan can still fully recognize other people's feelings, usually communicate well, understand that he has abnormal mental problems, etc.

Ryan's level of insanity probably fits right in at his places of employment. We do live in a generally crazy society after all. biggrin.gif
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A little confused on how he got shot in the leg. There was a loaded gun just on the bench table?

Good ending, about the ways of dying. Wilfred got so grotesque eek.gif
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So... What did everybody think about the season finale?

It was interesting how they brought up Ryan's behavior. Hopefully there's another season to accompany Louie next year.
The finale made me smile biggrin.gif
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I liked it. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to actually see what happened with Alison Mack though...that couldn't have been a pleasant goodbye.
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Was this the talking dog show that got Merc fired on Episodes?
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I dunno how I found this show, but I'm reluctantly giving it a try... I'm real jealous a human male pot smoking perv with an acent can get a job wearing a dog suit and have females love him while he acts like a dog instead of a creep... Bravo...
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FX’s ‘Wilfred’ Renewed For Third Season With New Showrunners
By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Wednesday October 31, 2012 @ 3:48pm PDT

After lengthy negotiations, FX has renewed comedy Wilfred for a third season with a 13-episode order. The pickup was never in doubt, but it took longer than usual as FX had been trying to hammer out a new deal with the series’ showrunner David Zuckerman. (Most FX series have their showrunners locked in for the first two years only). In the end, Zuckerman, who adapted Wilfred for American television and has served as executive producer and showrunner for the first two seasons, closed a pact to continue as an executive producer but opted to step down as showrunner. He will still be involved in the show on a daily basis, likely not full-time.

Wilfred writer/producers Reed Agnew and Eli Jorné, who have been on the show since the beginning, have been upped to executive producers and showrunners for the upcoming season. They had been groomed for the showrunner job by Zuckerman. “As John (Landgraf) said at the summer TCA, it was only a matter of time before we picked up the show, we just had to work some things out,” said FX’s EVP Nick Grad. “David Zuckerman has done an amazing job adapting and reconceiving Wilfred for FX. It was his decision to step down from the Showrunner’s post, but we’re very happy he is going to stay involved with the show. Both we and David have great faith in the ability of Reed and Eli to seamlessly step up and take over the reins. I have no doubt they’ll do a great job.” Writers are expected to convene to begin work on Season 3 sometime this month.

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Started season 2. Allison Mack kills me...
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Season premier this Thursday! Time really flew by eek.gif
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An OK season opener. Well, I only caught the first episode. Seemed a bit tamer than usual. Maybe it has something to do with the new showrunners?
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I thought it was off to quite a good start. Ryan and Wilfred's relationship gets more and more complex, which is good. I can't see how they will be able to sustain the yearning for Wilfred's owner indefinitely, but they have many other avenues of twistedness to explore.
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The new roommate, Anne, was bizarre. It was funny seeing Wilfred getting fat from all the obsessive eating.
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We'll have to see how many episodes Kristen Schaal is around.  I've a feeling her name is not going to get into the opening credits.
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Anne was hilarious last night. How she was talking while brushing her teeth and toothpaste was falling all over herself. Silly lady tongue.gif
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Kristen Schaal is known for oddball characters.  She played Hazel Wassername on "30 Rock" and provides the voice of Louise Belcher on "Bob's Burgers," as well as her standup act.  (That last sentence is badly structured but I'm not fixing it.)
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Don't forget Mabel in Gravity Falls and her appearances on the Daily Show.
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