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Gym, retail store setup

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Hi guys, Completely new and found you guys on google. trying my luck.

Im opening a 1000sq ft personal training facility aka small gym and maybe another 500 sq ft in basement.

for now let me deal with ground floor, the room is about width x length x height
18 x 50 x 12

Drop ceilings, so would prefer in ceiling speakers but if needed then Ill install whatever is needed.

Budget is clearly the least possible, but I do want clear sound so noone complains etc. oh and its for music only.

There will be rubber flooring, nearly all walls full of mirrors, and of course fitness equipment scattered around.

Ill have a friend installing the equipment. Im just afraid he has no idea how to design speaker placement.

Thanks a mil. Looking forward hearing some advice
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The best solution for even coverage without blowing everybody away would be to use ce3iling mounted coaxial drivers with back boxes. These are equipped with 70v transformers and will require an amplifier with 70V output capability.

Check out Atlas Sound for the speakers and backboxes (top hats) and TOA 900 series amps with the input modules for line level input (music) and microphone.

The mic modules are equipped with ducking so that when the mic is activated, the line level (music) input is muted or reduced.

The wiring above the ceiling must be CL-2/3 rated. You cannot use typical zip cord (monster et al) for speaker cable above the drop ceiling.

With a 12 ft ceiling and given the room dimensions, you would need no more than 10 speakers max. these are available in wattages up to 25 watts per so there will be more than enough SPL for music.

These will not deliver thundering bass but will sound very good none the less.
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