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I have had a 55LV5500 for all of 15 months. It has been beautiful....up until tonight, when a couple of thick vertical blocks all of a sudden appeared. Of course, I don't have an extended warranty.

Has anybody else had this problem so soon?
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Firmware 05:00:10 available on LG's website
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Thanks for the info. Are there any noticable changes? Any idea why it has to be manually loaded instead of TVs being updated automatically?
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It looks Twitter was added. No DTS passthrough.
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Firmware update 05:00:12 online. LG website says 05/20/13, my TV updated via auto update last week. No notes from LG as to what is updated. I was hoping it would be the RedBox app
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Thanks for the info. Mine updated automatically too. They should tell. I get an email from them every month.
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Resurrecting this old thread because I learned a couple of things recently. First, for those who use the built-in apps (Netflix, Youtube, etc.), there is a way to adjust video settings that I wasn't aware of before. How?

Open an app like Netflix and actually start playing a video. Just having the app open won't work...you need to be actually playing something. If you don't have a Netflix sub, try Youtube, but actually play a video. While a video is playing, press the Q-Menu button. At that point you have some basic options to make video and audio adjustments (although in my experience, audio adjustments like bass/treble have never worked for me).

Why is this important? Because you can match your app video settings with your other calibrated video settings, and you can turn OFF things like Tru-Motion. Tru-Motion for Apps doesn't have a "Custom" setting, though. I use a Custom De-Judder 0 / De-Blur 10 on my other inputs. Can't do that in the Apps settings. It's either low/med/high/off.

Second thing I found useful is the Android LG Remote (2011) app. There are a couple of LG Remote apps in the app store, but the most recent one won't control this set. You need the (2011) version. It has all the functionality and then some of the Magic Remote, and made inputting text, pointing, menu options, etc., a breeze. I see there's also versions of these apps for IOS devices, too, so you should be good to go.
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