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Your room is looking great! Keep up the awesome work. I too have a small theater build in the works. My room dimentions are 11X13.
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Hey another BC'er, Welcome! I'm really impressed with all the work you have done so far. The progress looks good so far. I can't wait to see the outcome, keep us posted with your progress, thanks for sharing.
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Looks really nice and cozy so far! Saving for the RS-40 should make you really happy, it will be plenty bright on a 106" screen!
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Nice stuff. Great to see a creative approach to a small room with lots of obstacles. Keep at it. Dimensions are similar to the room I bailed on and turned into a gym. Makes me think what could have been. . . .

Make sure you add your thread to the small builds thread (linked in the "show me" sticky).
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Very nice room! It's only slightly larger than mine but I dig the color choices.

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How did you go about blacking out your window?
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Awesome build, I really like the way the woodwork came out and the way you mounted your speakers. Now dump that horrid in-law handme down couch!
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Originally Posted by rader View Post
Awesome build, I really like the way the woodwork came out and the way you mounted your speakers. Now dump that horrid in-law handme down couch!
I think the couch looks very comfy, assuming at least the ends recline. And once the lights go out to watch a movie, who notices the color of the couch?

Well done. Looks very nice, IMO.
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Looks great especially for the small space. Really like how you integrated your speakers. B.C. is one of my favorite places. I've spent some time up there, but it has been a while since i have been up there and I'd like to get up there soon.
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The airport in Salt Lake City leaves a lot to be desired. When I was living up there people were always telling me how beautiful Utah was. I was always surprised since to me BC is so beautiful.

There are some really fantastic sights in Utah - but without question the most beautiful place I have ever been is up near Whistler on a hike to Garibaldi Lake. We hiked up to the top of a mountain overlooking Garibaldi Lake and it was an incredible sight.
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Looks really nice - the woodwork turned out great - What projector are you considering?
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Good looking room. Love the color choices and the angled closures for the side and rear speakers....almost done.
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Looks great! I like the timber trim.

How does the surround sound sitting right up against the wall?
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Looking really good, the trim really works well with the black.
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Originally Posted by Brad Horstkotte View Post
Looking really good, the trim really works well with the black.
My thinking exactly which leads me to ask...what color stain did you use?
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Did you say you could live with the image not fitting the screen?!?! Please tell me your joking... Are you going to build a masking system?? That would drive me crazy.
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looking awesome!
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Love that old gear!
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Looks fantastic! I'll be referring to this thread as I work on my room in the future.
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AMAZING, especially for what little space you have. Very encouraging
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David, I saw yesterday's post of yours and had to come check out your room. Don't know how I missed it?

I agree with the comments on the trim and black. Looks fantastic.

Daily use! Great to hear!
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Ouch! That's going to leave a mark, eh Tony?!
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Its incredible what you were able to do in such a "small" space. I really like those wood panels, they go pretty darn well with the black. The room just looks so cozy! No wonder why your family spends most of the their time there!
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I'm going to read that as a compliment.
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Originally Posted by tony123 View Post

I'm going to read that as a compliment.

Your delusion is complete Tony!
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Great use of a smaller space! It looks very cozy and I bet it sounds terrific!

Great work!
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quite impressive for the size and budget...I am very new to all these but how are you accessing back panels of your gear? I see many people have closets with easy access..looking at your drawings I dont think you have direct easy access...do the trays pull out with equipment on it?
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Thank you for your answer. Your theater proves that when done right, even a modest budget and smaller spaces can be converted into dedicated theater that family would enjoy.
It certainly going to be big factor in our first house (that we plan to buy this summer). Thank you for sharing...
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Building my 2nd theater now and on the same budget as you. It is inspiring to see how professional your theater turned out with a "limited budget". I can only hope...

Great job!
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