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The only thing I could think of was swapping the component cable so I went to BB and bought the Sony PS3/PS2 component cable and that seems to have solved the problem.
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Glad you figured it out.
My Tv is supposed to be here the 12th. Pilot shipping is such a hassle.
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Hey guys..new to this forum so forgive me for the (silly question). My wife just purchased the pn51d490 model and I was wondering if those settings are the best for this model or if it was for another model. The picture is decent but I feel as if I should be able to a little bit more out of it. This is the first plasma we have owned and I plan on purchasing a (better model) for our basement. It's not a bad modle, suits our needs just fine..All your input and settings for an outstanding picture would be much appreciated. Thnx
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Depends which settings you are referring to. The D490 has a few settings than the D450, but I would definitely take it out of Dynamic and put it on movie mode. Then choose warm1 or warm2 depending on how you like your picture, and go from there as far as brightness, contrast, etc...
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Does this set have a game mode? I can label the HDMI input as "Game", but does this automatically utilise a game mode? I can't see any other mention of a game mode in the menus.

I just picked up the 51D450 (I figured 720P would be fine since we sit a long way from the TV). So far, so good. I notice a slight buzzing, but it's not too bad (European set).
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You have to go under General settings to find it. Go to the icon that looks like a little set of gears, and youll find game mode.
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It does have a Game mode.
Go to the general settings menu (under audio settings in the menu stack) and it is halfway down the list. However, be aware that activating Game mode prevents you from keeping the color temp at warm2. Forces you to use Standard or Cool for some unknown reason...
This pretty much makes it a deal breaker for me. Haven't perceived any lag yet on Movie mode so don't miss this feature all that much.
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Thanks guys. Do you know if it remembers the setting for the input (will game mode by activated each time I switch to that HDMI input)?
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Yes, if you leave it that way. It will remember the settings with Game Mode turned on, and also you can have settings for the HDMI input for when game mode is Off, like if you wanted to use your game console for movies or Netflix.
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I am very interested in this television, however I have a few questions.

Do I understand that correctly that the European version of the D450 supports video playback through USB? If so, does it play ISO Files?

And does the system support DTS/DD passtrough? (Last year's models did not and downmixed the sound before passing it through...)

And does anyone experience any issues with IR after the break-in period? I reckon burn-in is not really a recent phenomenon anymore...
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It does passthrough dolby digital now I think, there is also an option in the sound for dolby digital now, but not DTS. Some files don't even play sound with a certain audio codec ( probably DTS ) Also the scaling on the USB playthrough is a bit wonky, letterbox bars were wider than they should be. Watching movies is best with blu-ray player, htpc, console, mediaplayer or normal tv ofcourse. The internal system isn't all that great for playback in my opinion.

Regarding ISO files, I haven't tried but I'm pretty sure it won't play that.
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Buenos dias he comprado este modelo, me gustaria me dijeran la configuracion para el rodaje de las primeras 200 horas de uso. modelo europeo.

muchas gracias
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@ Alex
Thank you for your reply. I think that is a bit odd because last year's C-series supported DTS. And the high-end models are listed as being able to play DTS (D450 is not listed on German Samsung site so I can't check that) plus it is listed as being able to play DTS on various German sites that sell it. So it would be weird if it could passthrough DD but not DTS.

Are you sure the media player is that bad, because it was really great in last year's models. I would use an external one but then it (the Samsung TV) would have to passtrough DTS and DD because otherwise there will be audio delay if I connect the audio system directly to the external player.
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Could also be ac3 or DTS true HD or something like that. I had this episode of a tv show, and it wouldn't play the audio codec on it. So just be aware that it doesn't play everything. But it plays most files.

The internal playback is pretty good for a built in system, but as soon as I see audio codec not supported, I recon that's going to get annoying fast if you have to check for the right codec on the files. But that's just my experience with it.
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Does anyone know if the PN43D490 available in Canada? Best Buy doesn't list it, and I don't see that model in Samsung Canada listings.

Update: Talked with Samsung tech guys on Monday. They confirmed 490 not listed in Canada. Suggested checking youtube as it sometimes gets info first. Looks like the 43D450 is a definite choice for me.
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I bought 51D450 and it plays movies, so it looks like only the US version doesn't. Besides the picture (especially HD) is great, much better (colors, blacks, motion) than my old Toshiba LCD and Sharp LE320.
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Got mine today and it looks fantastic! Watching Avatar blu-ray on it now
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good to hear! let us know what settings you ended up settling with. What model TV did you get again?
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I got the PN43D450. Will be adjusting the settings more tonight.
I've already played around with it some and have seen no IR like I did with the 50" 490 which makes me very happy with this purchase.
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nice, so we've got the same TV. Good to hear about the lack of IR, really glad that has become a problem of the past on plasma displays. Is your tv in a dark room, well lit, in-between, etc?? Let us know, even post picture if you get a chance to. Thanks!
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I'd say it's a well lit room, but I went out and got room darkening blinds and curtains so I can make the room dark if I want to. Glare is not a problem.
I took some pictures today as I was redoing my entertainment center and the batteries died right when the TV got here. They're charging now so I'll take more pictures tonight.
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Hi guys,

Just set up my 43D490. A couple of questions...

1. Is there any way to have the TV auto switch inputs when turning on a video game console, for example? My four year old Westinghouse did this and it was very useful.

2. Would you recommend changing any 3D settings? I'm asking because text in 3D mode didn't seem to clear. This was especially noticeable when playing Crysis 2 in 3D.

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Here's my humble little setup...
Ran the THX optimizer on the T2 bluray and with my THX Blu Filter glasses on I got the settings G53/R47 for the Tint. Color at 50 looked good to me.

Here are a few pics I took while my fiance was watching tv earlier. I'm not that great at taking pics of the tv lol They don't do the set justice at all.
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PN51D450 had for one month (my 1st Sammy).Plugged in out of box,not a shred of IR.Played around tweaking settings and ended up with 3 changes,Brightness 43,Cell 8,Contrast 75.Excellent color and blacks-I'm impressed.Now that I have proper size screen for my LR its perfect for what I need.(Ditched 55" Vizio,just too big.) Blue rays look real good and SD is better than any previous (4) tv's.
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Originally Posted by iguss View Post

Hi guys,

Just set up my 43D490. A couple of questions...

1. Is there any way to have the TV auto switch inputs when turning on a video game console, for example? My four year old Westinghouse did this and it was very useful.

2. Would you recommend changing any 3D settings? I'm asking because text in 3D mode didn't seem to clear. This was especially noticeable when playing Crysis 2 in 3D.


Just wanted to see if anyone can help with the above.
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Hi all-

First post and new owner of a D450. I have read through a number of users posts about settings concerning "sharpness" and "tint" on the C450s. These options are grayed out when I select the HDMI/DVI input on my D. I have a Mac Mini connected through the port. Component/AV inputs seem to be adjustable in those parameters. What's the deal? Should I be making adjustments on the Mac and not the Plasma? Are all of the users who have adjusted these parameters not using HDMI, or is it a limitation of the new D? I'm confused...

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like its in PC Mode when you connect the mac. I dont think you can adjust certain settings when its that way. I can adjust all that when I use HDMI on my xbox and cable box
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Anyone have calibration settings in movie mode on a HDMI connect, 450 model non euro?
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not actual calibration settings, but I could give you my settings and you could give em try and see how they work for you? I dont have any meters or software to mess with the white balance, so I cant help you out with that
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Does anyone notice a pinkish tint to the whites on this tv?
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