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Any updates on Columbus, OH?  

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I'm still working on a 40' tower to try to get Dayton. Sinclair Broadcasting in Dayton is supposed to be digital on channel 51. Unfortunately PAX from Chillicothe is broadcasting on 51. WCMH asked for an extension until sometime around the end of the year. WTTE and WSYX are both owned by Sinclair and have asked for a shorter extension. Guess there's still hope.
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Hate to be the bringer of bad news, but WKEF-DT 51 Dayton (NBC) was only up for the Olympics HD broadcast, and Went off air after Olympics -- currently, WRCX-LP analog Dayton is broadcasting on Channel 51. They are supposed to make room soon for WKEF-DT, WRCX-LP has a STA from FCC to move to ch. 40 ...

WHIO-DT 41 CBS is currently the only DTV station broadcasting from Dayton, but it hasn't shown any HD since before the NCAA final. Guess you don't need that one though, as you have WBNS-DT.

From what I can tell, both WDTN-DT 50 (ABC Dayton), and WKEF-DT 51 "Should" be up by the May 1 deadline, as they have construction permits yet have not filed for a CP extension. Haven't seen a signal from them yet though. (I'm 12 miles away from Dayton Towers, but I can get the Cincy channels here as well)

I did notice that FCC has recently granted WTTE-DT Fox Columbus a construction permit on 36. Not sure when they will be on the air.

Hope things get better soon for you folks up in Central Ohio ...

EDIT: I believe that Pax Station WSFJ on 51 Is out of Newark, Ohio. Chillocothe has WWHO 53 UPN. They have an allocation and app on file with FCC for DTV on Channel 46, but have yet to be granted a Construction Permit. I don't think WWHO will have DTV until at least 2003.
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AVS › AVS Forum › HDTV › Local HDTV Info and Reception › Any updates on Columbus, OH?