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check those old lnb's

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My signal strength was down to 30 on both tuners in both utvs. I bypassed the multiswitch to determine it was either the lnb or the dish was misaligned. Since it started 3 hours into a rainstorm I was wondering if something might be blocking the signal to the dish.

Well, turns out my 7 year old lnb developed a crack in the round cup shaped translucent plastic cover. It was cracked on the side facing up and had filled 1/2 up with water. Luckily no shorting. Being cracked, it easily turned 180 degrees down and drained, returning my signal. Got some duct tape around it now while I hunt for a new lnb.
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It's always the simple stuff. Thanks for the heads up. If it's the "old" type LNB (RCA style) you might still find them for sale at the local hardware store. Then again it is getting hard to find DIY DSS Satellite Dish hardware not to mention OTA TV stuff.

Good luck and keep us posted what you find. I've got the Sony Style LNB (maybe around 10 years old) and I do notice some difference in range on some of my UTVs... if I had a spare dual LNB (2 tuner) I'd check it out. I know when I upgraded the last time the signal strength improved. Didn't have any obvious problems but it was a noticeable improvement over the original Sony single LNB.
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I found this on ebay, and being so cheap with free shipping I ordered one.


If it's not, well, only $11. But it sure looks like the right one.
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Good heads up. Mine is 14+ years old and I've never bother to check it beyond knocking the snow off in the winter. If you look real, real close you can barely see the faded RCA on 'er.
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